• I got inspired by Fallout 3, so u might read sumthings that Fallout has included


    I was gasping for air as I was running for my life from these vile beasts that I encountered as I was coming into the D.C. wastelands. It felt like hours when they finally stopped chasing me when it was actually a matter of minutes. As I sat down to take a rest, drink clean water, and eat some food, I realized all I had was crumbs of bread, 1 slice of ham, half a stick of cheese, and an almost empty bottle of dirty water. As I sat down on the hot, baron sand of the wastelands I felt as if my life was just going to end at that moment. When I took a little nap it was around 3:30 P.M. I noticed that I was asleep for around 30 minutes. As I sighed and threw my arms up in the air I saw a tall, slim black man. He was coming towards me. At this point I was kind of scared that he was going to harm me in any way, but he didn't have any weapons on him that were visible. So I sighed in relief and had a small grin on my face as he came and gave me clean water and food that wasn't rotten. ''What are you doing in the D.C. wastelands?" he asked. "I was just wandering around and I happened to stumble into this area" I answered while taking a bite from a loaf of bread. "How is it even possible to live after a pack of rabid sand rats attacked you?" he questioned. "Look I'd really love to stay and chat about how I live my life but I got to be going some one is expecting me somewhere around here." I stated as I looked around for any signs of a city or a village but all that I saw was him. "What's your name and what city are you looking for?" he asked. " My names Ed and I'm looking for a town called Brickford." I said. "so what's your name?" "I'm Vinxent and I know where Brickford is at I could help to the town if you want to." he stated. In my head I was cracking up at his name, I mean what kind of name is Vinxent. He must be foreign and that must be his native name. "Okay. I'll pay you $20 if you could take me there" as I said that he started laughing. "Look, Ed I'm doing it out of good will come on follow me." I did what he told me to do. I was learning little by little when something goes wrong or when a vile beast or mutant comes up and tries to kill you for the joy of seeing blood and for the items at times it's just there instincts telling them what to do. When we finally reached Brickford it was about 4:00 P.M. it was quite fast traveling to that town. When I stepped in a bar the first thing I saw was a lady greeting everyone that came into the bar. She was handing out fliers for a book that she wanted to make but she needed someone to help her out. "What do you need help in?" I asked her "Oh nothing really just go out and do what you normally would do in the wastelands and write notes about things that seem like threats in the wastelands" she replied. "Okay I'll help you. just tell me what your name." I said. "Oh, sorry my name is Amanda thank you so much for helping me out" she said " It's no problem really and my name is Ed" I replied. "Okay well tell me when your done with the notes so that i can start typing it up" she said. "How will I be rewarded?" i asked " Oh, simple. I'll pay you $20 if the information that you give isn't that good. I'll give you $40 is mediocre and I'll give you $65 if it's real good" she said. " Okay I'll be going now see you around" I said "Okay bye Ed" she said as I left the bar. As I was leaving the city Vinxent came up to me and said "Hey! What are you thinking of doing outside the city?" he asked "I'm just going to help this girl with one of her problems" I said "I thought you needed to see someone in here" "I do. I'm just doing somebody a favor. the person that I need to see wont mind" I said as I left the city gates. As I was wandering the area i was taking notes on the environment and situations that might occur that don't relate to beasts or mutants such as running out of water and food. I went over to this huge Publix's store I decided to go inside and see if there was anything of use that wont affect somebodys health. As I was walking through the isles I heard light foot steps and when I stopped walking the noises stopped as well. I was beginning to think that I wasn't alone in that store anymore. I began walking slowly seeing if the other foot steps would mimic and they did. As I was getting some food that wasn't rotten ,which was really hard, I heard a gun shot somewhere. I ducked in caution and took out my pistol. As I walked aiming my pistol at anything that moved I heard another gun shot except this time is sounded as if it had hit human flesh. I was also smelling blood somewhere close. I was stupid at that time because the bullet hit my arm and I was to worried about being in here with somebody else instead of actually being shot. a couple of minutes after I was shot I heard blood dripping and felt a sharp pain in my right arm. When I looked at my arm I saw where the bullet pierced my skin and saw the exit wound meaning that the bullet wasn't in my arm. I was panicking that I didn't have any medical aid so I just decided to rip the sleeve off of my right arm and wrap it around the wound. As I was walking around the isles again the area seemed to get colder. When I stopped to get a box of Poptarts, I heard a slam on the ground as if somebody fell down. As I followed where the sound came from I saw a dark figure on the ground. When I took a closer look I saw that the person that fell down was a female and she was unconscious. I tried everything I