• A smile, everything can be solved with a smile.

    I smile, "Oh, aunt. Im fine!" I twirled in a circle, giving her a full view of my red sweater and jeans,

    "Please, please, stop worrying! It was just a fever, that's all."
    "Well, I can't help worrying Raine, what would your mother think in heaven if you were sick all the time." she sighed, and patted me on the back, her bright red nails poked me.
    I yawned, "Health is a wonderful blessing aunt, I hope to appreciate it to the fullest. Good night, dear aunt." I kissed her cheek and headed for bed.
    I felt her glare all the way until I closed the door. I knew she brought me here to cash in on my inheritance, I feel bad that there is none. I knew she poisoned me, giving me that deathly fever, but I just couldn't help but love her.
    I curled up in the purple and green blankets, and kissed my mother's picture. I quickly fell asleep.

    "...learn to trust people, Rai, and you will be trusted..."

    "...ReRe, you are special to mama and me, and you always will..."
    "...we're coming home soon sweetie..."

    "...i'm sorry Raine, but your parents won't be coming home..."

    "...I'll take you in, and love you as my own, because nobody would want to be alone."




    I don't want to be alone, I want a new life, I want to be renewed, I want to be loved.
    "If that is your wish..."
    I opened my eyes, why do I never remember my dreams? Ugh, I always get a huge headache when I try to remember them...
    Wait, where am I?
    Crap. I never knewI sleep-walked before. Sure, sometimes I woke up in different place, from living room couch to bedroom, but that's different. Right now... I'm the middle of a forest! A forest with apples the size of watermelons growing from vines. Can you guess how that can make me freak out?
    "T-t-the f-fruit!" I attempted to get up, but my legs were dead numb. How am I supposed to get back home like this?!