• Deadly
    “Violence is a spiral. It begins with the lack of respect for human life and gradually becomes more intense and more DEADLY”
    Benzinger, Family Life, Grade 8

    Chapter One
    Bluesky, Kentucky
    Summer’s Farm
    4:00 p.m.
    As Cristy Summers pulled up to her parent’s house, in her red Volkswagen Bug the sweet memories of this place flooded her mind such as gardening with her mother during the spring, playing catch with her father, her first kiss… Coming back into reality she shook her head, she needed to focus her father needed her. Looking at her house once again with its white shutters, and its simple farm house style, she remembered when her father’s mental state had begun…
    “Dad!” Cristy called threw the seemingly empty house, her voice echoed loudly in the quietness. It, was dark, rainy, and cold outside so she turned on a light she still seemed to be alone in the house, and that scared her. Her mind was screaming danger, danger, even though the warning kept resounding in her head like a ping pong ball being hit by the players rackets she didn’t let her common sense drive her, and made her way down the lightened hallway which was dark at the end. A loud creaking noise came from the stairs to her right, she ignored it thinking, ‘It’s nothing just an old house.’
    The noise happened again and she looked to her right and screamed; her father held a gun directed straight at her head. She ran and heard a shot go off, adrenaline kicking in. It missed her head by mere inches, when she heard the bullet smack into the hall she was already running threw the kitchen. Quickly she grabbed a knife even though against a gun it was fairly useless. Praying that her father didn’t have many bullets, she streaked out of the kitchen threw the sun room. The door closed with an eerie squeak of the hinges. Another bullet went off.
    “Oh, Cristy,” her father’s voice was rough as he cooed her name, “Come out, come out, where ever you are.”
    Hiding behind one of the large pine trees on the property she struggled not to make a sound. ‘What happening?’ she thought with concern, ‘Where’s mom?’ She heard a twig snap and looked around the trees trunk, she saw her father his eyes crazy, he looked quickly from left to right as if he weren’t able to stop the motion. Gathering all her courage she stepped out from behind the tree to hopefully get a better look without being seen.
    “There you are,” her father said seeing her face threw the pine needles. She cursed under her breath as her father, lifted the gun and fired, seconds later the bullet hit Cristy’s upper shoulder searing pin ripped threw her arm, and she screamed in agony. Her father’s came back into reality, when he heard her scream. The craziness, and heat flowed out of his eyes and his body seemed to be back under his control
    “A possession,” Cristy said so quietly her father strained to hear
    He shook his head in confusion we he heard the last part of what she said. Finally he looked at his daughter who stood ten feet away. The ground was a darker color where she lay on the ground…it was. Red? Blood! He came running to her and saw her arm the blood coming fast. His brown eyes widen in disbelief.
    “Cristy!” He shrieked as he kneeled down beside her, “What happened?”
    “You shot me,” Cristy mumbled and fainted from blood loss…

    ‘Poor Dad,” she thought, ‘what happened he was so normal? He didn’t seem like he was mentally unstable,’ Cristy made her way up to the porch, there is when she finally realized there was another car parked in the driveway. A police car! Quickly she grabbed the spare key from underneath of one of her mother’s flower pots, which held daisies. Unlocking the door she made her way inside.
    “Dad, Mom I’m here!” She called out, as she took off her shoes and set her purse on the small table that was next to the door. It was a wooden cherry table that had been passed down from her mother’s mother and her mother had promised it to her.
    “Cristy, in here!” She heard her father call out from the kitchen. She quickly walked threw the hall passing by a small mirror which gave a clear view of the stairs case that was on her right, the mirror was given to her mother two years after they found out about her father’s unstable mind. Walking threw the threshold of the kitchen she saw her father sitting across from a police officer; she smiled recognizing who it was.
    “It’s good to see you’re getting along Harv,” said the man.
    “Thank ya’. Haven’t seen ya’ll, in a week,” Harv said to both Cristy and the man.
    “Papa,” Cristy whined in protest. Harv held up his hand cutting her off
    “Stop, your whinin’ child; you better be taking care of my little girl,” Harv said.
    “Of course I am,” Charlie said a bit grudgingly.
    “Charlie,” Cristy smirked at the response he gave, and he looked at her his eyes sparkling with humor.
    “Where’s mama?” Cristy asked looking around the kitchen.
    “Didn’t you’re she tell you?” Harv asked his daughter curiously she shook her head, and he sighed, “she said she was going to call you, must’ve forgotten. Anyway, she said that she was going shopping, for groceries and for some new gardening gloves,” Harv explained and looked at his daughter’s disappointed face. Her father was aging well; he was a full blood Native American. His hair was graying, and his tanned skin was wrinkling but, otherwise he was still a good looking man and her mother loved his to death.
