• Heavy panting is all that Martan can hear around him as he scurries inbetween trees, under brush, and around pitfalls. He trips and throws his hands up just in time to stop a blow that was heading straight for his head from connecting. But as it hit he felt the bone crack in his forearm. He let out a cry that no one would hear anyway but it felt good to let it out.
    "Oh god this is the end of me!" Martan thought. "I'm never going to get to see my family again."
    the last words Martan heard rang through his ears just before the second blow came.
    "Run...Run before you die too!"
    Fwomp! and nothing else from his sensory input came, just absolute darkness.
    "Am I dead?" Martan's eyes opened but he was just floating in a vast expanse of black, with a small pin p***k of light filtering in from above. He felt weightless. But he realized that wasn't true, he tried to move his arm, but it wouldn't budge. With the little light that was coming from above him he could make out that he was strapped to a table. He saw implements that were caked with something he couldn't quite make out. Panic filled him to the brink, his breath became ragged and his head ached reminding him he was hit in the head before he went out.
    "How am i going to get out of here?! What is going to happen to me? There has to be a way to get out of this." Martan had thoughts flying around in his head how to get out of this prediciment. Then a door opened in the distance, a shape was sillouted by the light pouring in behind it