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    SEARCH? ___Teapot_ Killer___

    >>> OBJECT FOUND.... DISPLAY? (y/n) y_ _ _

    JULY 18, 20--
    04:00 Hours

    The old man was incredibly stealthy for a 96-year old. He quickly found himself atop the Ashy Asylum front door. Once he placed on his head the night-vision goggles and ski-mask he dropped a port-drill, which drilled a perfect circle 'porthole' through the roof. He removed the remaining circle of asphalt, insulation and such, placing it off to the side. He dropped through with a zip-cord after tying the second gargoyle statue above the door. With a mist shot he saw the laser alarm emitter locations, and deactivated them with an EMP shot. Descending to the ground, he hacked into the computer database with the PEHD and copied all the files pertaining to 'Patient 0037'. He froze as a click sounded from the office door. The silhouette of a night watchman appeared on it, but he simply grabbed a set of keys from the desk right inside the door. EOX breathed again, then exited through the porthole, replacing the circle cut from the ceiling. He sighed and wiped the sweat from his brow. Part one: Success. He radioed to DRA who was waiting in the car below.

    July 19, 20--
    13:11 Hours

    The doors opened, to reveal Leader, once more attached to his machine. "Not like you to be late, Edgar." he said as the 96-year old settled himself against the comfy armchair opposite Leader. DRA scowled, the boy swiping his black hair out of his eyes. "It's like a f---ing retirement home in here." he said as he leaned further on the wall. Leader chuckled. "I dislike retirement home life, and I believe Edgar has proven to you so does he." Leader turned his ancient face to EOX once more, to find a scowl upon his face. A light expression came to Leaders mouth. "Why, Edgar, aren't you happy to have aid on this mission?" EOX shook his head. "Three things, Leader: #1. I've always worked alone. 80 years of it. #2. This kid is an insult to the AIA. #3. I'm telling you, Peteir didn't die! The death records were faked!" Leader shook this off. "In response... Your habit of solo work ends now, the boy has tast ranks that exceed even yours and mine, and I witnessed Peteir in the electric chair." He stood, stepping on to the motorized machine-cart. "Good day. I expect you back safe in 24 hours." He exited, leaving DRA and EOX alone in the briefing room. They locked eyes in mutual dislike for a moment before gearing up with the equipment beneath the briefing table.

    July 19, 20--
    20:42 Hours

    EOX used the lattice on the outside of the Ashy Suites Resort to climb to the third floor ballroom balcony. Inside was being held President -----'s inaugurational ball. He spotted the green light from DRA's goggles across the ballroom. DRA gave a thumbs up. Using the scanner device, Edgar watched for the indication of Xiang Shu-Ii, the suspected Teapot Killer, to be present. The results came negative. He cursed, then thought... If he were to search for the Ashy Asylum identification microchip 0037, he could see if Peteir was in the building. He typed A;A, 0037 on the digital display. Three seconds later the device lit up a green LED. The green light meant Peteir was present. His eyes grew wide. Peteir was the Teapot Killer. Across the room, DRA was scanning for the second target, Johnathan Thatne. Edgar decided he had two choices. He could use the PEHD to locate Peteir based on the electrical signal given out by the microchip, and save the day, yet end up with a bounty on his head for going rogue, or he could arrest Thatne and allow the destruction of the Ashy Suites Resort, killing one hundred thousand people, including President -------. His descision would affect not only his life, but possibly that of the entire world. One split second later the sound of a creak from above and a black nozzle emerges, pointing directly at President ------. A crack broke the silence, and the ballroom grew silent.


    (( To be continued in Part Two. ))