could to wake her up but nothing worked. I was beginning to think that she died when I heard her say "What happened?" "You fell down." I said. When she saw my face she got up and ran away. "Aren't you going to apologize for shooting me?" I said as she ran but she couldn't hear me or she was ignoring me. I noticed something she didn't have a rifle she had a pistol so she couldn't have been the one that shot me. Now I think I know the reason she left it was probably because a mercenary or an assassin was in this Publix or a mutant was in here so she didn't want to die. That or that she thought I was going to kill her. Either way shes probably somewhere safe. I aimed my pistol at items or objects that seemed like they where mutants or mercenaries or assassins. I shot at a can of soda by accident. When I was near the back door I heard people talking and I decided to eaves drop. I heard something about an assassin. He was black, tall, and had a beard. I was shocked about what I just heard. It couldn't be possible that they where talking about Vinxent. He's to nice to be an assassin. I was so full of rage that I decided to go out there and start shooting at them; and that's exactly what I did. I robbed them of there ammo for pistols. Then, I just shot there heads just to make sure that they're dead. I left the Publix right there even leaving my box of Poptarts back inside. I was a fool to leave a full box of Frozen Strawberry Poptarts in the store. Now that I had good notes of where to find food I headed towards a gate to what seemed like a city. I was dead wrong. It wasn't a city more of a minefield. As soon as I stepped in I left that place. I wrote a note saying "STAY AWAY FROM BIG BLUISH- GREENISH GATE. DEATH LIES BEYOND IT!" and left that area. I went to what seemed like a river and it was. I was thirsty and didn't want to waste the little food and water that I have. So, I decided to drink from the river but what I didn't know was that the river was contaminated so when I drank the water I felt kind of funny on the inside. I threw up in the water. "What is this crap?" I yelled. I drank some clean water and wrote in my notes "DRINK DIRTY WATER ONLY AS A LAST RESORT!" from then on I just kept repeating mistakes that an average person wouldn't do. I was starting to think that maybe surviving in the wastelands actually took more knowledge than instincts. Last time I checked it was around 4:00 P.M. now it might be around 6:58 P.M. I started heading back to Brickford but was really tired but I had to get inside for the night. So I forced myself to make it. Lucky for me that the bar was also an inn. "Did you get good information?" asked Amanda "Yeah but I still got to get more I don't think what I have is enough for a book" I replied "Oh okay just make sure to give me the information" she said with a smile "Okay so can I check in?" I asked "Of course its just $10 dollars a night." she replied "Okay" I said as I handed her the $10 dollars. when I was heading up for my room I saw that girl that fell down. "Hi" I said ".......Hi" she said "So what where you doing in Publix and why did you run away?" I asked "I was looking for food and It's that I thought you where going to kill me" she replied. I laughed. "I wouldn't kill you. Well nevermind that my name's Ed, and yours?" I said "I'm Illy thanks for helping out back at Publix by the way" she replied. "I like your name it's not like the names I usually hear it's unique." I said with a small grin "Thanks. I like your eyes they're cool" she said with a small grin "Well it was nice meeting you but I'm going to get to bed don't like waking up late; wastes to much time I could be using for exploring" I said "Okay bye Ed it was nice meeting you" she said as I left. "I wonder why she thought I was going to kill her" I thought as I was laying down on the mattress for a while then I just blacked out and fell asleep. When I woke up I left the inn/bar. I went to go see a doctor about my arm I was stupid not to do that sooner. "Hm... nothing a Band-aid can't fix" said the doctor as he put a Band-aid on my wound. "Okat that would be $1 please" he said as he extended his hand. I gave him $2 instead he needs a better way of making more money. As I was heading out into the city to explore around a little I heard a loud gun shot and as usual I ducked and took my pistol out. I lowered my pistol and saw that all the people in Brickford had guns and that all of them where heading for the gates. As I was heading for one of the gates I saw Illy. "What's going on Illy?" I asked. She was quiet. I repeated my question. "Oh, sorry. It's that the mutants and the mercenaries teamed up to bring down this town and use it as a fort or something like that." She said looking around an opening in the wall for any enemies. "Is there any way I can help out?" I asked. "Yeah. kill anything that isn't friend." She said."Sweet." I said while taking out my assault rifle. I stood next to her guarding the area well. Usually when a mutant came I killed it before she even got a chance to shoot. I heard a giant explosion. The mutants had broken into the town. Everyone was running around for a safe place to kill the mutants. Every so often three or four super mutants came along. Everyone ganged up on the super mutants. Then out of nowhere a blinding light and deafening sound. A behemoth mutant called BM-MKII came in and started killing a lot of people. There was only one way to kill it, and it was by using a mini nuke. There was only one weapon that uses mini nukes as ammo and