• Gluttony Introduction: Hunger for Power

    Hunger is a strange, unusual feeling that can really get to you in certain situations. When someone thinks of “hunger,” they would almost always relate this feeling to food. The hunger for food is not the problem in the current situation that has occurred. No, the problem is something much more than that of the concept of food. What I am hungry for is not food, but power, total domination, complete obedience.
    Ever since I was a little kid, I have wanted all the authority of my family to myself. I wanted to be the one calling the shots. And that is exactly how it went down; me being in charge. When I wanted something, I got it, no questions asked. The reason I always got what I wanted probably had to do with the incident that happened as I was being born.
    I am what people would call a mistake. My parents never meant to have a baby, but that is what happened. They had to many mutual feelings to have an abortion. So they ended up having me, but there was a problem during labor. As my Mom was “pushing” me out of her, the doctor discovered that my body was in the opposite direction it should be in while giving birth to, meaning my feet were the first to come out, not my head.
    This was obviously a problem. I don’t want to fill you in on such gruesome and disgusting details, but for some reason I still wasn’t able to be taken out. I was suffocating, until my Father then took action when the Doctor was cowering over losing his job. My Father knew there was at least a slight chance I would make it for God knows I would not have been able to survive for to much longer. Obviously, I was saved, or else I would not be able to tell this tragic tale. This situation is probably the solution to why my parents did whatever I wanted.
    I have grown much more “hungry” over the years. I don’t just want control of my family, no I want to push it as far as possible. I’ll make it to the ranks of President of the United States. And then they’ll see… The humans will see the error of their ways as I correct the mistakes of mankind. And the man who will see this job through is no other than I, Dillon River.