• Blood Sucker
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    Kiku traveled up the steep mountain determined to get to the next village before night fall. She yawned a bit and pushed up her glasses. She glanced from side to side to see Yokai following up the trail along with her. Most seem harmless and not interested her. She had no time for them she needed to get to the next village. Kiku picked up the pace until she tripped over a small tree spirit. Kiku looked up through her thick doctrine glasses and laughed a bit as the spirit ran into the bushes.
    She got up and brushed herself off and continued on her way. When she finally got to the end of the road a young girl about Kiku’s age stood in front of her. Her hair was long and black and had opal like eyes. She wore a black yukata and was carrying spider lilies in a small brown leather bag.
    Kiku merely smiled with familiarity in her eyes. “Why many greetings Hanna”
    “It’s been a long while Kiku” the girl said. “I’d say three years”
    “Two years I came back once” Kiku corrected.

    It was already too late to go down the mountain. The sky was so dark you couldn’t see your own hand in front of you. The two girls decided to put up camp in the middle of the woods with only the campfire as a light. Hanna shared saké with her long lost friend as they talked.
    “So who’d you piss off this time?” Hanna asked. “You must have gotten one of the great Onmyoji angry”
    “Oh no” Kiku laughed. “I decided to travel all by myself no special treatment or punishment”
    Hanna beamed a bit and held out a folded piece of paper. She looked up at Kiku with leering eyes almost like a fox. “The Onmyoji has a job for you”
    Hanna handed her the paper and Kiku began to read it. Written on the paper were recorded accounts of missing people and people reappearing completely drained of blood.
    “A Kyuketsuki (Japanese for a vampire)?” Kiku questioned looking up at the girl.
    Hanna nodded then pointed at the paper. “As you read on you may notice that the number of victims is more than your average Kyuketsuki” Hanna explained.
    Hanna scrolled down the paper and stopped at a keen note. “It says here a young girl was kidnapped”
    “Yes, yes” Hanna said taking out a pipe and began to smoke a bit. “The bureau in Europe suggested it was an escaped blood sucker from their prisons but we quickly apprehended that one. This one seems to be more blood thirsty”
    Kiku sighed and placed the paper in her pocket. She grinned a bit. “Alrighty then, from this point on I’ll take full responsibility of this situation from here on out”