• Dear diary, June 18th 1806
    daddy left today he only told one of the servants he was leaving. there is so much to miss when he is not around. like how his laughs stroll down the halls, how he keeps good caree of me. i'm going to miss him.i wish he would have told me where he was going. what if i get sick while he is gone. i should not think of that. i'm going to sneek out tonight. I want to see what father has kept me from for so long. the outside world. oh how big it must be compared to me. I hope i am not caught. that wuld be dreadful. it is raing now, softly like a falling rose petal. i do hope that the rain does not spoil my plans to sneek out. i would be heart broken. like that will stop me from seeing where i've been all my life. everyone is outside working, even in the rain. I wonder if they do not worry about fever and colds. balthazar is out there too. he's helping joey bring the animals in. they don't ever notice me watching them. probably they don't even think i exist most of them. all but balthazar it is weird, verry weird. I must go to bed the maids are getting angry agian.
    your owner,