that was the destroyer. As I was looking around for one of them I saw a dead mercenary with one of them and just 1 mini nuke. I decided to run for it and kill that hell bringing b*****d. As I was running to get the destroyer BM-MKII started going after Illy. I went back to save her from what seemed like absolute death. It was running towards her and was about to swing it sledge hammer and kill her but I pushed her out of the way and my right arms bones snapped. "Illy!!!Go far away from this beast!! Run for your life!" I yelled. She nodded in approval and did as I told her. I ran as fast as I could to the destroyer and picked it up with my left arm. It was unbelievably light until I loaded the mini nuke. I was taking aim at the beast when suddenly he came running towards me. I was shocked at how stupid this mutant was; running into his own death. I shot at his head. I hit it causing a minor explosion. His head popped and blood and brains came flying out; but as a result from a shot at close range I was also hurt badly from the explosion. I was losing blood rapidly and the doctor only knew how to but Band-aids on peoples minor wounds. I was starting to go towards to the light. I heard a loud scream of pain. It was Illy. Now I finally understood why she ran away in Publix, it wasn't because of her fearing me it was because she was in love with me. How could I be so gullable. "Ed!! Don't die...it's not your time yet" Illy said while tears where coming out of her eyes. "Illy.... it is my time. I lived a good life. Don't live in fear." As I said that I started coughing up blood. "Ed....... don't leave.... not yet" she said as she hugged me. The noise of her crying where the last thing I heard at the time and the last thing I felt was her hugging me. "Am I dead?" I said. "No,Ed, your not." Said a deep voice. "Who is that?" I asked "Why it's me, Vinxent." He said. "If I'm not dead then what am I?" I asked. "Your just knocked out of all that blood you lost. Right now your in Raven City in the medics store. Illy, me, and Amanda are here. You just got to wake up." He said. When he said those words I felt a sharp pain in my right arm, left leg, right leg, and torso. I woke up after I felt those sharp pain. The next thing I felt was Illy holding me tightly. I was shocked that I actually survived that blast. "Illy don't worry I'm okay.....I think." I said. "Well...... not really you lost your legs, parts of your torso, and your right arm after that blast; the doctor here fixed you up. He made you legs out of iron, torso parts out of steel, and your right arm out of titanium." She said. As she said that I checked to see if it was true. It was. "So now I'm a cyborg?" I asked." Yes." Illy replied. Amanda was able to finish her book thanks to my notes, Vinxent was able to open a weapon shop out of the weapons he got from the mutants on that fateful day, and as for me and Illy we couldn't be happier. "Oh crap!! I forgot to meet ********!" I shouted while I was laying down on the table. "Who?" Illy asked. "My father," I said "I need to see him." "Can I come along?" Illy asked. "Of course, I just need to get back to Brickford." I said. "I don't want to walk all the way back to Brickford." Illy said. "Neither do I " I said. Illy sighed. "Well I guess we're going to have to." Illy said with a hint of disappointment in her voice. "Don't worry I'll carry you if I need to or unless you want me to carry you there." I said. "Really? Aw, you're so nice." Illy said happily. "Then lets leave as soon as we can so we can get there early." I said. "Okay." Illy said. As I was walking with Illy she was real scared of the wastelands especially since that BM-MKII came and almost killed her so I guess she's afraid of that happening again. "Illy....you look tired....wait are you doing this on purpose so that I can carry?" I said. "No... I think I'm sick because I don't feel to good." She said weakly. "Well, I guess I have no choice but to carry you." I said as I picked her up. "Thanks." she said. It felt as if the trip was taking longer because of the extra weight I had to carry. I was kind of afraid of that b***h coming back again and I would have to waste all my ammo to kill that s**t again, unless it was a BM-MKIII or a BM-MKIV or worse a BSM-MKIX, then I would run for the hills. It has already been a day since we've been traveling and Illy hasn't gotten any better. I keep running and running hoping that I would reach it in a couple of hours instead a couple of days. I just really hope that I get there soon so that the new doctor that has replaced the cheap doctor in Brickford can treat Illy and her illness. We finally made it but not in the time that I hoped for; we got there at night. I went to the inn and checked in then went up the stairs with Illy and fell asleep. The next day I took Illy to see the doctor, turns out that she got sick from drinking too much contaminated water. I told the doctor to take care of her while I went to see my father. "Give me $10 extra and it's a deal." She said. "Fine." I said as I handed her the $10. I left to go see my father but I couldn't find his house. As I was looking around to see where he might be I saw his gravestone in a far corner of town. I ran to go and see the gravestone and it read "John Davidson R.I.P. Born: November 19, 2021 Died: October 5th, 2077." Tears where coming down my eyes. He had to die by that mother ******** beast. It just wasn't fair that he had to die so early, just one more week would have been fair. I stayed there longer than I thought. Illy