• It was cold. Not your sort of cold, This one went through you through your gut. The ash mounts of ne'er darakan erupted two years ago, And still the poisonous ashes fell from the skies. The year is 3113 and all the peasants were trapped inside their sad hovels, the poisonous ashes were too dangerous to breath in. The brave children could see through the Ashes as their senses were more acute

    I stood there, hidden in the tree if you could call it it that, my cloak flowing in the barren Wasteland-ish wind, The accident still haunts me to this day were my cruel so called "friend and leader" Broke the feathered wings i acquired at the great ash mount Garakan don kara'nal and turned them into these broken misshapen scarf that i wear as a cape.

    A few State warriors dawdled by, they wore the State masks, these protected them from the Ashes. They were searching for me, luckily i had The ring of shrouds™ That i got from the Great ash mount.

    I decided it. I was going to Kill The lord ruler.

    In the northern city The King And Ruler of Latindar slept, Unaware of the fact that i was watching him... At the end of his bed...

    I moved a bit to the right And snapped my fingers. A great burst of light erupted and he disintergrated.
    The men who came in also shared this fate. No one will live.