    “Oh,” Cristy responded lamely and walked over to Charlie. She set here small hands on his broad shoulders.
    “I’m goin’ to watch the television,” Harv announced and got up from his chair and made his way quietly and quickly to the family room. Charlie rested his warm, tanned had on hers and she remembered the day they met seven years ago…
    Looking up as the chime on her bakery door jingled, she saw a man who had dark skin and black eyes, ‘Native American,’ Cristy thought, knowledgably after all she was half herself. Wiping her flour caked hand on her apron she went out to greet her customer.
    “Hello, May I help you?” she asked politely and the man just stared at her, and she wondered if she might have flour in her hair.
    “Would you like anything?” She asked, still all he did was stare at her, she didn’t know if he was breathing or the more likely answer was that he probably didn’t speak English. She started to fidget under the weight of his stare.
    Sir?” she tried once more, trying to hide the strain in her voice.
    “Oh, sorry,” the mysterious man apologized and held out his hand.
    ‘Alleluia, he speaks English.’ Cristy thought, while she took his hand to shake it.
    “I’m Officer Kings but, you can call me Charlie,” the man said after they released hands.
    “I’m Cristy Summers. Nice to met ya’,” Cristy was intrigued by his dark eyes. They were alert and full of secrets.
    “Ya’ knew to town?” Cristy asked and rested her hands on the glass of the display case. She had watched him pull into the police station the first day and he still intrigued her.
    “Where you come from?” she asked as if she weren’t at all interested.
    “Why’d you come here?” Cristy asked extremely curious now.
    “Well I wanted to get out of the big city and I didn’t feel like staying there so I came back her to see my mom,”
    “Were you born here in Kentucky?” Cristy asked staring directly act his face.
    “Well not in the county but, I was born in Lexington,”
    “Interesting,” she said slowly, “Native American? Full blooded”
    Stunned by her abruptness it, took Charlie a second to answer, “Yeah Cherokee, and yes I’m full blooded. How’d you know?”
    “Well know you have to see a little in me of course,” she looked at his face expectantly. His cheek bones were pronounced, his lips full, and his eyebrows were dark, and drawing together. His dark eyes fixed on her sparking green ones.
    After several seconds she gave up on him answer, “My papa is a full blooded Native American, and my mom is a full blooded Scottish women, my grandparents came over to America while my grandmother was pregnant,” Oh, God she was rambling, mortified she looked away from the mans gorgeous face.
    “Interesting,” was all he said, and she could feel his eyes burning holes in her head, she decided looked up, and found that his dark eyes seemed to be calculating every word she said, and every move she made.
    ‘Just like a cop,’ she thought dryly to herself, ‘can’t keep their guard down for a minute.’
    “Would you like anything?” she asked and grabbed a pair of rubber gloves.
    Charlie brought his attention toward the display of pastries, and his mouth began to water, he swallowed, “Yeah can I have a bagel, and a glazed chocolate doughnut. Oh and a coffee, black please,” he watched her move around the bakery getting his freshly brewed coffee; she grabbed his food from out of the case and slipped them into a bag. While she rang it up he looked around.
    The place was nice the display cases were made with what looked like cherry wood, and glass. The floors had black tile and there were a few iron tables with a glass in the middle, the chairs she had for seating matched the tables perfectly. He looked at Cristy; she had beautiful green eyes that stood out against her dark skin and black hair. It looked silky smooth, he resisted the urge to reach out and touch it.
    “Here ya’ go.” Cristy handed him the bag, “That’ll be five dollars,” Charlie gave her a five.
    “Thanks,” He said and turned to leave.
    “If you want you can sit at a table,” Cristy called out before he left, she didn’t want him to leave yet she was to curious about him but, also to tired to ask questions.
    ‘Maybe,’ she thought hopefully, ‘he’ll just start to ramble.’
    “Thanks,” Charlie said and immediately changed his course. She followed him and sat at the table he had chosen. Her feet were throbbing as if she had walked on hit coals. She closed her eyes hoping to catch a few minutes.
    “You okay?” Charlie asked, and watched her eyes open a little.
    “Yeah just tired,” she gave a yawn.
    “When do you close?” Charlie asked looking around for a sign but, didn’t find one.
    “What time is it?” she asked her eyes closed once again.
    “It’s 4:50 p.m.” Charlie said after looking at his watch, he heard a sigh.
    “Thank God.” Cristy murmured, “I close at five,” she told Charlie.