came out of the doctors and was looking around for me. When she saw me she asked "What happened?" "My dad died the day that the BM-MKII came." I said as I got up. "Lets just go somewhere where I don't have to suffer." I said. "Okay Ed." She said. As we where walking out of the town I threw a grenade into the town and Illy did the same. I have no idea why we did that but I felt better knowing that everyone else in that town would suffer just as my father did. We went running since a couple of the towns people survived so I just shot them in the head, each. I wanted to use the destroyer but I didn't have any ammo for it left. When me and Illy went back to Raven City, we found out that a BSM-MKIX was attacking the city and a BM-MKI was coming after us. I took out my assault rifle and started shooting the BM-MKI in the head and it died. I found out that the BM-MKIs all had the destroyers and 5 mini nuke with them. I decided to take the mini nukes and loaded my destroyer with a mini nuke and shot at the BSM-MKIXs head. I reloaded as it was coming towards us. I gave Illy 2 mini nukes and got the other destroyer that the BM-MKI had. "Aim for the head!!" I shouted. She nodded in approval. We had a strategy when I was reloading she shot and when she was reloading I shot. She ran out of mini nukes and I had only 1 left. It hit me before I could shoot it. The pain was unbearable ; it was incredible that the beast could deliver such a blow with only its fists. I had the withstand all the blows it gave me since a shot at this range would kill me. "Illy!! shoot at the BSM-MKIX with any gun you have and while you're shooting it run away as fast as you can without looking back." I shouted. She started shooting at it as she ran. It was a good range away from the both of us so I decided to shoot it. It finally died. As we both went to see what that b***h had on it all, it had was $100, some ammo, and 10 mini nukes. It was kind of a disappointment since we'd expect like $200, a weapon that was real good, and more ammo. As we entered Raven City everyone was cheering. It was annoying. This continued for a long time. When we went into a store to get something they always gave it to us for free. Even when we needed medical help free of charge. It seemed like a good thing so we just got everything that they had and left the city,but it was too heavy so we just decided to keep the stuff that was important and throw everything else away. We started wandering around the wastelands fighting mercenaries and sometimes mutants. We went back to the Publix we met in and it was real fun going back there; I finally got my Poptarts. We went wandering again, bored, hungry, and thirsty. We came across the bullish-greenish gate. I was frozen still when we came past it. "What's wrong?" Illy asked. "Oh, it's just that beyond this gate lies death, mainly because it's a mine field." I said. "You want to go in and check it out?" She asked. I was shocked that she was braver than me. "Sure." I said. I opened the gate and every time I heard a ticking noise I ran to where it was as fast as I could and disarmed the mine. I got hurt once by doing that. In a playground in the city I found a dog that was alone, surrounded by mines that where about to explode, and I saved him. I called him Braveheart. I was ******** scared like hell but I hid it from Illy, but she found out I was afraid, so she hugged me real tightly when she found out...sweet. When we got all the mines, I threw them in a building near there hoping that some one would step on it and blow the whole building up with fiery gore, it never happened. When we finally left that hellhole, we went to lay down on a hill nearby and look at the sunset. It was a beautiful sunset. "Ed, how old are you?" Illy asked. "Hm, I'm 19-years old and you?" I asked. "I'm 19 too." She said. "Why would you want to know?" I asked. "Oh because you look like a 20-year old." She said. "Oh, okay." I said. It was night and it was cold, so we went to look for a blanket so that we wouldn't be freezing our asses off. We couldn't find anything so we just held each other for warmth.. It was a real cold night so our body warmth wasn't enough. We took shifts of staying up to warn the other about danger and the other shift was sleeping. It was finally morning and it seemed like it would never come. We where just sitting there hungry. "Don't you have those Poptarts from Publix?" Illy asked. "Yeah. What's your point?" I asked. "We could eat them. 4 Of them for me and the rest for you." She said. "Okay." I said as I ripped the top off the box and gave her 4 Poptarts. When we finished eating the Poptarts, they where great, we decided to leave and see where that damn dog left to, that a*****e. When we where searching for Braveheart, we came across some wild sand rats, luckily they where not rabid that the ones I came across when entering this god forsaken land; but this time there was a whole army of them attacking us. They where attacking us like crazy and we where bleeding like hell that we couldn't hold them off for long. When all hope seemed lost Braveheart came along and started helping us out on the 3 against an army thing. We had to retreat due to our wounds. As we where running away from them one of them didn't want to give up the chase and it was after Illy. I was to wounded to help her out so my hope basically faded away. But then Braveheart came and killed that mother ********. It was the first thing he did that actually helped us out. As we where limping to the nearest town or