• In A Realm, Eve was not that of a spoiled guardian of earth but whenever the humans makes fun of her too much, she suddenly gets mad and if ever she was carried away by her emotions she would hurt them but not physically but more worse.Emotionally.though the humans acts sometimes childishly and to the most irritating, Eve was assigned to take care of them as the Gods told them and to be patient with the fairies.At the time she was carried away from her emotions she said something not only the humans were affected but the Gods also.Though the things she cursed to the humans was not only affected to them because it was something to do with the Gods.The Gods were mad.Because she was trusted that she'll do it heartfully.Actually the humans didn't actually get mad because the curse words she said but.They were mad because she said something else while they weren't there.Eve was really ashamed in what she did.But not seen by the face.She approaches the Gods as well as the humans, she asks forgiveness but her looks doesn't show anything making the humans and Gods not to accept it at once.
    Will she be forgiven?....Will you forgive her?