• the rain. sleet, and snow would never keep me from aciving my destiny.
    my life began when i was pulled out of English class to go to the principals office. Personaly, i was greatful, teacher, not so much. So as i walked into that dreaded place some call heck, i thought, "i havn't done anything, why am i here?" But, all my questions, well question was answered when principal Latich said in a hoarse whisper, so as not the secretarys to hear,
    "Kristin, you know why you are here i hope... no?" he didn't seem suprised,"well,
    Kristin, when you were in home ec. you made the oven catch fire, am i correct?" Shoot, just whjat she forgot, Kristin made the oven combust right before making a pie...but it wasn't on.
    Principal L. continued, "you see Kristin, the school checked, that oven wasn't on, you made the fire yourself didn't you?..."Kristin couldn't think "well...starting today you will not be a student here at Delta Prep...you will attend Raven Private School, that only allows, witches."