city, Braveheart came wagging his tail wanting to play and have some fun so I just whacked him and said "Not now stupid dog." "Don't do that what did he do wrong?" Illy said. "He wants to play around when we're almost dead." I said. "Oh, I never thought of it like that." She said as she whacked the dog. "Okay now that that's over lets focus on living for the time being." I said as I was limping towards Raven City. The dog was whimpering like a b***h so I just kept whacking him every time he was whimpering loudly so that he could shut up. "Hey, why did you help the dog if your going to be hurting him like that?" Illy asked. "Pity." I said. "Hey look we're close to Raven City if only we can get there faster." Illy said. "Well we'll make it there soon. Lets just hope it's before we die." I said. It seemed like forever until we made it to Raven City. When we finally got there we tried to run as fast as we can to the medics store to get healed up. We finally made it in what seemed like hours in only minutes. "What do you need?" The doctor asked. "We need to heal these wounds." I said. "Okay that would be $50 each." She said. "Hell no! I thought since we ******** saved this stupid town from the BM-MKI and the BSM-MKIX that we could have anything free like that last time we where here." I said. "Oh, so it was you two? Sorry didn't recognize you on account of all our bleeding limbs." She said as she was patching up the wounds. It took around 30 minutes to mend our wounds, each. To be honest the doctor was kind of hot. "Thanks see you later maybe in a couple of hours or so." I said as we where leaving the building. She started laughing when I said that. "Don't tell me you're planning to attack more BMs and SBMs at there hideout?" She said. "We don't know where there hide out is at but we would like to know." I said. "$100 dollars for the info." She said. "All right." I said as I gave her the $100 dollars. "Okay. It's by this place called Oblivion City. It's to the northwest of this city. Be careful though they say that there is al least 1,000,000 maybe more of those bitches there." She said darkly. "Okay. Hey do you know where we can find mini nukes?" I asked. "Yeah just go over to Vinxents shop or the one across this store." She said. "Thanks again. Bye." I said as we left the store. We went over to Vinxents shop and he gave us 100 mini nukes each and then we went to the store across medics and he gave us around 150 or 18 mini nukes. We left the city and where looking for Oblivion City. We kept heading in the northwest direction but there was nothing but more endless wastelands. We decided to keep traveling in that direction so we eventually found the stupid city. It was more of a fortress than a city. We decided to go back and get as much help as we could from the cities that we knew about. We ended up getting making a small army of 250 to fight them. It seemed like a fight that we couldn't win. The only reason that we had that little people fighting was because we wanted only people that have been in countless suicide fights. In other words we wanted only veterans or anything almost the same as veterans. I was thinking that those few brave veterans or people close to being veterans where just going to waste there lives because they didn't have any mini nuke or destroyers. It was late evening when we decided to raid Oblivion City and destroy the source or all that pain and misery. It was cold and long battle. Blood was shed ,lives where lost but the only thing that didn't die was our will to survive these ******** post-nuclear war based hell. Me and Illy alone where able to kill around 500,000 of them due to our mini nukes and that they where in a cramped space. Around 250,000 where killed by our other troops that haven't died due to the blast ranges of our mini nukes. The last 250,000 tried to surrender but we didn't. At that point I felt like god himself mainly because I had the power to choose who lives and who dies when it came to those bitches ; I didn't let any of them live. When we finally finished killing them all me, Illy, and Vinxent where the only three left standing and we where badly wounded. This time it didn't seem like we would make it to the doctors store in Raven City mainly because the doctor came along with us and was the first one to die. So we had to go all the way to Warhammer, a city pretty close to Oblivion City. Me and Illy made it to the doctors office there but Vinxent died half way to the city due to the fact that he was missing one of his arms, had a huge hole in his stomach, and had been shot countless times. Also, Braveheart followed us to the city and got himself stomped on due to his wild nature and free spirit; damn stupid dog. There where many souls lost for a good reason but some of the souls where lost out of stupidity like the doctors in Raven City and Braveheart. Me and Illy where put in separate rooms of the medics store due to the fact that they thought we might run away from the store and have sex while they left us unattended. They where dead wrong. Warhammer actually turned out to be filled with mercs and assassins, so either way the "doctors" where going to die. Me and Illy became more concerned about living instead of actually being together and enjoying the moments. Now, it's more about seeking out every know place where mercs, assassins, mutants, BMs, and BSMs where hiding out or where they lived. "Ed why do you ignore me most of the times now?" Illy asked. "Illy, it's not that I ignore is that when you try to talk to me it's usually