    “I was wondering," Cristy looked at him her eyes hidden behind her beautiful black hair, "If you’re half Native American; why do you have those beautiful green eyes?” Charlie asked and brushed some hair away from her face so he could look at her eyes.
    “You’ll think I’m crazy,” she warned, Charlie gave a chuckle.
    “Try me,”
    “Maybe….when we know each other a little better.” The two feel silent after she spoke those words, she couldn’t take them back now, and she couldn’t have stopped them from coming out before.
    After finishing off his coffee he got up to leave but, before he did he said, “Thanks for the food and the company.” With that he left, she heard the door bells jingle and then there was only the slight hum of her refrigerator and the sound of her air conditioner kicking on.
    “My, oh, my.” She said and got up to flip her sign to closed
    “Cristy?” Charlie said waving and hand in front of her face.
    Snapping out of her day dream she looked down at him, “Yes?”
    “Finally, what were you thinking about?” Charlie asked curiously, and pulled her around so she could sit on his lap.
    “Just remembering the day we met,” Cristy admitted, and tried to get up but, he held her to him. She heard him chuckling, and frowned, “What’s funny?”
    “Nothing, I was just remembering what I was thinking when I met you,” not amused she continued to stare straight ahead not even bothering to look at him.
    “Do you want to know what I was thinking?” He whispered into her ear, all he got from her was a stubborn grunt, “I’ll take that as a yes.” Pausing for a moment he waited to see if she would react but, she remained silent and still.
    “I was thinking, ‘Damn, this chicks hot,’” he said, which caused Cristy to burst out laughing.
    “Thank for the laugh I was having a bad day any way,”
    “Why’s that?” Charlie asked curiously as he combed his fingers threw her hair.
    “I think someone took, my good shoes,” she huffed. Charlie and Cristy lived in the apartment above the bakery, this had Charlie worried. Had someone been upstairs without their acknowledgement? His hands stiffened on her hair.
    “Why do you think that?”
    “Well I was going to wear those gold flats, you know the ones?” Charlie nodded, “I was going to wear those and I turned our apartment upside down looking for them.” She said sheepishly.
    “Maybe you misplaced them,” Charlie suggested.
    “Maybe,” She agreed easily but, she didn’t have a good feeling at all, ‘Or, maybe Ben’s toying with me again,’ Ben Connwell was a ghost who had attached himself to Cristy; he had died in the battle of Gettysburg.
    Charlie’s mood became mixed with anger with the thought that someone had been in their apartment; he could feel his body begin to change. Cristy felt it to and quickly got off his lap. He took a couple deep breaths, and finally managed to calm himself down.
    “You, good?” Cristy asked unsure.
    “Yeah I’m good,” He stood up and gave her a kiss, “I have to go, I was just doing your father parole check,”
    “Oh,” Harv had gotten a parole officer when he had tried to rob a bank with a loaded gun of course at that time he wasn’t in a healthy state of mind.
    “Remember when I told you the reason I had green eyes?” Cristy asked curiously, and looked at Charlie.
    “Yeah,” he had a smile on his face, “You took me into an area that wasn’t filled with many people; at first I thought you were gonna kill me,” Charlie gave a laugh, “Then you said very calmly that you could see dead people.
    “Then you asked why,” Cristy interjected, before Charlie could continue, and he gave a brief nod before he continued.
    “You told me it was because of you’re green eyes. You then continued to explain that she had green eyes because her mother’s side was filled with Menafina’s, and the green eyes allow you to see the dead,”
    “Yep, that night was full of secrets.”
    “Sure was,” Charlie agreed, and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. That night Charlie had admitted to Cristy about what he was, and how he could lose control easily.
    After a few minutes Charlie looked at the stoves clock, “I have to go,” He made sure he had his gun but, he couldn’t find it, ‘Probably left it in the car,’ he thought but, he was confused he could have sworn he brought his gun in, ‘Maybe I hung it on the coat rack,’ he thought.
    “I have to go too,” Cristy said and grabbed his hand, she yelled goodbye to her father, which she still thought was in the living room. Before they left she slid her shoes one and grabbed her purse from the table. Charlie looked at he coat rack but, didn’t see his gun, ‘Definitely in the car,’ he thought. Hand in hand Charlie and Cristy walked out of the door and towards their cars when they got to the spot where they had to go their separate ways they said goodbye, and turned to leave.
    Cristy waited a few moments after Charlie left, so he could reminisce in old memories before she left. After about five minutes she made her way down the drive way. As she turned onto the main rode she wasn’t paying any attention to anything or, she would have noticed her father from inside the trees with a gun that seemed to shine in the sunlight.
