• Mommy

    Hi my name is Samantha. I have a daughter named Jane. She is sooooo sweet. I love her sooooooooo much. My husband Died before Jane was born. Jane wishes that she had meet him. Jane is 3 years old. She is walking and talking. She is soooooo cute. One day i had a couple of drinks. I got drunk and lost control of my Body and actions. While i was drunk I was holding Jane when i drop her and she hit her head. I did not know what was going on. That next day i knew what i had done. I had Killed my daughter. I did not know what to do. I could not call the police. I could not even call my parents. I was on my own. So i decided that i should drive 5 hours away from my house and dump her body in the swamp lake. When i got home i took a shower and cryed. I could not believe what i had done. I was a terrible Mother. When i got out of the shower i heared the Tv turn on. I thought that maybe i left it on. I put a towel on and looked out the door. I had not left the tv on. Jane was sitting there watching tv. I ran back into the shower and poor cold water on my face. I looked back out and she was not there. I must of been dreaming. I put some pjs on and went to bed when i heard crying. I got out of bed when i felt soemthing touching my leg. It was Jane. I ran into the Bathroom and locked the door. I open the curtin of my Shower and turned the shower on. I looked up and it was blood coming from the shower.I turned the shower off as fast as i could.When i heard Jane say " Mommy, I want to play!!"
    This was the creepest voice that i had ever heard in my whole life. I looked out the door and saw he standing there with a ...........
    To be Continuted!!!!