• Poor Tabbitha Montenagro was always the odd one out. Perhaps it was because of that glazed over look in her eyes or maybe her lopsided and distracted smile. No one could ever figure out what the girl was thinking as she grew up. She was never really popular or stylish. She was the one who always had her own style. She wore crazy socks and colorful jackets with lots of buttons. You could never catch her without a book and she was always drawing or painting. She loved to sing and write stories. Perhaps it was her creativity that was her undoing. Everyday she was tormented by her peers whether it be her fellow girls or the boys who were doing the tormenting. It didn't matter though,she took it all in stride.In elementary she was known as Tabby the tattle tale by highschool she was simply known as the freak. By age nineteen she still had never had a boyfriend until she met Josh.

    Joshua Dane was her first true love. After she met him was the first time she ever started wearing make-up. She changed for him, she stopped wearing her insane outfits and no longer had the glazed look in her eyes. She was madly in love for the first time in her life.Tabbitha is now twenty years old and still in love with Josh. She would travel to the ends of the earth for him but today is different. Today is the day she snaps...

    "Hey Tabby, can I talk to you for a minute?" asked Josh. He and Tabbitha were at a Cold Stone Creamery.
    "Sure honey," Tabbitha replied with a mouthful of mint chocolate chip.
    "Well you know we've been together for a while and I've been needing to say this..."
    'Oh he's going to propose!' Tabby thought, her heart leaping.
    "Well I think we need to see other people. Its not you, its me."
    Tabbitha dropped her spoonful of ice cream, her mouth agape and tears beginning to stream down her cheeks.
    Josh sighed and said, "Please, please don't make a scene here."
    "B -but I love you Josh!"
    "I know you do Tabby but we just don't have enough in common any more, all you talk about is your art and music. I'm just not into that s**t."

    Several hours later Tabbitha was still crying. She was home now but had her face burried in her pillow. She was once again wearing her crazy socks and one of her equally crazy jackets.She finally sat up and wiped the tears from her blootshot eyes. She got up and went to the bathroom and stood infront of the mirror, talking to her own reflection.

    "He was the one right? He and I were supposed to be together forever."
    Right before her eyes her reflection began moving on its own. It spoke.
    "He was never the one. Did you not see how he was always eyeing those skanks?" it asked.
    "H-he wasn't eyeing them. He told me he was judging them and thinking how bad this world has become."
    "And you believed him!?"
    "How could I not? He's my boyfriend!"
    "You mean WAS your boyfriend!" her reflection screamed at her.
    Tabbitha jumped back. "Its not true and you're not real! You can't be real!"
    "Oh I'm very real. I'm you." it replied with a smirk on its face.
    Tabby sighed and nodded. "You're probably right but what can I do about this?"
    Her reflection paused for a moment then spoke only two words. "Kill them"
    "What?!" Tabbitha had a shocked look on her face. She stood there for five minutes waiting for a response from the mirror but none came. All she saw was herself and nothing more. No more helpful advice bringing her to her senses and no more of her reflection moving on its own. Either way, Tabby knew what had to be done. All her life she had been pushed around and walked on. That was all about to change. She was through with playing nice.

    For the next three days she went about her life as though nothing had ever happened. She was back to her old self, glazed look in her eyes and lopsided smile once again gracing her face. She was constantly contemplating what her next move would be until she passed the creamery. There was Josh, sitting at the table she used to sit at with him. There was another girl there. She had bleach blonde hair. Tabby recognized her as the waitress they had seen at Hooters two months ago. In that moment a feeling welled up in the pit of her stomach, something she had never felt before. It was a mixture of jealousy and utmost loathing. A broad smile then broke across her face. She had finally found her inspiration.

    She ran home, fighting the cold fall wind and trying to keep her skirt from billowing around her too much. When she reached her destination she ran all the way into her bathroom, stopping infront of her mirror shouting, "I know what I can do now!"
    Her reflection grinned and spoke, "Excellent, you best start on your plan before something unforeseen stops it in its tracks."
    Tabbitha nodded and skipped to her desk, overjoyed, almost as though she had thought of something to paint or draw. Never once did it cross her mind that what she was planning was morally wrong and illegal.She wrote up her plans and put something on that she would later throw into her fireplace. She also picked up a music box and wiped off all evidence or trace that it had been hers. She then picked up a camera and a knife. The past hour she had been researching where the bleached blonde lived and had found an address. The woman lived alone which was perfect for Tabby's plan. She went into her art room and picked up a white sheet, some buckets of paint, a few paint brushes and some scrap metal that she had welded together a week earlier to look like angel's wings. She then loaded up her truck and headed towards the blonde's house. She knew that Josh wouldn't be there because she knew his work schedule. Tonight Tabbitha Montenagro was going to kill.

    When she arrived she rang the doorbell. As planned the blonde answered. Blondie was wearing a rather revealing white lingerie dress. Tabby smiled when she saw her.
    "Who the hell are you? I was expecting Ethan, not you."
    Tabbitha didn't care who Ethan was so she didn't ask, she simply replied "May I come in? I need to speak with you."
    The blonde rolled her eyes and invited Tabby in.
    "So what the hell do you need to talk about?"
    As soon as the door closed Tabbitha slit the girl's throat. She bled out rather quickly and Tabby stood there as blondie collapsed on the floor in a heap. Tabby just giggled like a giddy little girl going to see her favorite band in concert. After she made sure the woman was dead she quickly set to work. In the master bedroom she painted an entire wall blue, then painted white clouds on it. Before it even dried she began using nails and a hammer that were already in the house to pin the "wings" to the wall. She then did the same to her new blonde "angel" directly over the wings. Once her gruesome yet beautiful work of art was finished she stepped back to admire her work. Tabbitha was pleased with her latest work of art and had had the foresight to wear rubber gloves so as not to leave prints. She picked up her camera and took a picture of the angel then wound up the music box which played "Wind Beneath my Wings" and set it next to blondie on the floor. A little over an hour later she was back at home, watching T.V. with a roaring fire going while wearing a nightgown. She flicked over to the news and grinned. There was her "angel" all over. Apparently they had found the body forty minutes ago. Very shortly after she had left. What made her all the happier was that they had found the body while the music box had still been playing. They began interviewing Ethan, the man that blondie had mentioned. After him they interviewed Josh then another blonde who Tabby recognized from her school days as being the leader of the most popular girls. Tabbitha smiled and went to the bathroom mirror. "I found my next work of art," she said.
    The mirror smiled back and said, "Good." then nothing more.

    Tabbitha had killed for the first time and had felt no remorse nor had she hesitated. This was certainly not the last time the authorities would be hearing from her. It was only the beginning.