• I ran. The pressure was too much. My wounded hands didn't stop me. As a bullet hit my shoulder, I screamed. But i wasn't about to stop. There was pain everywhere. But as long as I escape, I will not stop. I met my stop. They were coming closer. "Heh." Too bad they can't catch me. I leaned back, and ran off the cliff. I was falling down, but i didn't care. My voice carried out. I screamed, hitting a rock on the bottom. I gasped. Blood was all over me. I felt dizzy and horrible. I released my wings which was covered in blood. I forgot to release. I winced in pain as I got up. My face was covered in blood. And of course, my blood. I had to get back to my kingdom. The enemies will be back. But I won't stop.

    "Princess Ariana, you're back!" my maid said. She was rather happy. TO BE CONTINUED>