• Lumis Warrior's

    Chapter 1

    Welcome to Lumie

    Many say that what happens to people is just by chance, But I'm here to say that isn't always so...
    This story begins in the big city of District 44 also know as Bita Chi, the person we will meet here is the lovely Miss Mizu a young soon to be millionair who's never had to work a day in her life, had being the operative word here. She helped out at Mrs. Glitter's Flower shop down on Main st. Not for money but just to help her out, You see Mrs. Glitter was a widow and was in her 80's she was still able to keep the plants going but she needed help lifting them to the display windows and on to the selves. This is where Miss Mizu would come in, She was a rather strong willed girl and it showed in her work. She always did her best and never charged a penny for the effort she put in.

    One day while she was placing some new tulips in the display window a multitude of screaming started to fill the air, She rushed out to see what had caused such a raucous. Out side the shop was a horrorable looking creature that was so dark that you could almost see the light being sucked into it, she could even fell the darkness so, that it had cause her to be petrified where she stood.
    It started to creap towards her. Try and try as she might but she could move from the spot she was at, she was too scared. Unable to move the creature ingulfed her there on the spot... While in the creature, she began to lose touch with how things had been before. All of a sudden she started to fell a warmth and a small voice graced her ear, "Hey is she alive?"
    At this point she thought she was dreaming. Then she felt someone shaking her rather harshly, yelling "Wake Up Already!" As she opened her eye's she was nearly blinded by the bright sun light. It was almost strange to see the light again, But as soon as her eye's adjusted she look around her.
    "Uh, where am I?" Was the only response she could come up with at the time. Her mind jump back to the guy that had yelled and shook her so." Who woke me up?" Hitie thinking he'd be thanked stood up and answered," Ha, it was me, Hitie. You're wel..." before he could finish he found his left side of his face, red and throbbing.
    "What the heck was that for!?" Yelled Hitie starting to form his hand into a fist.
    "You hurt me when you woke me up, look my arms are brusing already."
    Starting to realize that she was telling the truth he appoligized and started to head back town. He'd had this strange urge to ask a question that didn't make much sence to him, but he just couldn't shake it off.
    "Hey, Girl?" stated Hitie. "Yea..." Replied Mizu. " Where are you from anyway. I mean I've never seen you in anypart of Lumie and you're too soft to be from Daries, so where are you from?"
    "Did you just make those names up or what isn't this district 44?" He only stared at her with a 'you're crazy' look.
    "Ugh... Beta Chi?" With that his eye change compeletly from questioning to shock.
    "You know where that is?" Quizzed Mizu
    "Y..Ye...Yes w...we do." answered a small voice. It had been the one from before. "But I...I don't know how...you could have got...gotten here from there."
    "What do you mean and what's your name?" asked Mizu not tring to sound rude.
    "Yo..Yota..Yotachi, my name's Yotachi. The reason why you shouldn't be here is your from the earth."
    "Yea, you mean we aren't on earth anymore ?" Mizu quizzed, begining to think she'd fallen and bumped her head and was dreaming all of this up.
    "Well... yea we aren't and your not either, this is Lumie the Sky world.
    "Are you serious? This has to be a joke." Was the only response Mizu could come up with, You see in Mizu's grandfather had always told stories of the' Sky World' "Lumie", But after a while everyone started to disbeleive him on many things now cause of his stories.
    While Misu was still adjusting to the shock, of being in a new world, Hitie realized something that, was kind of important, "Hey Girl, You never did tell us your name." Mizu stunned at the fact that she'd been so rude intoduced herself "I'm Mizu nice to meet you."
    Hitie and Yotachi then greeted and welcomed her warmly to Lumie.
    Little did they know the adventures that lay before them and there new friend.