• Summer ended with a bang! Hopefully tomorrow will will be a new start
    of a new school year. Yeah summer was fun, but I can't wait to hit the books
    POPULARITY! and maybe even a boyfriend... 'sigh' well until tomorrow...

    I wake up around 7am this morning. I wash up and head on down
    stairs, I see my mom and dad at the dinner table eat waffles. " Good morning
    Raffina, Are you ready for school today?" my mom say to me with a smile.
    I nod and give her a smile,"I've decided to walk to school today with Annie."
    I tell her with grabbing a waffle.
    "Aww, our little girl is growing up so fast." My mom say in aw to my dad, who just nod at her and turns to look at me. "Don't get in trouble...and stay away from boys..." I stare at my dad then give him a wink, "Don't worry dad,
    I'm a good girl you Know that, I won't get in trouble.BYE!" I walk before I could see a very curious face on my dad's,and my mom shouting out 'HAVE A NICE DAY HONEY!" to me...

    "Good Evening to my new tenth grade students, As you all know I'm
    the Representative..." Boring! I can't believe we have to stand up and listen to
    this nerd 'welcome this' and 'school year that' its so lame..
    Well that's OK, the jocks going to beat the snot out of him after this
    "Ha.." little laugh comes out of me. Remembering the last time he got beat up.

    " Man! that was was boring, I seriously feel asleep in there...now Lets see where's room." Bang! what the- "Ah! please don't beat me,! I'm the class rep I didn't do anything!" Oh that mother ******** is getting it now.
    I say to my self with a smirk. "So, who is my hero of the day." I turn my head
    from the corner and to my surprise, It was Yami!
    Oh no now I got to save him, damn it! I run from the corner
    and stop right in front of the class Rep and Yami..which was stupid because his fist was headed right towards me!

    Then to my amazement, it didn't hit me. I looked up
    and seen another guy I never seen before holding Yami's fist back! His brave soul!
    Tension speeds all of a sudden. "HEY! What the hell was that for.Don't get in my way." Yami looks at him with a death glare, he turns at me...
    "T-t-this is unacceptable, how can you beat up your own class representative!" Yami grabs the class rep by the collar "How can you call your self class rep with any back bone!" Yami said shacking him back and forth.
    "AH! please don't hurt me!" wow I thought I was the only one holding a
    grudge on the class rep. even if Yami had ran there was no way anyone was going to vote for him even if he's the star player on the foot ball team. The people need some one smart for them to follow, like me...

    "Hey! I told you to stay out my way!" "Damn it, can you stop beating up people smaller then you for once and grow up!" "If I was fighting people 'smaller' then me I would be fighting you don't you think?" Oh, that's hitting below the belt. "That's it come here!"

    "Yami what did I tell you about fighting on school property!"
    After about 10 or 15 min later, the class rep decided to call the principle before
    it got out of hand. The class rep and I explained the situation at hand.
    While the principle had a man to man talk with Yami and the new kid,
    me and the class rep was out side the office. "Well! I better leave. The school
    board it haven a meeting today. Thanks for the help uh..." "Raffina, it's nice to meet you in person." I said given him a fake smile.
    "Oh, right I remember you know! You ran for class Rep last year with
    me! Wow you gotten prettier since last time to...A-anyway it was nice meeting you Bye!" He ran out blushing, well I'm not surprised it happens allot with me now that I reached my maturer age...

    As I was about to leave, The office door was slammed open
    and out came Yami. "That b*****d,who the hell do he think he is." he mumbled
    out.He stops to look at me with my frightening face, "Oh uh hey Yami! nice meeting you here." I said with a so not convincing smile on my face.
    "...Did I scare you back there." he asked me calmly. "Oh me! no no no,
    I was a little shocked when you uh put your fist in my-" "I DIDN"T DO IT ON PERPUSE!" I tensed up at his voice, GOD I hope I didn't get him mad! he calmed down "S-sorry, I meant to say it was a mistake, I just glad your not hurt..."
    Wow! first a blush from the school rep, now a concerned jock, ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN NOW! while I was blushing and dance about my day, Yami
    did something amazingly unexpected.
    I guess in the heat of the moment, he cups my cheeks and kisses
    me roughly on the lips...EW EW EW, was all I could say in my mind. He finally lets me go then whispers in my ear, "I did it for you." and then smakes
    me on my butt, reseaving a loud yelp from me and walks out.

    I stould there, in that spot for while. D-d-did Yami just come ON! TO me!
    I thought he was a don't-give-a-damn-about-people type of guy and this happens...
    "Oh, hey there...sorry about what happen earlyer, hope you weren't fright-" before he could finash I ran out.

    "So, what happen to you all day, I thought we were going to hang?" My friend Annie asked over the phone. After I got home from school, I ate and went right to bed. "Sorry, I got cought up in something"

    "OH let.me.guess. A BOY!" I chocked ont that one there was no way
    she could have known, WE WERE ALONE! weren't we?

    "Uh Hello, you still there? I was thinking about being a reporter for the school's news paper this year! What about you?"

    Yeah! Im soooo not going to like this year....