• Kingdom Hearts #1 A New Adventure Begins
    Dead Fantasy

    It has been very long since Sora was chosen by the keyblade itself….. Sora defeated Ansem and he stopped the heartless and even so regained his memories back and found his friends Riku and Kairi. But that’s not all there was also a boy name Roxas a boyw who is also chosen by the keyblade but he was different from the others….. since he was chosen he went into some lab and found Sora’s allies who were Donald and Goofy and also found Sora then he joined Organization 13 then he left. Since then Sora was awakened Roxas finally meet Sora face to face…. However that’s not all Roxas is half of Sora’s heart he is part of Sora and is inside of his heart…. And also Namine is in Kairi’s heart. Even King Mickey was also found although King Mickey sended a message to the three friends who knows what that message might be…. Maybe the journey hasn’t ended yet……

    Meanwhile on Destiny Island Sora is sleeping at the beach

    Sora is officially fifteen years old or even so sixteen idk make it…15

    Kairi: there you are you lazy bum

    Sora: Kairi? Oh hey hows it going today? *yawn*

    Kairi: we’re going to go and form up a party

    Sora: party? What party?

    Kairi: at the school remember?

    Sora: oh I see! But who planned this party?

    Kairi: it was Tidus and Waka

    Waka: hey man! We haven’t seen you all day man!

    Kairi: hey Waka! Hows the party going?

    Waka; just great hey Sora can you find Riku ya, we need him to help us with the decorations

    Sora: sure

    Kairi: its been so long…. since the heartless came…. I wonder if this is the end of our journey?

    Meanwhile at the See Side Shack
    Sora: hey Riku! Where are you?! Oh there you are!

    Riku is sitting at the side of the beach

    Sora: hey Riku we need you to help Waka and the others for the party

    Riku: yeah just give me a sec….

    Sora: whats wrong?

    Riku: I’ve been thinking…. That our journey hasn’t ended yet

    Sora: I’ve been thinking the same way as well….

    Riku: if our journey hasn’t ended yet then we’ll be ready to find the light

    Sora: don’t worry I’ll always be with you Riku together you and me and Kairi will stick together no matter what goes wrong!

    Riku: your always the hero these days…. Come on I’ll race you back

    Sora and Riku ranned back to the beach

    Meanwhile at night time

    Waka: lets party!

    Tidus: lets put up some music!

    Waka: ya man! That’s more like it!

    Sophie: yeah! Dance! Come on Kairi dance!

    Kairi: well you know… I’m not use to dancing and all….

    Sophie: oh come on Kairi! Don’t be shy! How about dance with Riku!

    Kairi: well augh…

    Sophie: come on! Ask him out for a dance!

    Kairi: umm…..

    Sora: wow I wish Donald and Goofy was here to see this!

    Riku: and also King Mickey
    Sora: hey whos that?

    Riku: whos what Sora?

    Sora: its Leon and Cid! And even Yuffie and Aerith!

    Leon: Sora it has been a long time how you’ve been?

    Sora: alright!

    Leon: Sora, Riku come with us we need your help

    Meanwhile outside

    Sora: what is it Leon?

    Leon: something happened…. Tifa disappeared out of nowhere

    Sora: I thought Tifa went to look for Cloud

    Leon: that’s what we thought but I sensed that she dsappeared out of nowhere

    Sora: your seriouse?!

    Leon: yes that’s right…. We have no clue where she went

    Riku: how can she be gone without a trace?

    Leon: that’s what we’re trying to find out

    Sora: you think it could be the heartless or something?

    Leon: could be I don’t know all we know is that shes gone

    Sora: that’s so strange….. don’t worry Leon we’ll go look for her isn’t that right Riku?

    Riku: well I don’t know…

    Sora: you said that the journey might not end…. So how about we’ll start a new journey!

    Riku: well I guess one more journey won’t hurt won’t it?

    Leon: alright we’ll start travelling tomorrow be ready Sora and Riku

    Meanwhile in the party

    Sophie: look theres Riku! Go ask him Kairi!

    Kairi: but i….

    Sophie: oh don’t be shy!

    Kairi walks up to Riku with nervousness

    Kairi: well ummm…

    Riku: what is it Kairi?