    She heard the shoot fired as she was making it to a curve on the rode. The bullet hit her back tire which caused her vehicle to swerve she managed to turn her wheels but, when she got to the edge of the tree line, her tire hit a medium sized rock and caused her vehicle to flip into the ditch. The sound the metal made when it started to bend was sickening, it screeched in protest, Cristy’s vision was starting to blur, making it harder for her to see. Before she lost conciseness she tried to grab her phone in the wreckage it was only inches from her. She couldn’t do it; she was in a large amount of pain and could barely move.
    . Cristy could feel the blood dripping from the scar on her forehead when her air bag was released. The glass from the windows had shattered causing cuts to cover her arms, face and chest. She could she that her arms were coated in blood that had been caused from the glass. A good size piece was stuck in her leg causing the warm red liquid to spread rapidly down her leg. Her mind was becoming dim, and finally she fell into total blackness…

    Chapter Two
    It seemed like it could have been hours before she broke through her unconscious state to have the sound of sirens blast into her ears. Then another sound took away the sirens, someone was talking to her, she opened her eyes to find herself still in her car, and was hanging up side down. She looked around to take in the surroundings. Glass was scattered everywhere, in the sunlight it looked for like a disco ball the anything else. Her blood was splattered on the ground, and she could feel the dry blood that was stuck to her face, immediately she tried to scratch it off but, to her horror pain shot through her entire arm. Her arms were completely covered in scratches and small pieces of glass.
    She heard the voice again someone calling her name, “Cristy!” The voice said in distress, “Cristy, say something please. Oh God let her be alright,” The voice begged. At first she hadn’t realized who it was; her vision wavered slightly but, not before Charlie’s face appeared in her vision as she slowly turned her head, which caused an immense amount of pain through her entire diaphragm.
    “Charlie?” She said in confusion, her voice was rough, and her throat felt raw, she tried to swallow but, it hurt too much especially since she was upside down.
    “Thank heavens,” he was so relieved he could have flown threw the air if that were possible.
    “What happened?” She asked in confusion as Charlie called over to paramedics, “And since ya’ll are here can you get me out of this damn car,” she tried to ask a nicely as possible but, a person can only hang upside down so long until the adrenaline rush crashes. Following the orders she gave them, they started to maneuver her out of the car.
    One of the men who had brown hair said, “Were going to have to undo your seat belt, so it may hurt a bit.” As quickly as the men could they tried to get her out of the car. She winced as her back was gently moved onto the ground as they tried to slide her threw the window. When that didn’t work they were forced to rip the door off its hinges, when the door gave a metallic squeak Cristy winced at the familiar sound.
    A few minutes later they had her battered and bloodied body securely loaded onto a gurney. Cristy’s was in extreme pain as the gurney was put into the ambulance, the shaking caused her glass filled arms to feel as if they had been set on fire.
    “I think she may have a couple broken bones,” the black haired paramedic, told the blond haired paramedic.
    “What’s your name?” Charlie demanded of the blacked haired paramedic.
    “John Mantel officer and this,” he said pointing to the brown haired man “is Walter Hail.” John informed him and secured Cristy to an IV that had been prepared for her.
    “Mind if I ride, John?” Charlie asked but, he was already getting in.
    “Sure thing,” John assured him, “Sorry officer but, I didn’t catch your name,”
    “Oh sorry,” Charlie said and held out his hand, “I’m Officer Kings but, you can call me Charlie,”
    “Thanks. Well Charlie will be at the hospital in about fifth teen minutes. Do ya’ think you can hold on Cristy?” He asked but, Cristy had already fallen beck into unconsciousness, the ambulance started up and sped off down the road.
    Three Hours Later…
    A woman with brown hair that was tightly pulled back into a ponytail, she was wearing black dress pants and a lavender shirt which was visible under a white lab coat.
    “Officer Kings,” she called out softly not wanting to disturb the rest of the people in the waiting room.
    “Here,” Charlie called out and since he was about ten feet away and the closest person to the door he didn’t think there was a need to shout. When she saw him the woman walked towards him and took the seat opposite of him.
    “Hello,” she said in a calm voice, that soothed Charlie, “I’m Dr. Dakota Lark,” they shook hands.
    “How’s Cristy?” He asked becoming immediately tense as if expecting a blow or a punch. Afraid he would shatter the doctor assured him that everything was as good as it could possible be at this point.
    “And how’s that?” Charlie demanded immediately regretting yelling at the doctor he apologized.
    “It’s alright,” Dr. Lark shrugged it off, “I’m used to dealing with worried loved ones.”
    “What all is wrong with Cristy?” he asked refocusing on the earlier topic.
