• Believe in true love? Part 1

    When? When do we stop believing? When do we stop leaving cookies for Santa? Or figure out that who placed those eggs for you to gather, weren't the Easter Bunny? And especially, Why do we stop believing in those things? Me? I still await that question to be answered.

    It was a brisk cold day. The foggy air flooded the streets up and down causing people to squint their eyes. The cold wind tickled my skin as the sun kissed the top of my head, gently. I headed down to Aphrodite to work my part time, my hands were still cold. As I entered the cafe the warmth overtook me as I smelled the sweet scent of Lavender. Nostalgia over grew me as I longed for that smell of the crisp apples and the playful cinnamon. None that came though, I titled my head into the small curtains, attached to the doorway's top but cutting down halfway into small sections.

    "Izumo? Morning, Izumo. I smell those eggs your cooking and the, wait, baking of pork?"
    I said, questioning Izumo.

    "Ah!" Izumo shot his head up and looked at me, "Morning to you, Kitza. Ham, actually" Izumo laughed.

    "Darn! Close though" I hung up my coat and walked to the sink. I diligently washed my hands, carefully and slowly so that all the bacteria would be washed off. I'm always so picky. After I finished I hurried to the counter. People of all kinds rushed into the door, rubbing their hands together to find the warmth. The black and red strands of my hair fell messily onto my shoulders. I used my rubber band, that is always on my wrist, to tie back the ferocious hair into place. I grabbed my apron and fetched my small notepad, for uses of orders.

    "Good morning, Kit-chan"
    Britzen said. Britzen was a regular. Coffee, eggs, and rice was his order, always.

    "The regular, I presume?" giving him a grin as he nodded to the question. I placed it and hurried towards the other tables. As Britzen's order was ready and I served it he grabbed my hand. I only had longed for that as much as i did for my own family. The warmth of his hand quickly erode the cold of my own skin. "Thanks" he smiled and did a sort of shot-gun move to me.

    After my shift at Aphrodite's was over I spent a little time outside waiting for Izumo, actually. I saw the lights flicker off and He came out about 20 minutes after my shift was over and lit a cigarette. He looked at me strangely for a second then returned to his smoking.

    "And what would a young lady like you be doing in the freezing cold temperatures of town so late like this? Why aren't you spending time with you family on this wondrous Christmas Eve?" he finished his cigar a couple minutes later, threw it to the ground, and smashed it with his foot.

    "Kitza. It's not very much like you to be quiet now is it?" He touched my face with his hands. "Your freezing! What the hell were you thinking? Standing here like this without saying a word?" Izumo drug me to his car and drove us to his place where I warmed up perfectly.

    "Now. You've still got an unanswered question from me, Kit-san"
    he flopped down next to me and laid his arm across the head of the couch, reaching past me.

    "I-i was waiting for you and I don't have a Christmas Eve to spend with anyone."
    I puted and stared intently on the flickering flames.

    "Kitza. I've known you since our fair childhood. If not even babies. Why didn't you just ask to spend the night with me?"
    Izumo chuckled then laughed more.

    "Hey! It's not funny! Not like I wanted to spend it with you. I should of gone home earlier"
    I said.

    "But you didn't, did you?" he replied, "C'mon. Asking wouldn't have hurt, now would it?" he leaned closer and closer to me causing my body heat to warm up faster.

    "Well...It's not like I liked you anywa-"
    Izumo cut me off.

    "Now don't say such things," he wrapped me in his arms, entwining his hands in mine. "Kitza...I" He didn't say another word. Instead he expressed the rest of the sentence. The next I knew, I was entwined hand in hand kissing Izumo's lips. It was really my first kiss with my best friend and from then on I started my adventure in believing in miracles again.

    End of chapter one! Hope you enjoyed!