• my big sister used to be the best person in the world. she was my hero. she used to help me with my homework, and she would play bionicle and transformers and race cars with me.
    i was always the hero.
    she would voluntarily be the bad guy: the big meanie robot lipstick monster.
    we would have the greatest time together, living out our own fantasy battles.
    then one day, she decided that she would be the hero for a change. i said "okay, just this once, sara."
    then, as we chose our toy robots, she said that the bad guy had to be destroyed. i didnt know what she meant. i never destroyed her when she was the bad guy. she would just get locked up.
    she picked up my blue bionicle. i saw something glint in her eye. and then, even though she knew that blue bionicle was my favorite, she tore his arm off.
    "no." i whispered. but my hero-turned-bad-guy sister kept on tearing apart my favorite toy.
    tears welled up in my eyes as she destroyed him bit by bit.
    she turned to me and said, "the bad guys have to be destroyed timmy. you're eight years old now. you should know that."
    "bad guys have to be destroyed," i whispered to myself. i looked up at her, and with tears running down my face, i said, "Y-you're not m-my hero anymore!"
    there was a look of shock on her face as i clenched my small fists, screamed, and launched myself at her.
    She's Not My Hero Anymore.......

    (*grins evilly* twisted )