• Chapter 1: Fallen

    New york, 1758

    Edmund freeman…the final leader of the templar knight, paced the marble floor nervously…he knew that there was little time left before the final templar knights would be discovered…and then…then it would be over. But he knew deep down that he could do something about that, he turned to one of the knights and closed his eyes and began to think, a few moments later he opened his eyes “Take the boy and hide him” he commanded then sighed and spoke again “If the majority of the knights must die then he must live on” He said “Even if he Is the only knight left in the world” He added on before he and the others heard crazed and angered shouts coming from the outside…

    Massachusetts, 1775

    A tall, well muscled, Red-headed seventeen year old New England colonist named Samuel or “Sam” as he liked to be called, moved quickly through the bustling Boston Street in a vain effort to reach his contact. When he finally stopped, his hazel green eyes flashed over a three day old newspaper with the headline reading “WAR LOOMS ON THE HORIZION FOR COLONIES”, Sam just scoffed at the headline and noticed a older man now standing beside him “Some world we live in eh?” the old man chimed in a deep voice with a odd accent then moved on before Sam could make out any form of reply.

    The man’s name was Miles de Layfetta or Comet to his allies. Miles stood in a window watching over the young oblivious knight as he resumed walking down the crowded street in an effort to reach his “contact”. He moved away from the window and walked over to a desk, “We need to begin soon” he said to his assistants, Edgar and Milo. The two men picked up their identical swords, nodded, and moved out and began pursuit of Sam.

    Sam hurried through the street unaware of his assailants’ until he came to a bench where his “contact” sat on a bench, his “contact” looked up at him and gave him a smug grin “Well it is about time you showed up…now it is time for us to correct you’re boyish mistake.” He partially shouted before jumping up, upholstered a long silver revolver and took aim as the two swordsmen stood behind Sam…

    Sam dodged a shot as the two men swung their swords at him. He moved to flee the attack but felt a sharp pain in his back…then dark. When Sam awoke he found himself alone in a empty room lit up by a single candle. He slowly woke up and braced for shooting pain...but much to his surprise there was no pain...why? “Okay” He murmured to the obvious nobody “need to find a door” he added on and looked around and found no door “SOME GOD DAMNED DAY I AM HAVING…GOD” Sam shouted at the top of his lungs and kicked a stone. The ground began to tremor violently, throwing Sam off his feet and into a corner. After a few more tremors he regained his footing and dusted himself off. His mouth almost fell open when he saw a large black hole on the ground before him. Sam sighed "This day just keeps on getting worse" Sam thought before looking around, looking for some way to lower himself down into the hole but of course found nothing, Sam sighed and walked over to the edge of the hole and stepped forward.

    Sam rapidly began to fall into the unknown. Moments later he hit the ground with a thud...he stood up in a dazed manner and stumbled forward in a drunken manner...

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    Chapter 2: Thunderstruck

    Sam’s daze eventually wore off as he walked along the seemingly endless hallways. After some time he came to an arena-like room. “Okay…I WALK FOR HOURS AND I FIND AN STUPID EMPTY ROO-“Sam’s shouts of anger were cut off by a loud rumbling coming from behind him…

    The beast was fifteen feet tall, its big black eyes were sunken in as if it had not slept for an eternity, and its muscles bulged out menacingly, eighteen long serrated teeth jutted out from its mouth in defiance, and its gray calloused skin stank of death and decay. The beast then opened its mouth and let out a long deafening high-pitch screech and began to move towards Sam.

    Sam backed away quickly. Sam’s eyes frantically scanned the area for a weapon…or anything he could use to defend himself against this…this…this thing of whatever it was that was still moving towards him, he then found something useful…on an old skeleton was a long officer’s sword.

    Sam jumped high into the air and stabbed into the beast. The beast cried out in pain as Sam drove the blade into its heart…it then dropped to the ground unconscious.

    “Good…he is almost ready.”Miles said to the oblivious nobody…or was he? Sam slowly approached the unconscious beast with the sword gripped tightly in his right hand. The beast stirred, woke up slowly, and made a last attempt to stand up to its foe.

