• I sit on the park bench quietly. The autumn wind brushes my hair from my pale face, the light sun barely shining. Light grey clouds covered the sky, and kids fluttered like a group of butterflies. Autumn leaves were scattered in all different colors.
    Crunching sounds get louder as they crunch toward me. I look up and smile. Conner Keith. He outstreches his hand,, and I take it. He pulls me up by my soft hand. "So...Where are we going?" I ask once we make a melody of crunches in the crunchy leaves under our feet.
    " I can't tell you...." He mumbles, guiltyness in his voice. "What's wrong,Connor?"I ask worridly. He shook his head. The rest of the trip was silent. We walk into an opening in the woods.
    " Connor? Where ARE WE GOING?" I exclaim,. Connor spins around and hisses, " Be quiet and you might figure out." He faces front, and before I knew it, it wasnight. We walked for a couple of minutes before we reached the end of the woods.
    " Finally.." We see a giant house with strobe lights on. We walk to the front door, and Connor pulls a card out, which the man standing there takes and observes. " Go. " He says, gesturing for us to go in. We walk in,and a party was in there.
    "Wow!" I run over to the refreshments,where I get Connor and I some Dr. Pepper. " Here!" I hand Connor his cup with ice, and he sips it untill the cup was empty. " I have to go to the bathroom....Be right back..." He runs to the bathroom, and I wander around a bit.
    Thirty minutes pass, and I walk towards the bathrooms. I look in every direction, my arms crossed and head shaking. I finally spot him! I plan to go over there and drag him over to dance, but instead, I drop to the floor. Why? Because a girl was all over him! I stand up and run over there.
    "What the ********!?!?" I exclaim,tears glazing my soft brown eyes. " Becca!?Why?!?" I ask quietly as the tears overflow from my eyes and spill on my cheeks. "Rebecca? ...My best friend.....Proves...How ugly I am..." My eyes were red and puffy, and I start to run from the party.
    " Taylor!" Connor starts to chase after me. I burst through the doors, and run through the dark woods. "Taylor!TAYLOR!!!" His voice follows me, and leaves crunch loudly.
    I reach the park, run past it, untill a house with VERY light blue painted wood on one half of the hose comes into view. I run up the steps, footsteps following me. I slam the door and lock it. I was heartbroken...I couldn't believe it....Looks like I was used by Becca the "Slut" to get closer to Connor...." I slide down the cold door and fall asleep for whatI hoped was FOREVER.