    She hesitated for a second and then responded, “She has a broken leg, her wrist bones are bruised, and couple of her ribs are bruised as well. She also has a small cut on her fore head which didn’t need stitches;” she continued, “She has a few scrapes on her arms nothing major there. On the leg that’s broken there was a piece of glass that was extremely deep, luckily it missed her major arteries, on that wound she did need stitches,” Dakota didn’t know how the officer would react and worse she couldn’t read his face to tell what he was feeling.
    “Is she in pain?” He asked after a few seconds, so he could absorb what the doctor had said.
    “No, she’s on morphine,” She assured him and rose from her chair.
    “Could I see her soon?” Charlie asked before the doctor left.
    Dakota smiled at him and said, “Sure, I’ll call you when she’s awake,” she rested a gently hand on his shoulder, “Everything is going to be okay,” she assured him and quietly walked away as Charlie continued to stare blankly at the white wall.
    “Doctor,” Charlie called out before she made it though the door, she looked back at him over her shoulder, “Thanks,” she smiled again.
    “No problem, I can see you love her very much. She’s a lucky woman.” And just like that she was gone and the door was swinging behind her.

    Cristy woke up to realize that she must have been taken to a hospital. She was in a bed with the sound of monitors that informed her that she was still alive and her heart still ticking. On windows that had white blind was to her right, which had sun streaming through it except the sun was dimmed by the clouds that were now covering the sky. The walls were an off white color. She felt an electric charge in the air, realizing someone was with her and not the type that was alive she looked to her left to find Ben sitting next to her.
    “Ben?” She croaked, her voice was still dry but, at least it wasn’t as raw as it was before.
    “Hey kiddo,” Ben said his southern accent deep and rich, “How ya’ doin’?” Ben brushed the hair off of her face.
    “I’m good,”
    “You in pain?”
    “No, I think they have me on morphine or, something,” she ramble, but towards the end of the sentence her voice trailed off. They were silent for a moment.
    “You gave me a scare kid, thought you were going to turn into an unrestful spirit like me,”
    “What and leave you strained?” Cristy said with a smile, “Never.”
    Ben frowned, “I’m serious,”
    “I know. Hello in a hospital here needs to lighten the atmosphere,” Cristy reminded him.
    “Good point. To cheer this place up the least they could do would at least paint these walls another color,” With a stiff nod he looked around the room.
    “Like what?” Cristy said glad to have a change of subject; she followed the ghost’s gaze.
    “Yellow?” Cristy asked unsure.
    “Yes, yellow,”
    “Why yellow?” She asked curiously and lowered her voice as someone walked past the door.
    “Yellow’s happy,”
    “Good point,” after a few moments, “Ben can you get Charlie?” she asked in a soft whine. Looking down at her he, thought for a few seconds before answering.
    “Sure thing,”
    “Before I do, I need to ask you something,” she nodded, “Do you remember what happened?” Ben asked and once he said that Cristy’s mind filled with the images of what had happened.
    “Yes,” her voice cracked with amazement.
    “What?” Ben asked curious, and sat down on the bed. A chill ran up Cristy spin.
    “Someone shot my back tires while I was driving,” Cristy said in a breathless voice that was filled with shock.
    “Do you remember who?” Ben asked his voice thick with anger. You could have sizzled bacon on him.
    “Yes,” one image filled her mind.
    “Who?” Ben asked only focusing on her.
    “My father,”

    Chapter Three
    Charlie had stayed in the hospital room with her the five day she had been there. She told him multiple times that he didn’t need to stay and he could have gone back to there house and slept more comfortably, and all he said was, “I don’t need the comfort of a bed, I get comfort when I know your okay.” That had stopped that excuse but when she reminded him about work he gracefully explained to her that he was going to take a few days off. She gave up after the third excuse, and went back to dream land, she awoke to find that she Ben was there watching her and Charlie was no where to be seen.
    Once out of the hospital Charlie explained that they would be staying at his mother’s house, “Why are we staying at your mothers?” Cristy asked as they pulled out of the hospital parking lot.
    “Well, I was planning on visiting her soon, and now is a good as time as any,” He shrugged but sped up once they were on the main road.
    “Umm…Hmm, Last night I could have sworn I saw another reason,” Cristy raised an eyebrow daring him to prove her wrong. Charlie had known that Cristy was a psychic two years after they met, and five years later there was no doubt in his mind about what she was.
    “Well, you must have been wrong,” Charlie said easily, and tore his gaze from the road to glance at her then quickly look back at the road.
    “No, my visions are never wrong,” Cristy said with a positive note in her voice.
    “Are you sure?” He asked skeptical, with an undercurrent of worry.