    Miles had left the observation room and was now above ground standing quietly. He was actually waiting for his assistant to rendezvous with him. His assistant was a feisty, petite, seventeen year old blonde girl with cold blue eyes, well, muscled for a girl of her age and her time, and intelligent…her intelligence was what made her unique…and the assistant of one of the most ruthless men in the world…Miles de Layfetta. But was her intelligence too much?

    Sam stood frozen in shock and awe…what on god’s earth had he just happened? The remains of the beast rested on the ground before him in a stinking, burnt pile of skin and organs. Miles had been thrown forward several feet by a massive explosion. He was helped up by Sasha Fitzgerald. “What in the devil was that??” Miles question as he dusted himself off, “I sense a power down in the tunnels.” Sasha said and pulled her hair into a bun then unsheathed her katana and turned to Miles “I’m going down into investigate.” She declared and jumped into the hole before Miles got a chance to reply.

    Sam picked up his sword and bolted out of the nearest exit…and the found himself in yet another system of tunnels. After sometime he gave up and sat down against the wall and drifted into sleep. An hour or so later he woke up to two sword blades at his throat. “On your feet now.” Ordered a feminine voice, Sam followed his given instructions slowly only to be shoved to the ground by his assailant.

    Chapter 3: Coming together

    Massachusetts country side, 1775

    Sam’s blindfold was ripped away by his captor. He looked around and sighed…he may have been in the middle of nowhere but it sure as hell beat being somewhere underground. Sam tried to get out of the chair that his captor had put him in, “You can’t escape destiny…not even with all the muscle in the world.” Chimed a feminine voice…the same voice from before! Sam’s eyes snapped forward only to find nothing. Sasha stood behind him. This amused her more than anything…watching the “final knight” struggle to find a way out. Sam knew that the “voice” was right…he just would not be able to escape by using brawn. After a few minutes of struggle he gave up. “Good” Sasha said and walked smoothly out of hiding. Sam looked up and got a good look at his captor for the first time. ‘Oh it is such a shame that she is one of the “bad people”…she is hotter than hell but that does not answer my main questions’ Sam thought to himself. “I am Sasha Fitzgerald” She said in a hoarse, seductive voice on purpose…or was it?

    Sam could not believe his ears! He was a templar knight?!?! And what was a templar knight anyway? But with every question he had…there was always some sort of answer. Sasha was beginning to hesitate answering Sam’s questions but she knew that he would find out someway. She knelt down in front of Sam and became eye to eye with him, “There are certain things I can answer” she said in a monotone voice, “But however there are certain things I cannot answer.” She added on.

    Chelsea Massachusetts, 1775

    Even though Miles was miles away from Sasha and Sam he could sense their emotions in the air…love…deep down…no matter how hard they tried…no matter how deep they buried it…no matter what…they could not hide what they felt and Miles knew it more than anybody. He also knew he had to act fast in order for his plan to go as he had intended it to go. Miles walked quickly down the town’s main road…and its only road at that. He heard the sound of drunken shouts as he neared his destination. He clutched his sword tightly in his hand, kicked down the door and stormed in.

    Sam stared up at the ceiling…slowly digesting the words that he had just been told. “I know it is tough now but it passes…”Sasha said in a soft tone. “AND HOW WOULD YOU KNOW?!?! YOU SEEMED TO TAKE ENJOYMENT IN KIDNAPPING ME!”Sam shouted in Sasha’s face. Miles stabbed his sword into the last of the drunkards. On the floor, in the corner of the bar was a young boy around Sam’s age, he had navy blue eyes, pale skin…almost albino, his hair was dirty blonde, he was not the strongest boy around but it would do just fine for Miles…Sam had a younger brother and Miles planned to use them against one another…even if it would kill him.

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    Chapter 4: Past and present

    Flashback of 1758

    A younger, smarter Miles Layfetta stood nervously with Edmund Freeman. They had been standing behind a large, old, dusty observation window for some time now watching a red haired teenage girl give birth…but these were not normal births…but then again nothing was exactly normal to a templar knight now was it? Mile’s sensed something more about these three children and soon to be four…but what was so special about those little brats?

