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    A howl came suddenly when a wolf had just given birth to four little pups the mother wolf was a stunning white wolf named silver she had dark black eye’s the father wolf the leader of the pack a large black wolf named Amak meaning father wolf. The wolf pups are black some white and some even black and white. The mother wolf examined her pups carefully there was a runt and three other nicely sized ones. The mother named her pups the one that was black and white splotched she names this one spotted wolf the next was just like her but a male she names this one silver wolf after her. The next wolf pup is a black female she names this one midnight and the runt this one looked like the moon with its white fur and she had beautiful purple eyes the mother wolf called this one Moon light. The wolf pack all howled together to celebrate the birth of these four pups. The leader of the wolf pack came down to look at his pups and he saw Moon light his daughter. He then knew when she grew up she would replace him and take his spot as the leader he was alright with this. These pups are born in August it’s a good time to be born the wolves went out to hunt. They all spotted a pack of caribou they pick out the weakest link meaning the sick or the old and they quickly kill it and take some meat back to there den. Half way back the wolves hear something then decided to hide they saw hunters in the forest with guns just then the clumsy wolf tripped over his own feet and one of the hunter noticed. The wolves took action they started running just then a gun fired and Amak heard a yelp looking back he saw the clumsy wolf laying on the ground assuming he was dead he kept running. After some time the wolf pack escaped the hunters and got back to there den and the rest of the pack. Amak had told his pack of the bad news how one of the wolves were dead.

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    It is now July the wolf pups are two and a half months old. The moon light wolf will soon take the place of her father. And the pups would soon be learning how to hunt. Moon light decided to wonder away from her pack she walked for miles until she saw a cabin. She stared at it inventively. Then she decided to go into the Cabin but before she could take another step something hit her on the head and she passed out cold. The whole pack was searching for her they looked everywhere.

    Inside the cabin a women had tied moon light up and was doing something to her. 7 hours later moon light found her self outside she found it was colder then it always was and her vision was different. She tried to stand but fell right back down surprisingly to he knees. She then looked at her paws but they were not paws they were hands. What ever that witch did to her it was bad. She had turned moon light into a human girl. But the spell obviously did not go to well she still had ears and a tail. When she had gotten the hang of standing up on two human legs she then wondered off into the woods. She saw a large city near by and she ran towards it. She had gotten a cloak with a hood and put it on so no one could see her ears and tail and that she would blend in with the crowd.

    She did not know how to get food or anything she was sort of lost in this large city. She was festinated by the large lit up signs. She walked through the town slower then she saw a man following her so she began to walk faster. Just then a man gabbed her and asked her if she would like to make a few quick bucks. She looked up at him and he tried to give her some powdery thing she declined it he tried to take her away. The man ran up in the ally and hit the man while the two men where fighting moon light decided to walk away slowly she found herself in a small abandoned house she laid down inside the house. The man that was following her found the house and walked he saw her she tried to run but he grabbed her and would not let her go. She then yelled “L..LET ME GO!!!” The man put her in a lock and asked “why are you trying to run away from me?” Moon light stopped struggling she faced towards him he saw her eyes he was amazed and let go of her he asked her name but then she just ran off he then whispered “ah a mystery girl what an adventure this will be”……..