    “Well, there was that time,” she paused, “Oh, yeah and what about-,” she cut herself off immediately as she contemplated her uncertainty.
    “I’ve made my point,” Charlie said a little smug.
    “Hey, they made their decisions on a whim,” Cristy said trying to defend herself, and gave him a look that told him he was going to rue the day that he said that.
    ‘Oh no,” he thought, “she’s going to make my life a living hell while were at my mothers.’
    “Charlie you look,” she thought for a moment so she could think of the correct word to use, “worried?” Charlie swallowed hard, the joking tone of her voice.
    “No, I’m not, I’m absolutely not worried,” He sounded worried but, of course he knew he was and he hoped that Cristy didn’t notice.
    “Sure sounds like you are.” she said quietly, with a chuckle, she turned on the air conditioning, “It’s a hot one out today,”
    “Yeah,” Charlie agreed putting down the visor so he could keep the sun out of his eyes.
    Watching the trees fly by Cristy asked, “When do you think we’ll get there?”
    Charlie looked at the digital clock that was on the dash board and answered her, “Oh, about an hour, give or, take a few minutes,” Charlie shrugged and heard Cristy sigh.
    “Okay, well wake me when we get there,” Cristy said and closed her eyes.
    “Okay,” Cristy didn’t hear him, she was already asleep…

    Pulling into hi mothers driveway, he put the car into park once he got to the house. He got out quietly leaving the sleeping Cristy in the front seat of his car. His mother’s house was a ranch it was a blue color and the door was a cherry wood color. The inside had wooden floors except for the bedroom they were carpeted. Charlie’s Dad had died when Charlie was only five so he never really new him. It did cause Charlie to be sad sometime but, he still had his brother and sister. Then he remembered that they would be coming to visit soon, he mean to tell Cristy but, had forgotten with all that was happening. He prayed that she didn’t wake up because is she did he would have to run through hell and back to make her forgive him.
    In one of the white sided windows there was movement. The door opened to a smiling woman, who seemed to brighten the shadows that were caused by the trees. She had dark Native American skin, and dark eyes that were lighter then Charlie’s but, not by much. Her long black hair blew in the breeze
    “Charlie,” the woman said happily, and gave him a hug as he made his way to the porch.
    “Hi, mom,” Charlie kissed his mother’s cheek.
    “What are you doing here?” She asked out of mild curiosity when she spotted Cristy in the car.
    “I meant to call but I had to take Cristy to the hospital,” he said bluntly, and his mother’s eyes widened.
    “Why?” she asked worried she glanced at her son’s face but she quickly looked back at Cristy who was starting to stir.
    “She was run off the road,” he explained and then thought to himself, ‘No, she wasn’t run off the road her tires had been shot while she was driving, which caused her vehicle to flip,’ Cristy had told him this when he came to visit her the first day.
    He heard his mother gasp and then say, “Is she okay?”
    “She’s fine, her ribs are still bruised but, her wrists are healed. She needs crutches to walk because of the cut to her leg from the glass but, otherwise she’s fine,” Charlie assured his mother in a monotone voice.
    “Thank God, it wasn’t anything worse.” His mother said and pulled him to her to give him a hug for strength.
    “Yeah, thank God,” her mumbled.
    “How long are you planning on staying?” Susan asked when she released him from the hug.
    “As long as we can,” Charlie said, making sure he didn’t alert his mother of anything.
    “Good, Good,” she waved a hand absently and smells from the kitchen blew through the door, his mouth began to water. He took in a long deep breath, though his noise taking in the glorious smells.
    “Go wake Cristy son, dinners almost ready,” his mother said and turned to make her way back into the house. He was distracted as he took a step to go down the porch steps. When he made an attempt to walk down the first step he missed which caused him to lose his balance and fall towards the ground. He through out his arms trying to catch himself, realizing it was a bad idea he put his arms to his side before he fell to the ground with a loud smack. He let out a sharp in take of breath when he hit.
    “Stupid, gravity,” he grumbled to himself, as he brushed the dirt off of himself. Realizing someone was watching him he looked around to see if he could spot who was watching him. When his dark eyes swept over the car, he heard a small giggling sound and saw that Cristy’s hand was over her mouth a she was shaking.
    Worried her ran to her side of the car, and opened the door, “What wrong sweetheart?” he asked and crouched down beside her, she didn’t answer and she was still shaking, “Cris?” he asked worriedly. When a giggle escaped her, she wasn’t able to control herself any longer she burst out laughing.
    “You’re laughing at me,” Charlie said his eyes narrowing, and Cristy nodded and continued to laugh, “What’s so funny?”
