• I drove for 5 hours stopping only to get gas and was even more surprised to find that I needed 1/8 as much as my old bike did. I couldn't stop admiring it! I reached the edge of the trail and went down a trailess path through the dense forest. I stopped at a tree that had this scratched into it:
    And newly scratched under it:
    Welcome Shadow
    I was startled that they had known that I was coming. It was going to be a surprised visit but somebody blew my cover. I turned to see Ben. Now I didn't hear him come up from behind over the roar of the motorcycle, so yeah I jumped.
    "God Ben! Don't do that!" I shouted. He chuckled a little to himself. He looked almost exactly the same. Short black hair with black eyes and deeply tanned skin. It was only now that I realized he had no shirt on. That was no surprise to me, due to the fact that last time I came here every man in the pack had no shirt on. Though it still disturbed me a little.
    "How did you know I was coming?" I gestured at the newly scratched in note.
    "Well that was Jake. When you reached the forest he heard a motorcycle and we knew it was you." He leaned forward and closely inspected the bike. It surprises him that it's new because the last time he saw me, I still had my old one. He must've grown a foot because he now towered over me. I was 5'5" so I guess he was about 6'10".
    "So shall we go then?" I gesture towards the sky then my bike. He nodded and ran ahead. I quickly leaped onto my bike and followed him with ease. Werewolves are very fast runners and it surprised me that Seth had managed to make a bike that could keep up with him.
    We broke out of the forest onto a dirt path that lead to Jessica's house. As we approached, I could see three boys leaning against the walls of the house; messing around and laughing. They were all about 6 feet tall with deep tans and black eyes. One had short brown hair, the other two had black like Ben's. I recognized Jake as I stopped in front of the house. He was the one with the brown hair and for some odd reason, every werewolf tends to wear jeans. Jake saw me and ran; Though I couldn't tell when he started running because he was next to me in an instant. Ben had already gone inside.
    "Hey that was pretty fast! I only spotted you 10 minutes ago!" He gazed at the motorcycle as I got off.
    "Yeah. I was able to keep up with Ben on this." I grinned proud of myself for having a bike like this.
    "Wow..." Jake studied it carefully while the other boys walked up. Jake took his attention off of the bike and faced them.
    "Oh. This is Ken and Sai." He gestured at both of them. I could tell the difference between them now because Sai had a large scar across his chest.
    He seemed to notice me staring and grinned broadly. Ken laughed and slapped him on the shoulder.
    "That scar proves that Sai here is an impressive werewolf. First day and he already ticked Sae off." Ken started laughing again. Jake just shook his head in disapprovement. I will never understand how the mind of a boy thinks.
    "Who's Sae?" I asked shrugging.
    "Well he's the tough guy of the pack." Jake said. "He has such a short temper it's unbelievable!"
    I looked around a couple times as I parked my bike next to the house. When I looked back at the boys, I found that there was one too many. He was the same height with grey hair even though he looked about 17. Jake was growling at him, arms crossed. Sai suddenly turned to me and gave me a look that said
    "Not a good time. Don't get close."
    Sae turned to me while Jake and Sai froze. Apparently he wasn't too happy with my visit because he snarled loudly. I slowly stepped back onto the front steps of the house. When I turned around to open the door, he was standing in front of me.

    To be continued...