    Edmund was becoming uneasy as well…the voices coming from the outside were getting louder, the voices were getting angrier. Edmund knew that the time to act was now…he could not hide the templar order much longer. Edmund turned to his elite squad of knights and sighed “Alright y’all get your rifles ready…it is time for what may be our final battle.” Edmund ordered and grabbed his own sword before heading to the exit, his squad followed behind him. Edmund kicked down the door and charged out with his men by his side…the last sound the heard was the sound of the fourth child coming into this hellish world.

    Mile’s hurriedly ran through the marble halls with a bloody dagger in hand. The sound of distant musket shots lingered through the air

    Chelsea Massachusetts, 1775

    Mile’s sighed…he hated that dreaded memory of Edmunds death…he could truly care less about the elite knights that died fighting for his safety. He turned to the boy who he had named Lucas…the boy was weak…he would eventually die at some point, But even though the boy was going to die…Only Mile’s knew when that day would come…yes…Mile’s was a truly evil man.

    Outside Boston, 1775

    Sam growled and muttered under a swear under his breath…he was getting very, very, very tired of hearing Sasha b***h and complain about life and other things that a guy should not hear on a daily basis. “You never really did tell me why you so rudely attacked me.” Sam said interrupting Sasha on her ranting. Sasha glared at him bitterly for interrupting her…she sooooo wanted to smack him for that. “I have been instructed to keep that information away from you by a higher” Sasha remarked with a cocky smirk. Sam rolled his eyes as they passed by the buildings and people. They walked for what seemed like the longest time in silence.

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    Chapter 5: Where is my hero?

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    Boston, 1775

    It was nearing midnight and Sasha was having trouble sleeping…the seemingly freezing cold breeze was not helping her get to sleep much. She got up out of her bed, put on a gown, lights a candle and made her way down the hallway to the room where Sam was in. She peeked inside and saw him sleeping…lucky him. She slowly opened the door and gently walked into the room and sat at the edge of the bed. “I am so sorry for doing this to you” She whispered softly as she looked at his “sleeping” body…Sam always did have great hearing. Sasha stood up slowly and looked at him one more time before slowly leaving the room, quietly shutting the door behind her.


    Bright sun-light flooded Sam’s eyes as he woke up. Sam groggily got out of bed and was surprised to find some spare clothes at the foot of the bed. Sam quickly got dressed, assuming the clothes were from Sasha…maybe she was not so bad after all. He left the room in and made his way downstairs hoping to find her but found nothing...he never did bother to check her room now did he? He made his way to the living room still hoping to find her but found the man that he had seen three days before. Mile’s looked up to see Sam…this was all going perfectly. Sam looked behind him and then to his sides as if making sure that nobody was beside him or behind him. “Eh…have I seen ya from before?” Sam asked in a confused tone. “Yes…yes ya have seen me before.” Mile’s said “Please Sam have a seat beside me.” Mile’s added on and scooted over. Sam sat down beside him, unsure of what exactly was going on. “I am positive that ya have plenty of questions, and I can assure you that they will all be answered at some point.”Mile’s said in a nonchalant manner.

    Lucas POV

    Lucas woke up in a dark, damp room with a single candle for a light. Where was he? Why was he wherever he was? Nothing truly did seem right in his life anymore. He hopped up off the rough, lumpy straw mattress and fell to the ground…he had not ever heard of two beds stacked up on top of each other before…and being held up four posts? How dangerous was that! Lucas looked around the room for anything to occupy him since attempting to escape was not on his mind at that very moment. He heard a soft noise coming from somewhere off in the distance…the sound of voices…he listened as close as he could. He heard it again…a tormented female voice but no male voice…but of course he had no clue that “soft noise” was actually a very loud scream coming from somewhere under ground…

    Sasha POV

    Naked and chained to a wall was Sasha Fitzgerald...her body broken and bloody. She had lost all track of time during her torment…her reasons for being tortured? Treason against Mile’s and falling for the supposed enemy…Sam. Sasha looked up as her torturer left the room. She had one fractured arm, both of her knees were busted, a dark splotched had formed around her eye, thick rope bond her arms and legs to the cold wall. She struggled to get out of her bonds but…obviously failed. She was starting to fear death…and for once…her normally fiery personality was not so fiery…”Where is Sam? …where is my templar knight?”Sasha whispered softly to herself.