• We heard a racket behind us.
    “Give me back my tickets!?” I heard a plump middle aged woman say. A tall shabby man was grabbing something I could only assume where tickets out of her hands.
    “Your tickets!” He roared. Immediately they began to fight. Two police went over and broke them apart. Mr. Weasley smiled.
    “Ah the Pol Ece to the rescue.” The entire Weasley clan broke into a fit of laugher. I just stood there confused. And I thought the Cullens were nuts! These guys were insane. Medically insane. I was suddenly worried about Nessie. What the hell had she gotten us into? They lead me through the crowd to a brick column they were standing around. I stared at it. (WAS THIS LIKE THERE PLACE OF WORSHIP OR SOMETHIN?) I heard one of the parent red heads behind me.
    “Ron how bout you go first and show our new friend how this is done?” Mrs.Weasley said. I suddenly was very nervous. (If they made me run into that column I was gonna open a can of Wolf whoop a** on them.). Ron smiled weakly at me and faced the column. I felt weary was he seriously gonna run straight at that wall? Where was an ambulance? The paramedics? Ron started in a fast sprint toward the column. It was like a car wreck I didn’t want to watch this catastrophe but I couldn’t LOOK AWAY! I was about to close my eyes expecting a splat or at least a hard crack or something along those lines when the kid went right through the Damn column! (RIGHT THROUGH THE DARN THING) I expected something like him coming out the other side of it. Nothing. Then One by One the kids ran straight for the column and then right into it not appearing on the other side. I was getting a little freaked. Where the ******** were they going!?!?!? Then I heard the sickly sweet voice behind me.
    “Your turn dear!” she said happily. That Woman was MESSED UP MAN! I gulped.
    “Um… Do I seriously have to do this? Isn’t there like an alternate entrance or something? Please?” I stuttered. She laughed. PYSCHO! This must be funny or something to her. What a sick women.
    “Oh don’t worry you won’t feel a thing deary! You won’t get hurt I promise hunny!” She said sweetly again. I was seriously planning on just running into that column to knock myself out so I wouldn’t have to hear another “DEARY!” this women was getting on my last werewolfy nerve cell! I walked slowly up to the wall oh god. Before I could make up my mind I felt a push. I closed my eyes expecting a hard wall. NOTHING! I opened them and I found myself in a train station. But this one was different... It was like a medieval fair. And there was only one train. It looked like something from those old movies and it was BRIGHT red. Only one thing was printed on the side in big fancy letters “HOGWARTS EXPRESS”. OH GOD. WHAT THE HELL HAD I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO?
    “Todo we are SOOOO not in ******** Kansas anymore.” I said expecting a little black dog to appear and tell me where the ******** I was! I looked down to make sure I wasn’t wearing a dress now. Or Ruby slippers. I felt a hand grab me and pull me on to the train. It was all a blur and I found myself moments later in a compartment. Ginny was facing out the window waving to her parents.
    “Aren’t you excited?!” She said happily!
    “You have no ******** idea.” I said scarred out of my human mind. (All I could think about was Nessie better be at that ******** Castle or Her a** was GRASS!). Ginny frowned slightly at my language, but we felt the train start with a jolt. We were off and I was SCREWED!