• Jessica slowly woke up but why? She had jumped why was she still alive? She slowly turned her head towards the wall to see James staring at her as if he cared. She narrowed her eyes at him, turning away she stood up and walked towards the door. Before she had gotten the door fully open he had grabbed her hand. "Dont go." He pleaded. Jessica shook her head, she wasnt going to let him hurt her again. "No, why should I stay, like you said I am just a nuisance." She spat yanking back her arm she threw the door open and stormed out walking down the hall.

    He appered in fron of her, his eye a blood red. "You will stay." He growled. Jessica stepped back but he advanced every step she took backwards. "I am not yours you will leave me and my life alone. You cant control me!" She snapped. He appeared in front of her showing his fangs. "You are mine." He growled, sinking his fangs into her neck. As he pulled his head back he smirked at his now mate's suprised expression. "Y-you jerk! You didnt even ask me!" She screeched slapping as him as hard as she could and ran out of the house heading towards her mother's home hoping he wasn't following her tears streamed down her face as she ran through the night.

    ~To be continued~