• "Alice....alice?....ALICE!"
    "Huh?" I asked blankley staring at my best buddie in the world.
    "You okay?" she asked.
    I nodded "yea, i was starring into space again wasn't I?"
    Kelsey nodded.
    I sighed. "Whats wrong with me?"
    "Honey, maybe you have to much on your mind."
    I shrugged. "What could be in there though."
    She only grinned. "Its you were talking about, lots of things."

    I walked out of the school building and walked out to my car. My younger sister Amy leaned against the hood.
    I nodded toward her and she climbed in.
    "Hey Alice!"
    I turned to the person that said my name.
    It was one of the teachers.
    "Mr. Mandel?"
    He nodded. "Yes, good thing i caught you, i need you too do me a favor."
    "Ummm sure?"
    "well listen to what it is first, tomorrow your graduating right?"
    "Omg! is it that close already! i totally forgot!"
    The year had gone by to fast i didn't even have an outfit ready yet.
    He laughed. "Yes, anyway the person who is supposed to make a speach well...cant, i need you to do it."
    "yes you"
    "No buts well i gotta go see ya"
    Before i could say another word he was gone.
    I turned and got into my car. My hands shook as i turned the keys.
    "You okay?" Amy asked.
    I only nodded.
    I would have to be in front of people.