• What does this have to do with me?
    "Everything, and nothing."
    I gasped, wasn't I alone? " Wait, who's there?"
    A dark figure approached, "I am here, nor there, but you can call me... Shameless."
    Shameless? As in having no concious of the sins commited?
    That was the only word I could think of.
    "Do you know what you are?"
    I looked at the person skeptically, "I am a citizen of memoir. And you?"
    He chuckled darkly, "I am what you would call a human."
    Is he taking me for a fool? "And just what is a 'human' anyway?"
    Shameless thought for a moment, "A human is an imperfect being. Most think we are favored by God, but I doubt that." his voice had dropped to a hopeless tone, revealing small pin of weakness...
    That he quickly covered with a surprising sentence that would leave me reeling most of my life, filling me with hesitation and indecision.
    "You are the same as I, Raine Forester. You are a human, and you have made mistakes, and will continue to do so. "
    Never. I remember all my childhood... brother pushing me on a swing, mother and father bringing me cotton candy clouds that fell...

    Who says those memories are really yours?
    They are mine...
    Then why can't you remember year seven? When you can remember all before and after.
    I had no excuse, not even a reason to disbelieve myself, even if I did, a small voice could argue and disprove my reasons, no matter how good.
    "Okay, and why should I believe you?" I said cautiously.
    "Because you never participate in the most important ceremonies of Memoir, because your brother never lets you think farther than the dull bright you call a life."
    My eyes widened, just how did he know?! I dropped to my knees, "Why do you want to take this peace away? This life I wished for it will all be gone..." It wasn't my voice saying this, but someone else. You could hear how lonely and saddened the person was.
    The dark figure approached carefully, making sure his face was hidden shadows. He was wearing a gray t-shirt and blue faded jeans...
    "Which one of you is speaking?" Shameless asked hopefully.
    "Raine, is speaking." It was not me answering this time either.
    The dark figure ran up and put his arms around me, squeezed me so hard I couldn't breathe. Somehow it felt like i've been in these arms for an eternity.
    I felt something click, a life, a soul, just a click, and it changed. Alice Hatter a citizen of memoir, was now molded and combined with the human, Raine Forester.
    I hugged him back, as hard as I could. How i've missed John, how long has it been? Around three years.. so i'm 19 an he's 20.
    My eyes started tearing, he may only think of me as a friend, but i've loved him so long.
    I pressed my face into his shoulder and secretly smelled him, that same old cologne, it was a strong husky yet sweet scent.
    "John...John... I didn't know what happened he came and-and-"
    He firmly grabbed the sleeves of my coat, and roughly kissed me on the cheek.
    "Raine, what did he do to you?!" He growled,"I'll kill that damn rabbit, I swear-"
    The part of me that was Alice sobbed, "No, John, he's my brother!"
    He looked at me, stunned,"What the hell?!"
    "Yes he is my brother, the me that is Alice Hatter."