• "Yeah I have some news." I said. He was quiet. I wasnt sure if he had heard me. I was about to repeat myself when he replied, " Okay go home Im almost there." I agreed and we hung up.
    When I saw the house I got a sudden wave of panic. What if Aj isnt as happy as I am? I sighed. And opened the gate and walked in. "Aj?" I shouted.
    "In here!" He shouted back from the living room. I walked into the room and there he was. I could see the worry in his face. "Is everything ok?" He asked. I had been to the walk in centre today to figure out why I was getting migrained and throwing up. I kept quiet. Aj stood up and took my hand. "Your not ill are you?" He said trying to keep a brave voice and face. I shook my head. "Aj. Im pregnant." I looked away as I said it. Too scared to look him in the face. He was too silent so I forced myself to look at him. He had a huge smile on his face. He pulled me closer and held me in his arms. I put my arms round him too. "Are you really happy about this?" I asked doubtfully. He laughed. "Bella, I thought you couldnt have children of course im happy its our little miracle." I smiled. I had finally made him as happy as he had made me.
    But I couldent help being scared for our babies life. For four years now i had been struggling with anorexia nauseau. Which meant I was in danger, my baby was in danger and if me and our baby died where would that leave aj??