    “You,” Cristy fought to control her laughter by taking deep breaths, when she was finally able to control herself she apologized.
    “What’d I do?” He demanded, looking straight into her green eyes that were still sparkling with laughter.
    “You fell,” Cristy said as if it were obvious, “I’m sorry,” she apologized again.
    “Mmm…Hmm,” Charlie mumbled a little skeptical, and he stood up going to the trunk to get the bags, and Cristy’s crutches.
    “I’m serious,” Cristy said when he came back around to help her out of the car and onto her crutches.
    “I believe you,” Charlie didn’t sound like he believed her but, she ignored that, “Mom started dinner before we got here,” Charlie explained as they walked into the house and the mouth-watering smells hit Cristy like a tidal wave.
    “It smells great in here,” Cristy said and took another deep breath.
    “Well it should smell a hell of a lot better then hospital food,” Charlie’s mom said from the hall way that led to the kitchen.
    “Susan!” Cristy exclaimed, and Charlie mother walked towards her with a chuckle.
    “It’s good to see you honey,” Susan gently gave Cristy a hug around the waist; a beeping sound came from the kitchen.
    “Sounds like something’s done,” Charlie said with a smile as his mother sent him an exasperated look.
    “I can hear,” she muttered and made her way quickly back though the hallway so, the food wouldn’t burn.
    “That was rude,” Cristy said in a scolding tone once they were alone. Charlie sat down the bags and started to follow her down the hall.
    “Hmm…” was the only response she got from him.
    “You have absolutely no idea what I just said, do you?” Cristy asked in a sarcastic tone as she made her when down the narrow hallway. There was the soft click of her crutch against the dark wooden floor, and the tap of her foot when it hit the floor.
    “I do,” he assured her when they walked though the threshold of the kitchen.
    “Prove it,” her tone was skeptical with an undercurrent of amusement.
    “You told me I was rude,” his mother looked over at them and smiled.
    “You sure were,” Susan said as she pulled out a chair for Cristy and gently laid a hand on her shoulder.
    “Thanks mama,” Charlie muttered under his breath, and then a though came to mind, “I almost forgot, Nick and Retna are coming to visit,”
    “Your brother and sister,” Cristy happily, she hadn’t seen them in a couple of years, and she always enjoyed there company.
    “Why didn’t they call me?” Susan demanded angrily, ‘Great,’ she thought, ‘my other kids have forgotten me.’
    “They told me to tell you,”
    “When are the coming?” Cristy asked excited, she could have been bouncing off the walls if it were possible.
    “In October their coming for Halloween,” Charlie answered and smiled down at her. He was happy that Cristy like his siblings. They were triplets there was a special bond between the three of them that would last for eternity.
    “That seems so far away,” Cristy said a little deflated.
    “It’ll be here before you know it,” Charlie assured her and sat down next to her at the table.
    “Okay let’s pray.” Susan said and turned her attention to Cristy, “Cristy would you like to lead?” She asked her dark eyes expectant.
    “Sure,” with a nod Cristy began, “God thank you for all that you have given us and all you have blessed use with,” her prayer’s was short, simple and to the point they all did the sign of the cross.
    “Dig in,” Susan announced when the finished up with the prayer and that’s exactly what they did. The only sounds were the scrapping of forks on plates and the dripping of the sink.

    Chapter Four
    “You were quiet,” Charlie observed as they walked into their bedroom.
    “Wasn’t much to talk about,” Cristy said in a whisper, she watched as Charlie closed the door.
    “Oh…well…do you want to take a shower or go to bed?” Settling himself on the bed he watched her look towards the bathroom.
    “I’ll shower,” Cristy finally decided what she should do after a few seconds of thinking.
    “Okay, the shower chair is in there,” Charlie said kicking off his shoes.
    “Thanks,” was the last thing he heard Cristy say before the bathroom door closed.
    Twenty minutes later…
    She opened the bathroom door with a long t-shirt that went to her knees. It had been a little harder to shower without any help but she managed. Completely exhausted she sat on the bed trying not to disturb Charlie, “Goodnight,” she whispered and rested her head on the pillow…
    A dream
    Something was happening, she could feel it. It felt like she was being sucked into a hole, or, being struck by lighting. The seen before her was blurry until it suddenly became crystal clear. At first the only thing was blackness; there was a faint red glow in the distance. Squinting to try and get a clearer picture she realized the red glow was actually a pair of eyes.
    Gasping she started running as fast as she could, but it was like she was on a treadmill and couldn’t get away the eyes just kept on getting closer and closer until the were right on top of her. They stared down at her, and her entire body froze as if she had been dunked in liquid nitrogen. The eyes came closer and she felt her body got pushed to the ground, and shattered. That was when another seen materialized in front of her.