    Kairi: well…. May I dance with you?

    Riku: Kairi…?

    Suddenly a bunch of ninja’s came from DOA! Dun dun dun

    Riku: what the?!

    Sora: hey Riku you think they are the ones who kidnapped Tifa!

    Riku: don’t know! But they sure don’t look like heartless! Sora lets go!

    Sora: right!

    Sora takes out his keyblade and Riku takes out his sword

    Ninja: kill those two! Make sure you capture the girl!

    Sora: leave Kairi alone!

    Sora ran up to them and hit there liver and spinned around with a combo move

    Ninja: GAH!

    2nd ninja: come here girl!

    Kairi: ah!

    Sophie: let her go!

    Sophie pulled out her rope

    Sophie: are you alright?

    Kairi: yeah I am….

    Riku: ah! You can do better than that!

    Riku slashed their blades off and pulled the off while Sora fight them at the air and spinned again with a powerful combo move

    Sora: Riku you alright!

    Riku: yeah fine! How much did you get?!

    Sora: about five!

    Riku: got seven!

    Sora: do you always win in the games?

    Riku: like I said I’ll always be better than you in winning games

    Sora: *sigh* we’ll see about that!

    Riku: Sora look!

    Kairi: ahh! Get off me!

    Sohpie: let Kairi go! Augh! Get your hands off me already! You better not hurt her!

    Sora/Riku: KAIRI!

    Ninja: our mission is done! Lets go!

    The ninja’s used they’re smoke bombs and vanished

    Sora/Riku: *cough*cough*

    Sora: no! shes gone!

    Riku: grrr….. I think we now whos the real culprit is…..

    Sora: we better tell Leon

    Riku: right!

    Sophie: hey I’m coming with you too!

    Sora: no Sohpie its too dangerouse
    Riku: Sora’s right Sophie your not trained well for this kind of stuff

    Sophie: but they tooked Kairi! I know she means a lot to you but she also means a lot to me as well

    Sora: well…. I guess you can come

    Sophie: alright! Lets go! When we find Kairi we’ll be home in no time! Piece of cake!

    Sora and Riku laughed for a little joy and off they went

    Meanwhile the next morning at Leons base

    Leon: alright so you know whos the real culprit is right?

    Sora: yeah it was these guys who were dressed in black

    Riku: you mean ninja’s Sora

    Sora: yeah! They were ninja’s!

    Leon: so that explains it….. alright thank you Sora and Riku

    Sephie: and me!

    Leon: whos she?

    Sora: oh we have to bring her along….

    Leon: well guess we have no choice then

    Riku: so what now?

    Leon: we leave at dawn but first we need to make some teams

    Sora: teams?

    Leon: that’s right

    Riku: so whats going to be the team?

    Leon: alright…. Aerith and Yuffie you’ll be with Sophie and I’ll be with Riku and Sora Cid you’ll have to stay here for info

    Cid: you got it!

    Leon: oh and Cid do you have a ship to take us there?

    Cid: there? Well of course I have a ship although ri wonder where are they….

    Yuffie: don’t worry…. When I was walking pass I saw you guys fighting some ninja’s off so I sticked a little tiny transmitter and stucked it onto Kairi

    Sora: you did?!

    Leon: why didn’t you told us earlier Yuffie?

    Yuffie: I thought Sora and Riku could get the extra credit

    Leon: well atleast we now know where they are now alright everybody lets go

    Meanwhile on Cids ship

    Cid: alright this Is it

    Sora: woah a city!

    Riku: I never seen nothing like this before

    Leon: well… welcome to the real world on our city was a major crisis the planets resource was running low

    Sora: but did you guys stopped it?

    Leon: of course we did it was tough but we had no trouble dealing with it

    Cid: hang on whats that?

    Leon: it looks like its moving pretty fast

    Cid: ahhh no…. it’s a rocket!

    Leon: Cid turn right!

    Cid: I’m trying! Somethings jamming it!

    The ship turned right but the rocket smashed to the left wing

    Cid: AHH!!!! We’re gonna crash!

    Leon everyone hang onto something!

    Sora: Augh!!!!



