• ~War of The Ancients~

    Chapter Four

    Jacob held on tight to his knees. He sat frozen in his seat his vertigo kicking in. His breathing quickened and deepened.

    Gabriel un-fastened him self and took a sock out of his personal bag, and held it infront of Jacob's nose wafting it back and forth.

    Jacob came out of his sense of vertigo and shoved Gabriel away. "The hell Gabriel," he said coughing, and breathed hard out of his nsoe to get the smell out of his nostrils, "Trying to kill me, wash them sometime would you." He said leaning back into his chair after un-fastening himself.

    Harry unfastened himself and shoved Gabriel's sock back into the bag.
    "Were still using the ship, dude, Once were back at the base then you can stink the ship up so that no living thing can survive in it."

    Gabriel zipped his bag back up and chucked it in his seat.

    Chapter 4

    Part 2

    Twelve hours later

    The intercom erupted with static until becomign audiable. The pilot's voice broke through. "We are preparing to land please return to your seat s." The pilot's voice echoed through the hull of the 'Copter'.

    The 'Copter' set in for a rough landing. The landing gear broke off sending the north western part of the ship crashing into the Icey terrain.

    Gabriel, Harry, And Jacob shot up from they're seats along with all the other personal, and started checking the cargo hold for damaged equipment.

    The Pilot sat in the cockpit half of him buried in the debris of the front hull and snow. He pulled a small knife from his boot after a few minutes of getting his arm and leg free. he cut the straps of his seat. He pushed the debris off himself. A few minutes later he pulled himself free of the destroyed hull of the cockpit. He pulled himself to the door holding tight on the grate of the floor, and Hit the door as much as he could at full force. He got three blows on it before passing out.