• The once pure, white, and silky-smooth hair now had splotches of red, sticky liquid on it. The poor boy was cut-up and crying. He managed to gasp out, “Stop! Why are you doing this?! I thought you loved me!” hidden in the shadows, there was a young, teenage girl’s voice. “I do… Very much… But…” she paused. “I can’t take it…” The boy leaned his head back against the wall and forced his tears out. Another cut, against the stomach. He screamed in pain, clutching his bloody shirt. “Don’t get me wrong, Bakura…” she spoke up. “I won’t ever, forget you…” then smirked. “But, I will finally… Be free…” her evil giggle turned into a maniacal laugh. Bakura’s tears kept streaming down his cheeks like the everlasting Niagara Falls. She held the red-tinted blade to his throat. “Shall we end this now, my dear, sweet, Ryou?” He choked out hoarsely, “P-please… I can’t take this any longer…” the girl ‘s smirk turned into a surprised face as she stared into his shiny, chocolate-brown eyes and noticed what she just did. Ryou, her friend since first grade, her boyfriend, her love, all cut-up and bleeding. All Because of her. “D-do it now! I don’t want to suffer any longer in bloody hell!” Bakura shouted. The young teenage girl shut her eyes, and slashed the boy’s neck. She opened her eyes to see a somewhat-small gash on his throat, brown eyes softly shut, no pulse, and no breath. He was indeed dead. The girl clenched her fists, and started to cry. “W-what, have I done? Why… Did I do this? I told him… ‘I can’t take loving him so much…’ What was I thinking?!” she dropped the blade and softly held the lifeless body’s cheeks. She then, wrapped her arms around him. “I’m sorry… Ryou…” she didn’t care how much her 70$ sweater got stained; all she cared about was her love with Bakura. She took the lifeless body, and buried it somewhere secretly. She ran back to the place where her and her friends stay. She opened the door and snuck in, hoping everyone was asleep. She was wrong. “Oh my god Kaichi! Are you alright?” her best friend, Kusura asked. “Yeah… I’m ok. I just got cut a bit.” Kai lied.