    Several hours later Sora woked up

    Sora: awww…..augh…. Riku….? Leon….? Anybody?

    Sora got up and got out of the plane

    Sora: great…. Well I guess I’m on my own…. I better find the others and find Kairi quick!

    Sora ran but suddenly a spy camera spied on him

    Ninja: my lord! There was a ship that crashed serveral hours ago! And a boy escaped and survived!

    Man: begin the search….. I’m going to get the women…..

    Meanwhile at some building Nitomi and Tifa woked up

    Tifa: augh….

    Nitomi: *shakes head and wakes up*

    Tifa and Nitomi looked at each and other and began to fight

    Tifa and Nitomi ran up to each other and started fight each other

    Tifa was doing some punching then hse did a back kick and did a side kick up the air

    Nitomi was hit and pushed away but Nitomi still didn’t give up she ran up to her and did an axe kick and did a back kick which pushed Tifa away

    Tifa’s material went away only one material

    Then Tifa was aggressive this time she went up to her and smahsed her head badly

    Nitomi’s blood spilled on the ground but then she had to focus no the fight Tifa ran up to her but then suddenly Tifa went for a straight punch then Nitomi lurred her into a trap and broked Tifa’s arm and side kicked her which pushed her away

    Tifa was covered in blood and her clothes were shredded all of her material was gone and was inside of Nitomi

    Suddenly a man In white clothes came with his fellow ninja allies they ran after Tifa but then she ran and falled down to a train which she tried to escape unfortunately the ninja’s and the white man jumped onto the train

    Tifa fought the ninja’s bravely pushign them off the train then she jumped into a garage but a ninja came with a katana and slashed her left arm Tifa grabbed the ninja’s sword and slcied him in half all of the other ninja’s came with the man in the white clothes

    Tifa ran up to them and did her martial arts moves then the ninja’s fired arrows at her, Tifa started flipping back but she got hit by three arrows at the torso she had this memory or a some sort image in her head at some cliff with Clouds huge thick sword cloud ran up to her but then Tifa falled down to the cliff she woked up but there was no blood but just a feather and a tower that she falled down from she woked up. Tifa went all out and grabbed a red stick and her fury went mad she swinged the stick to shake off the ninja’s and went up to the edge to reach up to the man in white clothes then ninja’s chained her leg she tried to shake it up but then two ninja’s chained her other leg and the other chained her neck she ran up to him but the man in white walked pass her and Tifa falled down she couldn’t get up because all of her remaining energy she had was gone and now Tifa is covered in blood with arrows in her torso.

    The man in white kneeled down and carried Tifa and walked outside to wait for a chopper to pick her up

    Nitomi saw the man in white and smacked him in the face. When the chopper arrived a blonde women in blue clothes came by and saw Tifa Nitomi showed the blonde women her hand with the material and the blonde women hold her hand as in well done the soldiers with a bed came and the man place Tifa on the bed and drove the bed to the chopper the blonde women and the chopper left to the city…….

    Meanwhile in the city

    Sora: they’re sure is a lot of people around here….

    A man in white and black clothes came with a keyblade but Sora turned and slashed his keyblade with his blade

    Sora: AH! Huh?... Roxas?

    Roxas: Sora…. Its been awhile hasn’t it?

    Sora: augh.. yeah Roxas…. Hows Namine going?

    Roxas: not good… shes gone
    Sora: shes gone as well?!

    Roxas: I don’t know whats happening…. Its like a world is disappearing each and everyday

    Sora: well I’m trying to look for Kairi

    Roxas: you know those ninja’s right?

    Sora: yeah they tooked Kairi wait they tooked Namine as well?

    Roxas: yeah that’s right….. although I followed them so here I am meeting you

    Sora: hey Roxas wanna team up?

    Roxas: well… I guess so besides two of girls are kidnapped by those people right? So lets go…. Hehe…

    Sora: what do you mean two of our girls…?

    Roxas: you’ll no what I eman

    Sora: hey! Don’t mean it that way!

    Roxas: I was just kidding Sora…. Anyways lets go to that tower its gonna be a long way……

    Sora: right… *Kairi I’m coming for you just stay tight*

    To Be Continued