• The Overseer and Sentinel were locked in combat, neither of them overpowering the other. Out of the pitch black darkness of the night, Jack jumped out, surprising both of the Demigods. Jack grabbed them by their necks with his big, meaty, hands. He drained their powers and yelled at them, "Ha! Now no one stands in my way!" The Sentinel tried to struggle free, but couldn't break free. The Overseer tried to outwit Jack, but still, they couldn't break free.Then there was an eerie silence, too silent.
    Santa ran at full speed, out from the shadows, and rammed into Jack. Jack fell down, and Santa drained Jack of the Sentinel's and the Overseer's powers. Santa gave the Overseer his powers back first, The Overseer shook Santa's hand, and both Santa and the Overseer felt a slight tingle over both of their bodies. Then Santa took Sentinel's hand and again, they both felt a slight tingle. The Overseer thanked Santa and the Sentinel just grumbled out, "Thanks."
    They all went their ways, and left, the Overseer to the Ocean, to become the King of the Ocean. The Sentinel to the volcanoes, to train. And Santa, back to the North Pole, to make the presents for the Gaians. But the next day, they all received a mysterious letter from an anonymous source. The letter said, "Go back to the Battleground tommorow, and receive a present."
    On the 'morrow, they all met up, and looked around for the presents. They couldn't find the presents and were all very sad. Santa told them, "It's okay! I have plenty of presents at my workshop." and they all cheered up.
    Santa suddenly snapped, and he started to choke the Overseer. "Overseer!" Sentinel yelled, and started shooting Santa with blasts of energy. Then, Santa grabbed Sentinel too, and started choking her.
    They were both surprised at why Santa started choking him, but they both knew that Santa must be defeated. They both tried to think of a plan, but they just couldn't think of one. They also tried praying, to the Gods and Goddesses of Gaia, they were praying for a miracle, a miracle to get free.
    Then, their miracle came to them. Masquerade (Gino Gambino) flew into Santa at the speed of a shooting star, kicked his head,and sent the Overseer and the Sentinel flying out of his hands. They landed on their feet, and teamed up against Santa.
    They realized that alone, they could never defeat Santa, so they decided to fuse together. They turned into a form, with the protective shell of the Overseer, the strength of the Sentinel, and the speed of Masquerade. They jumped up, and kicked Santa in his gut, however, he was unaffected. They did the last thing they could. They jump kicked Santa's head, and knocked all the evil thoughts out of his head.
    They all unfused, and were all friends again. They went to the North Pole, and Santa gave all of them presents. For the Overseer, a new shield. For the Sentinel, some Bronze Gauntlets. For Masquerade (Gino), he got a new suit, for working out, and Santa got some Hot Chocolate.