• september 14, 1998 was a morning that truly was a morning to remember .forget what you see on television , this is rather more interesting than those old cartoons .
    well ... as I walked into the classroom. i smelt a rather funny smell. then i saw puffs of smoke come from my teacher desk. "heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!" came a loud screeching come from behind the desk.
    " miss. lacey ?"
    i called out as i walked a little closer to the desk. i reached into my backpack and pulled out a gun and pointed it toward the desk. then as i stared frightend to death. hands shaking mind scattering. a small head came up just enough for them to see me with the gun . the head went back down.
    I stepped a little closer to the desk. the smell got stronger. i backed up to my own desk ,gun still pointed at the smoking desk. I grabed a sheet of paper out of my desk and began to write down the smell semtoms and reactions and changes. then i quickly jumped up when i head a loud banging sound. it was coming from the desk.

    "BANG , BANG , BANG!" ...

    ( this story will be contiued on sunday )