• Fang's head instantly snapped to his left as he heard someone breaking through the roof of the train and landing with the soft thud. The entire train car filled with gasps, as Asme slowly stood up straight while letting out an ominous, cold chuckle.
    "Faaaannnggg. Where are you? I know you're here. I can smell you, you filthy mutt."
    There was only silence as Asme gazed at the trains occupants. He began to laugh uncontrollably as he noticed their fearful expressions. Vivian looked over her seat to stare at Asme who was still scanning the seats for Fang. Fang yanked her down and met her eyes.
    "Get as close to that window as you possibly can and keep your head down," he said sternly.
    Vivian nodded her head and immediately obeyed. She watched as Fang slowly removed his shirt and tossed it into her lap. She couldn’t help but to stare at his muscular body that was littered with scars. Fang slowly turned his head and watched as Asme slowly inched closer. He knew that he would have to time it just right. Three….two….one…….NOW!
    Fang tore himself from his seat and leapt into the aisle. Vivian watched with horror as Fang jumped up high into the air his normal self, but when he came down he was no longer the handsome boy she had been talking to. No. He was now a large black wolf, with parts of his fur being silver, that stood to be eight feet tall. His eyes were vicious and yellow and he crushed the sunglasses that he had been wearing as he took a step forward. Asme stared at the wolf and his smile grew.
    “There you are Fang. Here I thought I would have to start killing these people. Too bad though. I am pretty thirsty.”
    Fang let out a growl and snarled as those heartless words left Asme’s lips. His muscles tensed as Asme crouched down and let out a snarl of his own.
    “Well Fang, shall we begin?”
    Without another thought, Fang leapt Asme, aiming for his throat. His teeth baring, his eyes piercing, and his claws craving the feeling of tearing through flesh. Asme moved to the side and dodged the blow effortlessly. Fang turned himself around hastily and raced towards Asme, snarling wildly.
    Vivian peered over her seat as she watched the giant wolf attack Asme for the second time. Vivian couldn’t help how elegant the boy was as he moved to the side.
    “Where the hell is security,” she mumbled to herself.
    As Fang turned himself around again he stole a glance at Vivian’s horrified expression. No matter where I go, this is the same expression I always give people….I’m a monster. Fang stared at her a moment longer, but was cut short as Asme slammed into him knocking him back through the car. Fang skipped across the floor of the train like a pebble across water and finally stopped as he crashed into a wall.
    “So is she your new flame, Fang,” questioned Asme. Fang rose to his feet and watched with blind fury as he held Vivian by her throat. “You wolves are all the same. You don’t even care about a females personality. You just feel like ******** everything you see.” Asme then looked into her eyes. His next statement was directed towards her. “My, my, you do look delicious. I’m sure the council won’t mind if I take just one bite.”
    Vivian struggled against his grip desperately trying to get free. “Let go! Let go of me!
    Asme then allowed his lips and nose to drag against her neck. Vivian flinched at his icy touch. “How could I possibly do that, when you smell so…..APPATIZING!
    Vivian was suddenly released as Fang raced forward and knocked Asme back through a wall. Vivian’s body froze as she came face to face with the wolf. Its eyes staring into hers. But it did not seem to be angry. They were not the same pair of vicious yellow eyes from before. They were now a pair of soft, compassionate yellow eyes. She heard the wolf whimper and she was able to relax as it licked her cheek.
    “….Fang….who are you? What are you?”
    She watched as Fang looked to the back of the train and then back to her and started to whimper once again. He motioned his head towards the window, and Vivian knew what he wanted for some reason.
    “Ok….I’ll go with you.”
    She climbed onto his back and lowered herself to shield herself. She buried her face into his soft fur and she was captivated by the sweet smell of it. Fang sprinted forward and burst through the window, and entered the night sky. Vivian slowly lifted her head and looked at the broken shards of glass and stared at the reflection of her holding onto this giant wolf. What is going on? Why am I even going with him? I don’t even know him….but I feel so safe with him.
    The wind zipped past them both and Fang’s fur blew around violently. When he finally touched the ground he instantly race forward into the nearby trees that led to a nearby forest….