• Only one thing ticks me off the most,that is moving to a new Middle School,where no one calls you a freak,weirdo,and "HEY YOU!"
    "Honey,it's only till you reach High School!" said my mom that morning.
    "Mother,I am in the seventh grade! How is that suppose to make me feel better?" I drawled.
    "I haven't thought of a answer yet,but look on the bright side,your brother's school is across the street,"she said hopefully.
    "Again mom,how is that suppose to make me feel better?"
    "Well you can pick him up,since I have to work over time,"she said.
    My mother works with the F.B.I., Federal Bureau of Investigation,and afterwards a nurse. Which mean her paycheck is two thousand to three thousand dollars,a week.
    "Fine,"I growled and grabbed my orange juice,ran down the three flights of stairs,and out the door.
    "Stupid school,"I said under my breath,and without paying attention I tripped into a puddle of thick mud.
    A nearby kid looked at me,and giggled. "Giggle all you want." I thought to myslef. I felt a hand brush on my shoulder,and turned around noone was there,I shivered and kept walking. "I have to live with it." I whispered to myself.