• I ran through the corridor, the screams of my people filled my ears.
    “Mother! Father!” I screamed into the darkness that began to surround me. Footstep sounded behind me, turning, I saw nothing but the thick smoke and the dancing colors of the flames that had been set. An arm wrapped around my waist and pulled my tiny frame into this hard muscular one. A panic arose through my body, till his voice sounded.
    “Its ok little one, I’m here for you.” His husky voice whispered in my ear. “Nothing is going to get you now or ever. My little princess.”

    It had been six years since that night had happened, six years since I had heard his voice. But each night as I went to sleep, his voice sounded in my head “goodnight my midnight rose. We will be together soon.” When I first heard his voice, it had scared me. I wanted to tell Rikku right away, but something within told me not to. So as the time went by, I got used to his mysterious voice and at night as I laid in whatever bed we had that night, I would welcome his voice; even though I could never respond back.
    I had been so wrapped up in my own thoughts; I hadn’t even seen the glass of water, till I bumped the small table. The shattering of glass is what brought me back to my reality. Looking down I groaned
    "Rikku is going to kill me....." I muttered as I bent down to pick up her soaked scrolls. Gathering them in my arms, a certain one caught my eye, setting down all but the one; I made my way to the comfy chair in the corner. Curling up into it, I rolled the scroll in my hands, debating if I wanted to open it or not. The curiosity rose through my body, and I slipped a finger under the seal. Breaking it open, I began to read Rikku’s scribbled writing.
    "It was a night like any other; Fell was with Seri, softly singing her to sleep, as I was in the bed next to her. They had always been meant to be, Seri and Fell, just looking at them now, proved it. The way that my brother looked at her, she was his and his alone. Well with the night moving on, we began to hear voices, more like yelling coming from the corridors. Fell and I quickly moved to the door, read y to defend our princess at a given notice -"
    Tears silently slid down my cheek, he had been gone now for six years. When he first died, life had seemed to stop for both Rikku and I. But as the years moved on, we seemed to have been doing fine. Yet these last two years have been the hardest on me. We were supposed to have been wedded last fall, just as the leaves were changing, but it wasn't possible.
    Sitting there, I stared out at the window. Rain softly beating against the pane of it.
    "CLANK CLANK." went the droplets as it touched the hard surface.
    "I guess you feel like crying to..." I muttered as I got up. Making my way back over to the other scrolls, I prayed that they would be dry by now. Just as I was about to roll them back up, Rikku walked in.
    "Seri..." she called out.
    Startled she looked up,
    "What the..... Seri what did I say about touching my scrolls?"
    Her voice a little irritated.
    "Sorry rii.... it’s just, I was thinking again, and hadn't noticed where I was walking till the glass fell -" my voice cracked for a moment
    "Till the glass shattered on the ground and its contents spilled all over them... I'm sorry rii, I wasn't reading them, I swear!”
    "I know princess...” she said, yet her eyes showed she knew better.
    My eyes drifted back to the window. The dark grey sky began to illuminate the nightfall outside.