• my Author name is Lex Hokata and director name so im posting as Lex Hokata.

    by Lex Hokata
    This world i live in is so full of blood. blood on the streets, on the cars, and on the people. Why? Why must there be so much bloodshed? 3 years ago i thought maybe, just maybe, i might get away from all this blood; however, life didnt turn out that way. Each day since three years, more and more blood has been getting on my house and after 1 year, i couldnt take it i had to start doing something. However, it didnt turn out the way i wanted. i tried to move away from the blood but my house was the last house to get splattered with blood. I tried to clean up the blood, but i was splattered in the end. the person that splattered me was my dear brother. I turned around to find not only he was a monster and he's a murderer, but the person he killed was my mother. the tension in me was growing rapidly and i couldnt control my anger, my sorrow, my bloodlust, and my actions. i blacked out. i dreamt of peacfull birds flying in the sky, the grass on my front lawn was lush and green, my life was perfect. However, it was just a dream. i reawoke to find i was the first female president of this world. then i blacked out agin. i had my perfect dream. I reawoke 3 years later. i couldnt belive that the earth has changed by my ruling. i walked out of my house on to my beutiful lawn and a drove in my beutiful car. this was perfect, my perfect life, my perfect dream; but, somthing was missing, it was the people. i did notice in my dream there were no people.
    Why? was i acting on my dreams ruling? i have my perfection, but why am i not happy? i noticed there was somthing diffrent in the air of this earth and i relized i wasint on earth. i was on Tarter, the moon that orbits Jupiter. i owned a whole moon. I then begin to wonder, "what happened to earth?". I looked hard to find a point of trasportation to another planet and then i found a warp drive about 30miles above the moon. i then hopped on my small space jet and flew towards it. When i warped out the other side i saw the earth covered in blood and dirt, so i made my ship invisible and landed on earth.
    the air was so bad i had to wear my space helment to breath. i saw blood and i was slipping on it. i had a radar to track any known human life, yet i found none. i hoped back in my ship and flew to what Japan was and looked there. i saw 5 diffrent human life forms on my radar. i saw that they were the only sane people left since anything else wouldnt appear. the monment i walked to the place they were staying i saw that it was a big emty space. "theres nothing here. were are the people?" i wondered. the monment i was turning to leave i saw the people and they were all kinda cute. i had a conversation with them and they all had proffesions of high calibur. One was a scientist, one was the president of the united states, another was the emperor of japan, another was the universes best actor however he didnt know that, and the other was a docter. I then saw that all but 1 was Asian and the other was a nice carmel color black man. Imediatly i fell in love with the black man who was a both the emporer of japan and a famed Scientist. i asked if there is other survivours from this planet and they aggred. I asked were they said in our respectable areas. so i told them to wait as i flew to the United states of america, which is now the united states of the world. i found a small group of girls trying to clean up the mess of this wrethed world. they were all succsesful; however' there were only 4 girls. i took them all back on my ship and i told them they were going to Tarter. once we arrived at Tarter i set them loose on the clean world i had created. I also went back and grabed the men as well and they were amazed at the ship i had they said that the famed engineer had built this ship and died building it and it was cursed. after i droped the men off they settled down and were happy i took them to Tarter and they started restarting there lives in this empty place.
    however i didnt want any contact from earth so i flew the ship into the warp and pressed the self-destruct button and destroyed the ship and the warp. the blast from explosion propelled me back to Tarter and the black man literly flew and caght me. then i knew who he was. he was a decendant of Lex Hokata. i had to ask "whats your name and whos your father and grandfather?". He said "my name is Alex. my father is Axel. my grandfather's name is Lex Hokata, he was the gardian of earth and for some reason we dont know what happened to him but i can assure you he wanted you and i to meet and get together. he knew i could take care of myself but he needed you to be a succses." he then looked at me with his light brown eyes and said "each of the times you blacked out. he forced you to. he also did the dirty work for you he took care of you." then i saw a small flashing light in the distance and a small hologram. the hollogram was Thee Lex Hokata. i was overjoyed to see a gaurdian. the guardian began to speak in a tonge i couldnt understand then he turned to me and said. "my child. im glad you became sussesful. you have caried out your duty and im glad you did the right things. youre reward for doing these things was your life. you shouldve died in that blast but i kept you alive. im thankful that you decided to become curious about earth, since it is gonna be destroyed i wanted you to get a head start on rebuilding the futre; however, the love for my son is your love i did not influence it." he then fazed out and in came his wife Shallante. "hello grandson. hello dranddauter in law." she then smiled and said "me and Lexi is goning to live on Tarter with you but um were gonna be in our teens and we will be coming and going as well since we have other worlds to visit." she then faded out and Lex was back on. "so how do you feel going out with a gardian's grand child? pretty fun huh?" he then disappead and we arrived at my house. we kissied goodbye and Alex disappeared into the night as he flew away.