• Oh how I loved her and now she’s gone, another victim of the terrors I picked her up, still in her beautiful wedding gown which was now blood red from the terrifying amount of red liquid that pored out of the gashes on her chest. Although I knew she was gone already I was still torn apart at the sight of the blood gushing out of her even though it could do her no harm now. Where she was going blood would not be needed, in fact according to some legends the blood had to have be completely drained from the body before the transformation could begin. I let out a moan of agony that would have made even the most fierce of creatures weep, if there were any left, which there weren’t, they would have scampered away into the darkest corners of the woods to hide as soon as they smelt the terrors approach on the early morning wind. Cowards.

    Not me I had stayed to fight to protect innocent people but on this faithful day perhaps the most beautifully innocent one off all had not been speared. The love of my life gone I felt although I could not live on with out her she was my live, my word, my everything and now she was gone never to return to us and cursed to a life, if you can call it that, of pain, despair, terror and awful, awful grief. What made that atrocious day of injustice and peril even worse though, was the fact that I could not be there to comfort her when she finally woke up and the burning began in her throat and she longed for the taste of blood in her mouth as though it was the most wonderful taste in the world to her, even though she had never before endured its hypnotic flavours.

    I walked slowly and painfully towards the horizon, but I never took my eyes from her face it was so beautiful, even in death. I wept as I walked, I wept for all the things she had not done as a free woman, I wept for all the things we would never do together and I wept for what she would become once the transformation process was finished. The sun was rising in the east as we entered the caves, it lit up her face in such a way that it seemed to give her new life as though she would wake up any second from some sort of deep sleep. How I longed for that to happen but I knew it could not and as the unforgiving truth finally hit me there in the early morning sun light I felt as if my hole world had just collapsed in on its self and the place were happiness had been was now filled with a terrible blackness closing in around me. She was gone.
    I walked into the caves cradling her in my arms knowing that I would have to let her go now. We were there, the caves of the dead, where we men of the tribes bring our deceased loved ones to pass through to the other place. Jasmine would not be passing into that other place not now, not ever but this was were she had to be when she changed other whys here sole would be lost forever at least this way there was a possibility she might remember who she was.

    The caves were beautiful in there own way, carved out of the cliffs by nature thousands and thousands of years ago in the sandy yellow rock our ancestors had loved the colour of so much. Of course extra facilities had been carved in for easy usage by our people about five hundred years ago, like stairs to get up to the many levels of the resting places of the dead, and places for people to sit and grieve for there lost ones but apart from that it was exactly how it was sixty-thousand years ago.