• I sat in the middle of Hartsfield-Jackson Airport doing nothing but "people watching." Numerous voices filled the air, and I could barely hear myself think let alone let the reality set it. The reality was that my father had taken the job at University of Wisconsin and my life as I knew once was gone. The only place I had ever known was Atlanta, Georgia, but here I was about to be shipped off to Madison, Wisconsin.

    "Here, Ashley." my dad said as he handed me an ice cream cone.
    "Thanks." I mumbled out and began to lick the sprinkles off. I then wondered if this was his peace offering. Sure cookie dough is fine and dandy, but it won't keep me in Georgia.

    My mom kept her eyes glued to her phone as she scrolled up and down, my dad paced the terminal, and my brother sat in ignorance and played his video games. I came to the conclusion that I was the only sane one for I was the only one having a mental breakdown.

    "Boarding E 23 first class." Announced the intercom.
    I let out a sigh in response and subtly rolled my eyes. I picked up my computer bag and purse and followed behind my brother as we headed for our new "home."

    The plane ride was only an hour and a half, but I could have sworn it was longer. Maybe it's because I hate planes, and my hands were shaking and clammy the entire time. Or it could just be the fact that I didn't want to go. I mean I'm a junior in highschool, and I get randomly pulled out before second semester. Just maybe I didn't want to come. It was eight when we landed and the airport was deserted.

    "Neil, where are all the people?" my mother whispered.
    "Oh! The airport closes at eight." he cheerfully responded.
    "What?" my mother and I said simultaneously.
    "Mhm! Yep! We're in Milwaukee. I guess people go to bed earlier."

    Yeah, no kidding, dad.
    (But I kept that comment to myself)

    We drove another hour to our new house which was in a town called Middletown. How creative. I simply stared out at the window into the bleak night sky. Everything was covered in snow, and it made me sad. I have never been a fan of snow; it reminds me of death. The farms were glowing in the night, and the hills looked perfectly powdered. The moon was full and seemed to be gazing down onto me with some pity in this early January night. I leaned my head against the car window but quickly jerked back for it was too cold to rest on. I leaned my head back and somehow fell asleep, but now for long of course. For I soon heard my mother gently calling my name and my brother's.

    "Aaron. Ashley. We're here." she gently coaxed.

    Aaron made no response as he rolled out of the car and into the car. I stepped out of the car and within a matter of seconds I felt my feet slip and my body hit the ground.

    "Ashley! Are you okay?" my mom quickly gasped and helped me up.
    "Yeah, I'm fine." I muttered.
    "Are you sure?"

    I looked into my mother's eyes that were reflections of mine to see why she'd ask again. Then I felt sharp streaks run down my face; I was crying. But not out of pain, out of fear, loneliness, and malice. I pulled myself together and walked into the barren house. My room was half the size of my old room; the walls were naked and the bed didn't have my comforter on it. It looked more like a prison then a room. I know that this is my dad's career as a doctor, but I selfishly wished he had just stayed in Georgia. With all the strength I had, I laid myself on my bed and tried to find some dreams in my sleep. But there were neither dreams or nightmares, just blank vacant thoughts that were as white as snow.

    The only thought that held some hope for me was the fact that soon I would graduate and leave this place. There is nothing in Wisconsin that can keep me here.

    "Ashley, I was thinking we could go to the Urban Outfitters that's here so you can get some new school clothes!" Mom exclaimed at our "breakfast counter."
    "Sure." I said while stuffing my mouth with eggs.
    "And you two can do that while Aaron and I do yard work and clean up the house!" Dad cheerfully chimed in. My ten year old brother paid no attention to my dad and just ate his bacon in silence.

    After breakfast, I went into my shoebox of a room to find a pair of skinny jeans and a sweater to wear. I then place my gray boots over my jeans and headed to my mom's room. She too was getting ready and loathing the size of her room.

    "You seem sad." she said while finally breaking the silence.
    "I wonder, Mom." I rolled my eyes.
    "It'll be fine...you know it's his career. I can't do anything."
    "I know."
    "Come on. Let's go."

    The car drive was only about 10 minutes; in fact, everything around here is only about ten minutes. We arrived to the Urban Outfitters, and I realized how small it was compared back to the one in Little Five Points. But I wasn't going to complain. I walked around in a daze throughout the store; I found some clothes and such. I then wondered towards the area of miscellaneous things. Picture frames were all around and some other types of picture holders. I looked at each one with great detail.

    "You like taking pictures?" a somewhat deep voice asked.
    "Yeah, but I know nothing about cameras. I just have a lot of pictures of my friends and other stuff from home..."
    "You're not from here are you?"
    "Hah, no..."

    I finally turned to meet the stranger I was having a conversation with, and my heart stopped beating. The boy I was talking to was gorgeous.

    "I'm Shawn."
    "i'm Ashley."
    "Nice to meet you. You know, you shouldn't wear your bangs covering your eyes. They're a really pretty hazel."

    His hand gently grazed a piece of my bangs and then pulled back. My cheeks went in flames, and I prayed he didn't notice.

    "Shawn! We've got to go!" a blonde boy called from the entrance.
    "Oh..well looks like I've got to run." Shawn hesitantly said.
    "Uh..will I see you again?" I blurted out.
    "Haha, of course. We're in Middletown! But if not...I'll find you."

    I couldn't respond; it's not that I couldn't find words to form a response, I could not physically say anything. All I could do was hope that he didn't hear my heart racing.