not the time and it is the time you don't talk." I said. "Well is now one of those times?" She asked. "Yeah, it is because we got nothing to do in this god forsaken land, we don't know where the mercs and assassins are coming from, and we don't have anything important to do that helps the few people that live in the D.C. wastelands." I said. "Okay. So what do you want to talk about or do?" She asked. "I...have...no..idea." I said looking down. "It's okay. We can talk about something I want to talk about." She said. "So what do you want to talk about?" I asked. "Hm....I don't want to talk I want to kiss you." She said softly. "Well...that's okay with me." I said."Yay!!!" She shouted. I began closing in for her lips while mines where already puckered and she did the same. When our mouths finally met we began making out instead of just kissing each other. This lasted for like 2 minutes. Then she stopped and backed away slowly with a smile on her face and she was blushing but almost unnoticeable. "So...now what?" I asked. "I don't know...we don't have any town that hasn't been destroyed by our efforts to help them that we can retreat to unless they start shooting at us but then the town or city would end up like Brickford, a ghost town." Illy said still blushing a little. "I see your point...ugh!!!! I hate just being stranded somewhere uninhabited!" I shouted. "I feel your pain." She said softly. "Hm? Why do you say that?" I asked. "It's just that I wasn't supposed to be in these wastelands. I was going to Georgia when all of this crap happened." She murmured. "Oh. I see," I said "well I guess we should head somewhere safe. And by the way your still blushing." I said with a small grin. "Oh....damn. I'm so embarrassed." She said while hiding her face with her hands. "It's okay. Lets go to somewhere that's not here." I said. "Okay." She said while holding my arm tightly. "So where to?" I said. "Lets go to Brickford and steal some stuff." She said. "All right to Brickford!!" I shouted. She started laughing when I said that for some reason. She would usually get tired quick so I had to carry her until we decided to rest for a while. A lot of these tasks seemed easier with my "new" arms and legs. I felt almost invincible like this. When we finally got to Brickford the gates where sealed shut and had a sign that read "Closed due to the lack of life until the day before yesterday. Radio active beasts have begun using this town as a retreat for there own reasons. If you are reading this the town is most likely infested with them or your just really bored or stupid." "Wow. It really to the point." I said as I opened the gates. "What are you doing?" Illy said with a hint of fear in her voice. "Nothing, just gonna go in and check it out." I said. "Okay then. Can I come along with you to check the place out I feel safer when I'm with you instead of being alone out here in the wastelands." She said. "All right. Just don't do anything I don't tell you to do." I said plainly. " Okay. I'll keep my hands to me and you." She said. When we entered that hellhole, we where attacked right on the spot by what seemed like zombies."Uh...Illy...did you throw a nano-nuke instead of a frag grenade?" I asked."Yeah. I felt more comfortable throwing that instead of a regular frag. I felt as if they had no chance of living." She said. "Well...that was a big mistake since these are the towns people that we are fighting off." I said as I shot one of them in the head. "Whoops..sorry." Illy said. "It's okay." I said as I shot another one in the head which went threw the one in back of him/her. It took us a good hour to kill all of them. As we where heading out glad with what we had, a robot came out of nowhere and started shooting at us with a plasma rifle. "********." The robot said plainly. "******** you." I said as I took out a plasma destroyer ad went running up to it and hitting it with the blunt side of the weapon. It shot me once in the finger. It hurt like a b***h but I just decided to punch a hole in it and started shooting inside with the assault rifle. I was counting down to a self-destruction mechanism so I grabbed Illy and started running for the hills. There was a loud explosion. When the aftermath of the self-destruction was settled, I went up to it and checked if it had any mini EMP nukes. It had but in a short amount of it. I took them and decided to test it out. I shot at the sky and the mini EMP nuke when sky high until it finally imploded with black and white fury. I noticed that the plasma destroyer had a switch whether to use mini anti-matter nukes or mini EMP nukes. Each type of nuke had a couple of items inside that set of chain explosions so I decided to open an mini EMP nuke and I found out that only half of the wires ad components where being used. I pondered this for a couple of moments. "Holy s**t!!! We can make a nuke Illy...and I know how!!" I said with excitement. "Really? I help out if you want." She said. "No, it's okay I just need to find a mini anti-matter nuke." I said. "Uh, Ed, I have one with me. I took it from my father as a memory of him." She said. "Can I have it?" I asked. She thought for a minute or two. "Okay." She said as she handed me the mini anti-matter nuke. I took out the mini EMP nuke and a mini nuke and made a pyramid with them. I opened them up by exposing all of the wires and components where showing and nothing other that half of the shell was visible. I started attaching the wires into there rightful places in the components. It took me a while until