    She was in a clearing surrounded by trees. The night was lit up by the glowing of the full moon and its stars. The moon seemed to light up everything in a gray-blue color. From the shadows she heard an unmistakable laugh, and to go along with it there was the glowing of two red eyes, that came from the shadows. The familiar booming voice filled the night.
    “Hello,” the voice was threatening and the red light became brighter in the cover of the trees.
    What do you want?” she asked in a furious voice, she spat at him.
    “Now why do you have to be so hateful,” he tsked his tongue. She heard a cracking of leaves and twigs.
    ‘He’s moving.’ she thought happily and a smirked formed onto her face. More snaps of twigs, and then nothing, ‘He stopped moving.’ As soon as there was a deadly silence it started to snow.
    “Some might think its offensive,” she heard the man say.
    “I’m sure you don’t,” her voice was full of hate, “Considering you’re the biggest offense that could have ever been created.”
    “Well, that’s your opinion dear, now others may think I’m the best thing that could have ever been created,” Cristy let out a laugh.
    “If you’re so great, why hide in the shadows?” she paused for a moment before she continued, “Show yourself you b*****d,” before he could remark she took off at full speed to hopefully get a glimpse of him.
    “Bup, Bup, Bup,” the shadow man seemed to throw his ghost like arms forward, causing a shock wave to form and the shock wave caused her to fly backwards. She landed on the ground with a sickening smack a sharp pain slice down her spin, warm liquid dripped down her spin as she got up. The entire back of her shirt was soaked in blood.
    “b*****d,” she spat as she slowly got up trying not to show weakness.
    “I know,” the man said with pride, and teeth started to glow in the moonlight, his teeth were like razors. None of his teeth were square they were all pointed like a crocodiles teeth.
    “If you know that, ya’ must know everything.” Cristy said with sarcasm.
    “Correct,” the shadow man said agreeing with her, and applauded, as he leaned against one of the trees that was in the shadows.
    “Why am I here or, a better question would be, why are you here?” Cristy demanded, she tried to step forward but, felt an invisible force push her back.
    “To see your death to the first question as to the second, I’m here to show you your death,” the man shrugged.
    ‘Simply said,’ she thought, “The future can change; what if I don’t end up dying?” She asked a little persistently, and crossed her arms.
    The man smiled maliciously, “Don’t you fret you will die.” His voice was hard, threatening, and full of things to come.
    “You can’t kill me,” she said in a firm voice.
    “Don’t be so sure,” his lips pulled back against his teeth, it could have been a smile, if it was an alligator. So quickly she didn’t even have time to blink she was teleported into the darkness of the shadows.
    “Please,” she begged the man about to collapse. His teeth grisly and now covered in blood.
    “You can’t beat me,” he said simply, and tried to stab her with the ancient dagger but, she swerved trying to miss the blow that had been aligned point blank with the center of her heart. She screamed as it scratched her arm cutting it from shoulder to wrist. The seen before her disappeared and now all she saw was the black oblivion of her mind…

    “Cristy!” She heard a worried and frantic voice re-sound in her head.
    “Cristy!” Her name was repeated several more time before she finally opened her eyes.
    “Thank God,” Charlie had been on the edge of hysteria before she had opened her eyes; he breathed a welcome breath of relief.
    “What?” She asked confused, and that was when she realized that she had a death grip on the sheet. She relaxed her grip on the sheets, and took a deep breath.
    “You were screaming,” Charlie said and at that moment when her eyes glazed over and she shivered he knew it had to be bad, “What happened?” Charlie demanded a little worried. She was about to answer when her arm felt as if it had been put on a fire to roast.
    “What’s wrong?” Charlie was frantic, he was looking all over her until he saw her left arm, “Cristy,” he said in horror, and all she could do was whimper from the pain. Her left arm had become bruised; there was a cut that went from her shoulder to wrist.
    “I,” she panted, “think…it’s from…the dagger,” she could barely form a comprehendible sentence.
    “What dagger?” Charlie asked confused.
    “The one…in…my…dream,” she groaned from the painful burning sensation on her arm.
    “What happened in the dream?” Charlie demanded, grabbing the first aid kit that was beside the bed.
    “Shadow man,” Cristy breathed, and held her hand against her arm.
    “Shadow man?”
    “Evil…preys on souls,” it was becoming even harder for her to talk, and breathe.
    “Soul-eater?” Charlie demanded looking her straight in the eye the only thing she could do was nod before she passed out.

    To be contiued!!!!!