• John - "The news came like a fast arrow..."
    "I wonder what's up with that castle over the hills?"
    In the castle was very dark...no lit torches,no light....no light?This place is dead!-thought John.
    "I sense the smell of the rotting dead corpses,rotting for thousands of years maybe.."
    Who knows what awaits me up there in the citadel...no life at all..
    *Groan* Oooooooohhhh!
    John shouted -" HEY who's there?Show yourself!I'm armed!"
    *strange whispering* Ooooh a human being?What bringsss you here wandering soul?
    John -"I'm not DEAD!"
    *Whisper again* I knooow...jussst checking something...say..you're...the one who was sent here foooor help?Did you get the message?Isss anyone else behind your back?NO?
    John -"Hold on here buddy!I can handle myself this job,I don't need babysitter's Ha-ha-ha!"
    A white like a paper skeleton came out from the shadows and approached the hero.
    Skeleton -"Don't be scared..I was once a hero like you...now I'm nothing but bones!And bound to this castle once.. now a pesky ruin..I'm cursed to wander and groaaan until my work here is done!"
    John -"What's you name white bones?"
    Simon -"Sir Simon O'Haggots...but you can call me simply Simon...by the way what's yoooors?"
    John -"Well bones..ahem..sorry Simon...well I'm Sir John "the Front" but you can call me Johny."
    *cough* *Coough!* *cough*
    Simon -"What's wrooong with thoooose guys?"
    John -"What guys?Is there anyone here alive?!C'mon let's go YE hear me?What's wroong?"
    Simon - "They're not reaaaly a living thiingss!"
    *Shouts and groans* Heyyy chief are youu ok?
    John -"Aww man,don't tell me these two are another two mindless skeletons of yours?"
    Simon -"Not mindless!They were my servants onceee...James,Bert...this is John a human beeeing!"
    *nice to meet cha* *hello there fella*
    Bert -"We've came here cause something sir is going on in the east tower!"
    Simon -"It might be a problem!...Hate intruders though...they're responsible for the masquerade I assume.. and causing the death in the castle four centuries agoo!"
    John -"Can you still wield a sword "sir" *laughs*"
    Simon -"Yess I have a great sword wich only I can wield!Yess I feel the power emanating from it!Let's go chaaps ha-haa-haa!"
    John -"Ahem...and the others two bone walkers?Got any weapon for them?"
    Bert -"No problems...we have too "misster happy- bone-mouth"!"
    Simon -"No time for chattering!I sense that the evil is growing every second..every..minute..every year...."
    John -"Shhh..enough!To ARMS!
    The heroes arrived at the east tower and climbed one by one the rotten ladder..which ladder was leading directly to the EVIL and their doom!
    *Creaaak* *bang!*
    Johny -"What have we here?7 evil skeletons..might be friends of yours eh Simon?ALRIGHT who's the chief dummies?!"
    Simon -"Right above you heaad!Is the mighty onesss!"
    John -"WHOA"
    Simon -"I suppose you're loookiing for me Luciennn?"
    John -"This purple-reddish-lantern eyes jerk is named Lucien?"
    Lucien -"Welcome my puppetss!I was wandering when will you show upp...the liviing one...yes I've killed your parents didn't you know?!They were so braave and soo stupidd!I've killed these slave souls here too!Muhahahhaaaa!Now it is time for you to die living one!Annd here behold!Beware and Heed of my powers and my thoughts!Becauusee the time has come!"
    John and his friends were looking determined enough...
    John -"ENOUGH chit chat stories and fairy tales!Your existence will come to an end here and now..sooner or later!Now I've recognized your pity voice!You'll pay for what you have done to my parents!"
    Simon -"Letss kick some baldy-bone arses!"
    To be continued..

    A story made by John Front ©