I finally finished. When I took a quick tour to make sure everything was in place I was missing 1 more part of the nuke and it didn't fit in with the other types of nukes that I had with me, and without that part I couldn't use the nuke to its full potential of destroying an entire city. I think the missing mini nuke was of unknown types. In other words, I had to make the last part of the nuke. I got another mini EMP nuke and a mini nuke and decided to add them to the nuke so that I could finally be able to destroy Oblivion City and everything in it. The nuke was finally done. I told Illy about the missing nuke piece and she told me that her father has always been working with nukes and everything related to nukes. She ran over to his house in Brickford and retrieved everything left that had to do with nukes. Turns out he had blue-prints of how to make the perfect nuke... the W nuke. I followed every step in the blue-prints and I finally ended up building my own W nuke. I told Illy to relax in Brickford for a while there's plenty of food for a week so she wouldn't die of starvation while I go recon and plant the W nuke in Oblivion City. I was running like hell while carrying that heavy piece of s**t. When I finally got to Oblivion City I sneaked in and planted the W nuke somewhere unnoticeable. When I ran to a safe distance I detonated the W nuke and saw all its fiery, black, destruction of that town. When it was finally over there was nothing left of Oblivion City all that was left was a giant crater in the land exposing the Earths core. When I went over to see what it looked like I just dropped a mini nuke in it to see what would happen. The mini nuke exploded inside the earth causing a huge wave of magma to splash onto my finger. It melted the finger away. I ran back to Brickford and constructed another W nuke. Illy thought I was crazy making these weapons. I ran over to someplace that had nothing around it. I planted the W nuke and told Illy to ran with me. We ran a good mile before I stopped and detonated the W nuke, the result was repeated. I ran back to Brickford Illy following along and took all the crap that I need to make my custom nuke. All I took was 5 mini anti-matter nukes, 2 mini nukes, 3 mini EMP nukes, the blue-print, and the items the blue-print told to bring along. I constructed yet another W nuke but this time I added the other mini nukes that I brought along with me. "What the ******** is wrong with you?" Illy shouted. "Nothing. I'm just making W nukes and adding my own little touch." I said. "I knew it was a bad thing if you found out about this. The same thing happened to my father, he got to obsessed with making W nukes that he completely ignored everyone and everything else, thus causing his death." She said. "I never knew Illy." I said. "You know what? there's no point of being with you anymore if your going to keep making nukes. Bye!" She said as she walked away. "You'll never survive the wastelands Illy!!" I shouted out. I ignored what just happened and planted the Y nuke (my own nuke) and ran away from it for 2 miles then detonated. The results caused the land to completely obliterate in a mile radius of the Y nuke. I was shocked about the results. I had made the perfect nuke...Illys fathers nuke is nothing compared to mine... the Y nuke. I ran to the bombing site and saw that the land was unstable. There where dark orbs in the core of the earth. They where growing pitch black wings and muscular arms and legs. I was startled by this event. When I saw one of them come up from the core I killed it. I decided to drag the body away from that place and to make another Y nuke and drop it in the core. I did just that. I detonated to Y nuke from 1 1/2 radius and magma splashed upwards as if the earth was regurgitating. Once that was done I studied the bat out of hell (what I called those vile beasts) and saw how there wings where attached to there body and the muscle mass of the wings and how much muscles in your upper back would it take to left one man of the ground for a couple of hours. I studied this fine specimen well and when I came to a conclusion of everything I cut the beasts upper torso off and skinned that region except the wings. Then I cut the wings off with the nerves and everything that is needed to make them of any use than just fashion and cut the parts that I already had from the wings, off of my body. The pain was unbearable but somehow I was able to get them attached with no permanent harm to me physical or emotional. And the best part of it was that they where perfectly functional. I tested them out by seeing how long I could stay airborne without feeling tired or sharp pains in my upper back region. I constructed yet another Y nuke and carried it to another part of the wastelands and dropped it, flew high up and away from it, then finally detonated it. I flew so high up that I could actually see the places that have been nuked, It looked like an upside down star, a pentagram. When I saw this I remembered the middle point of the pentagram and constructed a Y nuke that had demonic prayers etched into it but I didn't use that one to make a middle hole so that the beasts of hell can rise up, I made another Y nuke and planted that one then detonated it from the same altitude as the last one. When that was done, I got the YXW nuke (The Y nuke with demonic prayers etched into it) and dropped it into the core and chanted the prayers then finally offered blood and detontated it. I take it that the devil enjoyed that little show since