• It was a murder.
    A man, struck down and killed brutally. News spread like a bushfire, and soon everyone in Barton knew of the death.
    Robots were sent down from Aekea, Police dispatched from all the towns. But they could not solve it.
    There was one man with a tragic past. After his parents died in a house fire, his mind suffered sever injuries, and now, he lives a quiet life in Gambino, unaware that his childhood might help solve the case. Coming to meet his friend, an officer from the Barton squad, he sets off to Barton, unaware that the shock from his past had made way for skill. Skill that the other investigators lacked.

    Yes, it’s set inside Gaia itself, and I’ve got some avatar photos to just kinda aid the description. Soo.. Yeah. A trailer thingie for a new story. Names are uncertain so feel free to PM a suggestion to me. Character lists goes like this-
    Main Char.------N/A
    Second Main-----N/A
    Main Villian-------N/A
    Villian Group Name—N/A

    So yeah. Look forward to it ;D