• It's pretty simple. I thought he loved me, and he thought she loved him, and she... I don't really know what was going through her mind. I can't really figure out what anyone is thinking. Isn't it evident, though? If I could read minds, I'd have a date, rather than standing next to the wall all alone. Prom's supposed to be the best night of our young lives. Instead, it's making me wish I was dead. You may call me melodramatic, but that won't stop how hard my heart is pounding, and how my eyes itch insanely. I gently dab at them with my hand, and am upset to see the black staining my fingetips. Waterproof mascara would've been a good idea. I should probably go farther than just the simplest, most basic explanation.

    My name is Samantha Hope, and I'm hopelessly in love with my neighbor, Chase. We've been friends forever, and it sort of seems that it's gonna stay that way. Because, tonight I found out that he's been crushing on Zoe, my other best friend. Zoe and I met only last year, but we've been tight ever since. But now... now I don't know what to do. I hadn't expected him to like her. It just didn't seem right. He knew her for even less than I did. What hurts more is that he didn't tell me. We had always shared our crushes and such. Untill now, I guess. That isn't very fair of me. I never told him the biggest crush I ever had. On him. But before now, he had been acting like he was seriously interested.

    You know, asking what color my dress was going to be, begging for help to pick out flowers, and dragging me along to look at tuxs. I realize now that he was just doing best friend kinds of things. You know, that two guys would do together. But I had been so eager. Searching countless stores until I found that stupid, perfect dress. It hadn't mattered how much it was. Chase was going to ask me to dance, and it would be magical and perfect and when we were married he'd chuckle about how willing I'd been to throw away money on a dress I would wear all of once. But none of that was going to happen, huh? I was just going to sit here with my pretty purple dress, trying to control the sobs that threatened to break out.

    Zoe was sitting in a chair across the room, looking like a stone statue. She knew how much I cared for Chase, and here he was, asking her to dance. She had replied with a short, clipped, "Not at this time, thank you." And retreated as fast as possible. She is a good friend. Just as I was thinking that, Chase strode by. Beautiful, wonderful Chase, with his eyes red from unshed tears. At that moment, I didn't care how much pain it caused me, I needed to comfort him. Sniffing one last time, I forced a smile on my face and tapped Chase on the shoulder.

    "You okay?" I asked him quietly. He didn't respond and he didn't need to. We basically knew what the other meant by this time. We both knew it was a stupid question, and therefore needed no answer. Instead, he managed a weak smile and put his hand on my shoulder.

    "I don't know what I'd do without you, Sam," he told me, "You're my bes-" That did it. I didn't want to hear what a great friend I was. I wanted to be his girlfriend for God's sake.

    "No!' I interuppted him loudly, "I don't want to hear it!" I turned around quickly and dashed away so he wouldn't see my tears. Even over the deep thump of the music, I knew he was behind me. Eventually, his big hand grabbed my wrist and he angrily whirled me around.

    "What's you're issue Sam?" He demanded. At that point, I started crying again. Through my tears, I choked out three stuttering words.

    "I love you." His grip on my shoulder slackened for a second...

    Authors Note: So what happens? And yes, that is the end. I told you it was based off 'The Lady or The Tiger' didn't I? And that story is famous for it's lack of ending. So, what do you think happens next? What do you really think, not what you want to happen? Add a comment!