• Well me and my family had stopped at a fair ground. but it was now just an old paved lot. the tar had cracks in it were long grass grew. I saw my oldest brother run to an old house. I was gonna follow untill my dad called me. I ran to him and he told me "wear sunblock".
    I shrugged it off becuz it was cloudy that day.I ran to the house and opened the door to the porch. there was an old man sitting in a rocking chair smoking a cigarette. I continued to walk inside the house. When I opened the door i saw a kitchen. I turned to my right to see my brother, and 3 other people sitting on a table. I take a few stewps on the yellow and white tiled floor.
    "Ian we have to go" I said to my older brother.
    "I cant" He replied. His eyes look dull and his face was expressionless.
    "I mean it ,ian! Lets Go" I said getting impatient.
    Then I saw A small boy get up from the table. He started running toward me. He looked 3 or 4 years old. He pulled out a knife and started to try and stab me. I jumped back to dodge, then I kicked him to the wall. When he got up, he looked like he was 7 or 8 years old. He started running toward me with a bigger knife. I quickly opened a kitchen drawer and took out a knife. He swing his knife at me and I put my knife up to block it. It pushed and his knife when flying. I quickly started slashing his chest and anywere on his body I could reach with my knife. He was all bloody and just stood there giving the most evil grin. I kick him into the fridge and ran to the table. I grabed a chair and smashed it on the boy. Next thing i knew there was a doll with a glass head. I stab the cloth body of the dol with a leg of the chair. Its head rolled off. Be for it rolled away I stomped on it. It shatter. But befor it shattered a small mouse came out of it. I was ab out to step on the mouse when somethign stopped me. I turn he head to see Alex, my friend, had put me in a semi-basket hold.
    "So hes a shape shifter" I said to myself. I sqwermed to get free. when I finally get free, I see the kid start to run at me with a knife. I started running into a small :Living room. There was an old man sleeping in a chair. He was facing a T.V that was showing credits for an ended movie. There was a small open window. to the left of the old man. I dive through it and notice Im back in the kitchen. I am facing the boy and his back is turned toward me. I couldnt find Alex. I pick up a knife and go to stab him.
    "Show Him The Hexigons!" I hear Alex call from behind me. For some reason, I knew that if I saw the HexigonsThe boy stops and chases me intot he living room. This time the window was closed. As I Ran and jump on the couch. the boy lounged at me with a knife. I moved just in time so he missed me. I quickly jumped on the boy and wrap my arms around his shoulders and put him in a hold. He drops his knife. I try to run out of the room without looking at the T.v. screen. But I fail. The screen went black and I saw hexigons made out of triangles fall down the screen from right to left. The living room was dark only the light of the T.V shown. 1 hexigon, 2 hexigon, 3 hexigon, I turn away befor the 4th one fell.
    "to late" I hear the boy say. I turn to him. His eyes were black and grey and he spin his head 360 degrees slowly. I quickly grabed him by the leg and slammed him on the door way. His face started bleeding. There was blood everywere. Bright red blood, out of the corner of my eyes I see the old man was gone. I run into the kitched and the boy started to follow me. At the table there was a girl with glasses that looked my age playing with a pile of knives.
    "hehe Knive!" She laughed evily. Next to her sat a girl that was spinning knives on there tips, Her face expresionless. I go to grab a knife and the girl with glasses trys to stab me. I push her and grabb a knife. When I look up I see alex talking with some girl. I quickly run up behind him and stab him in the heart. He falls to the ground. The the boy comes and i pin him down. I stab him in the head and the heart. The house started to colapse and I got crushed under it. When I woke up I was back in the old lot. The police were there.
    "are you ok?" A cop as me. I dont answer. I see alex walking out while feeling his chest. He had that. 'I thought, and feel like I was stabbed' look on his face. I laugh to myself and drift off to sleep.