• Pure extacy, as he plunged himself inside me. I didn't think i would get this chance with him, and here i am, out of my mind. But its worth it. Everything just slipped away into the sweet sounds of his moans, minced with mine. He went fast and quick, In beat with the song playing in the back round. Outside my door, just a few paces away, a party was taking place, but that didn't matter now. All that mattered was him and me, in this bed together, nothing else. Not our clothes that lay strewn across the floor, not the mirror that was the only thing that watched and not the car driving into the driveway.

    "s**t, my parents." i yelled, making him stop. He quickly pulled out of me reluctantly and got his clothes on. Outside of my bedroom door, the house was already clean, being that my friends that were supposed to be here had already made people leave and cleaned the house.

    I kissed my lover goodbye before he ran out the back door, pants practically falling off. I heard the front door shut, so i quickly got some glasses of coke and walked into the living room to my friends.

    "Hello mom."

    "Oh honey," she said hugging me "Your no longer a virgin." You know how in movies moms dont know if their children are doing things or not. Well, this was not one of those times. I looked away, ashamed of what i did. Questions ran through my mind. did we use a condom? Does he have an STD?

    "No mother" was all i could spat back at her, through the ramble that was going on in my to clouded head. why did i do that? I must have been caught in the moment.

    The next morning, i felt sick. My mother told me to stay in bed, and that it was normal for someone on their first time to feel sick. I dont believe her. Something is wrong, very wrong.

    Three months later, i went into a free clinic with a friend to get tested for HIV. I waited in the waiting room for what seemed hours, until i was finally called up.

    "Alright, Three weeks and your test will be in." The doctor said as i walked out. I nodded in appreciation and walked away, mind wandering everywhere, but on the fact that i could have HIV.

    The three weeks were painful. I didnt know what the outcome would be. My first time, and i might have aids. My first time. And if i did, what would he say. What would my father say if he was alive. Will my friends treat me like someone different.

    One more week and i would know, but i already chewed my fingernails to the bone. If i tugged at my hair any more, i would surly be bald by the weeks end.

    One more day. Tomorrow i would get my results back. Now i am even more nervous then before. my body ached, and i shivered like a girl who had stage fright, and going up on american idol. I could hardly breath.

    I walked into the clinic. I felt sick, the nerves kept eating at my insides. What will happen, will it be positive, and if it is, what would i do.

    My friend was first, She went in and a couple of minutes after she came out with a smile on her face. "Im negative" she said jumping for joy. Now it was my turn. I walked into the office like i was walking to my death. Little did i know, that i was.

    My doctor handed me a slip of paper and called my friend in. I read it aloud to her.

    "We are very sorry to inform you, that your test was positive. You have HIV and clymidia..." i stopped short. I couldn't go on, tears swelled in my eyes. My friend embraced me in a comforting hug, telling me it was going to be okay. The first thing i thought of was calling my boyfriend.

    Ring, no answer. Ring no answer, Ring. "Hello?" the voice said, it was his mother.

    "Um yes," i sniffled "Is Jason home?"

    "Hes right here" she said handing him the phone.


    "Jason. You ******** gave me aids and clymidia." i said, tears starting to speed up again.

    "Are you sure it was me, you kinda a slut."

    "It was my first time you jack a**. ******** you." I said hanging up the phone.

    That was it, my life was cut short and it was my first time. I lost my virginity and you know what i got. I got an STD. at 15 years old. I thought it was all fine and dandy when i was doing it, but in the long run it helped nothing. He didnt even stand by me and support me. Take a lesson from me, the safest sex, is no sex at all.