• Mike woke up, and turned on his radio. 'bill the rancher is constaintly complaining about these animated garlic that are by his farm.......others are also claiming there are several other animated creatures that are causing masive destruction.' Mike went outside and headed over to barton town. as he enterd the city, he saw a ring with what apeared to be bullets on it for a decale. out of curiosity he bent over to pick it up. as he examind it, he decided that it wouldn't hurt to try it on. As soon as he put it on, the ring seemed to have bonded to him, cause, he tried to take it off, but.....no luck. so in fustration, he made a fist and pointed at the wall, getting ready to punch it.

    Suddenly, the ring started to glow and a gun apeard right out of the ring and fired at the wall. right at that moment, he heard a snarl.Mike jumped and turned around to see an angry OMFG glaring at him. Mike gulped and ran as fast as he could. with the OMFG chasing him mike held out his fists to defend himself from the furociouse creature. the OMFG tackled him right as the ring glowed, and the gun apeared and shot the OMFG striaght dead.

    Mike gasped for air as he examined the dead OMFG. he walked away from it and saw a girl using rings that blasted pdifferant kinds of stuff from them. he ran over and asked her "hey!!! what is up with this ring?? he showed her then ring on his hand." she replied "oh that guns,guns,guns ring? it's a ring that makes a gun to blast the animated dead, i always wanted one, they sound so kwl but i nvr got one because......." she stopped when she saw a OMGWTF glaring at the both of them. It snarled and spoke evily " so....you foolish humans have gotten a new recruit eh?" his voice sounded dark and smelt like death " and whats this?...... a guns,guns,guns ring?" he laughed and behind him apeard thousands of OMFG.

    Mike's eyes where as large as the sun as he watched the army of OMFG race toward him. The girl yelled "Get the freakin OMFG!!!" Mike blasted the OMFG dead with his guns,guns,guns ring. after he killed one. a ring apeared, and to mikes supprise, it had a crossbone and skull one it. The girl shoated "get that ring, it's a slash ring." mike grabbed it, and put it on. he aimed the ring at a OMFG and it glowed and an air slash swept across the OMFG and knocked it dead. when most of them where dead, the OMGWTF roared "flee!!!! ill finish them off!!!!" and he slashed the girl leaving an anormous gash on her shoulder. she screamed as she flew onto the ground and was obviously in pain. then Mike also noticed a ring that looked like a rounded bandage. mike had an idea but as he rushed to it, the OMGWTF stopped him. The creature snarled and lashed at him, cut his eyelid and it bled out crazily. Mike blasted his guns,guns,guns ring. the OMGWTF yelped and stood back. a wound apreard on its wing,it snarled and fled.

    mike grabbed the bandage ring, and put it on. he raced toward the girl. she groaned and tried to stand, she looked at mike and he aimed the ring at her. it started to glow and instantly, her wounds along with mikes healed, replaced with just a scar. her face was thankful. mike asked her "so, what's your name?" she replied " Maxine, yours?" " mike smiled and said " im mike"