gates to Hell appeared over the bombing sites and millions of demons came to be my army out of Hell. "Devil, Gods death shall be a slow and painful one when I'm done wrecking a little havoc on this puny planet!!!!" I shouted. My amry agreed with this by the noises of shields clashing with one each other and victory cries, well at least I think they where victory cries. As me and my army went around the United States, we where causing havoc all over the U.S.A. We hit Florida, Texas, Washington, Nevada, California, Montana, New York, and the other states. Then, I spread the pain world-wide. The first place I hit after the U.S.A. was Australia, then Asia, and finally, Russia. I passed by some city and the pope was there so I just killed him. When I was finally done being the new face of evil and probably even the new face of satin, I went back to the gates of Hell and visited the Devil himself. "Devil!!! Lead me to a portal that leads to heaven!!" I shouted. My army was confused about what I was saying and they where silent. I waited a couple of minutes then told them " Fallout and see if you can find the Devil!! Now!!" I barked. They agreed with this by running as fast as they can and occasionally bumping into each other. After what seemed like hours they finally found the devil in a restaurant and they led me there. When I got there I went over to the Devil and said "Show me a portal to heaven." "Fool. Heaven doesn't exist...anymore. Last month me and by army went to invade there "sanctuary" and killed everyone in there." He said. "Then I guess I'll just take my rightful place as the Devil." I said. "Let us settle this to a classic one-on-one fight, no army, just the two of us. "He said. "All right. How about now?" I said. "All right ready when ever you're ready, p***y." He said as he raised his fists up. I just stood there and waited for a little while then took out my plasma destroyer, loaded it with an anti-matter nuke, and ran for the hills hoping that he would come walking. And that is exactly what he did. When he was in a good range I shot at his face and it impacted tearing him limb from limb until he disintegrated into a pile of dust that smelled like s**t. I took my rightful place as the Devil and it was pretty good until one day this assholes that I call my minions threw me out of Hell for being more of an a** that the regular Devil. I started flying around seeing if I could go somewhere but there was nowhere to go. So I still wander the Earth with no place to call home or anything close to home. I never saw Illy again. So now Earth is like Hell except worse. It was my own hell. I still construct Y nuke but I only detonate them to see the destruction of anything just for the fun of it. I stopped making those regular nukes and eventually the Y nuke I planned to build an almighty nuke and destroy everything on this world. So I started building the Y nuke except this time I added more mini anti-matter nukes than even necessary. When I found every single last mini nuke of all three types I put them all together and called it the SWXYFG nuke. I planted it in the middle of the Earth but didn't detonate it, not yet. I went to find a space suit and I did find one. I broke some of it so that my wings could still be used. I flew up so high that I actually broke threw the atmosphere and finally detonated the SWXYFG nuke from up there. The explosion was more than what you would expect from a nuke its size. It made a giant crater in the earth causing massive earthquakes to actually break the earth in half. I re-entered the earth atmosphere and took refuge in the new world part of the world. I was pondering in the sky for some time, trying to decide where to hide, but I couldn't think of a safe place or a moderately safe place to hide. I was so confused if what I had done was good or if it was a terrible thing to do. I was certainly hoping that is was terrible thing to do. But it turns out people actually liked be separated from each other. So I decided to start a new life as a demonic pope gathering the little people that where still alive and where willing to give up their souls to me. I found Illy in a small city in China. I took out my pistol and shoved it in here mouth and blew her brains out. That was one less person that would try to stop my plot. I re-visited Oblivion City to see the place after what I had done. It was a perfect place to build an empire. I hired some of the few remaining BSM-MKIX to build my kingdom and I always had my weapons around me just in case someone tried to kill me or any of my few remaining bats out of Hell. The empire lasted a good century due to the technological advances which kept me alive far longer than any regular life-span. My empire still is in power and the wings that I implanted into me helped me out and kind of turned me into one of them. The only difference was that I looked far more deadly and scary than them. I decided to kill my minion that could make fire. I took out the part of his body that allowed him to make fire out of thin air. I also jacked his heart so that I can have a better chance of surviving if someone actually shot me in the heart. I decided to kill the leaders of other small places so that I can have their medical stuff and food but so that I can expand my empire and take over the world. I finally achieved that goal in a good century or two. I am positive that there is life in outer space and that some day me and my empire would soon conquer the universe. But until that day I'll live it up here on Earth.