• Secrets are unrevealed lies, unspoken revelations, and hidden insecurities.
    They are like arsenic; building up in your system and eating up your dignity until one day you begin to doubt that anything you ever knew was really true.

    Secrets are unavoidable as they can occur without the holder even noticing, but it’s usually only the life changing one’s that really matter.


    What if told you that was most certainly not the case, that every secret has an equal, though very different impact on the world. That telling a little white lie to your friend about his haircut, which you could swear was done by a weed whacker, one too many times can affect you in ways unimaginable.

    A few hours ago I wouldn’t have believed this either, but recently I’ve seen things so strange that it’s a wonder I haven’t submitted myself to a mental hospital.

    I’ve learned that there is more to life than I ever dreamed, that people aren’t always what they seem, and most importantly I’ve gotten a much more literal idea of the phrase, “skeletons in your closet”.