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    he continued to chase as she continued to run
    the damp air was filled with nothing but the screams ripping through her.
    he smiled at the sound finding joy and sick pleasure in her fear.
    running, screaming, sweating, praying was all she could do.
    the forest seemed to attack her like a beast from hell.
    clawing and ripping at her flesh as she passed through branches.
    snagging tearing her hair from her scalp as she raced on through.

    he longed for her. and he was going to have her.
    as time soon told, luck ran out
    she fell from exhaustion and sobbed in the muck.
    he stayed far from her still lurking in the dark.
    she stood up and swayed from the lack of energy left in her.
    she turned around in circles trying to find a way out,
    sadly there was none.

    she moved on forward yet but only to her impending doom.
    he moved on forward as well to put this to an end.
    he enclosed her lovingly in his arms, taking pleasure in the
    sweet embrace of a woman.

    she kicked and flailed like a frightened bird.
    a smirk spread across his face and tightened his grip.
    she started to gasp for air and cry, trying to
    breathe out her last good-byes.

    the world seemed to dim as the 'couple' became one,
    as he bent her neck and took joy in the tearing of creamy flesh.
    life like wildfire sang through him as mouthfuls were drunken.
    he nursed from her like a needy child and left her there
    dry and starved.

    starved of life. starved of dreams. starved of a soul.
    he tossed his head back in pride and laughed heartily,
    after kissing the corspe apon the lips he turned and took leave
    leaving all traces of merry Elizebeth behind in the
    abyss of the forest.