• Enchanted Horror
    I was sitting in my room, alone, playing w/ my doll, Kiara. I heard my mom call me from the kitchen, “Melanie, please come here and bring your coat. I want to go to the movies w/ you and your father.” I glanced out the window. Snowing. I loved the snow. I grabbed my blue fur coat and hurried into the kitchen. My mom whispered something to my father, grabbed the car keys, and we left.
    We were going to see the movie enchanted Horror which was based on something that was supposed to happen in the future. I smiled to myself, knowing that was impossible as I watched the movie. But, suddenly, my smile faded.
    Everything went black. All I could see was the words flashing in my mind. There was a loud bang. Everyone went silent. And then, I heard gun shots. If I had a voice, I would scream. Then the lights flickered back on and my eyes remained squeezed shut.
    I slowly opened my eyes, Just to find an un-pleasant surprise. I see blood and bodies all around me including my moms. I wonder where my father is. I gasp in horror. My ‘enchanted’ life just turned into ‘horror’.
    I stare up. All the lights went off except the one above me that was blinking slowly. I stare down. I see a man who blindfolds my eyes. The last sight I ever saw. I feel a sharp blade run across my throat. The last thing I ever feel. I hear the words “I hate you, Melanie.” The last words I ever hear.
    My soul roams theater 8. I wonder who my murderer is. Once I find him, I shall haunt him from ending my enchanted horror life at age 11. Do you know who killed me?

    - A fiction story by iiMuzicLuvr