• anson didn't know why he was here, he just was. The twenty-one year old had just been broken up with by his girlfriend. They had been dating for two years and she had decided that he was crazy and couldn't be with him anymore. He understood why, he had been having dreams of weird creatures becoming human and prowling the streets and bars for prey, human prey to be exact. What had disturbed Janson was that people were disappearing and the news was investigating these sudden disappearances of mostly men, in their twenties, alone.

    Janson looked up at the name of the bar he was standing in front of, "Why am I even here?" he asked himself as he read the name of the bar aloud. "Vurleona, what a weird name." He muttered and walked in. 'Just one drink, one drink to try and cam your nerves down.' He though to himself as he walked up to the bar tender. To his surprise, the bartender was a woman. She looked like she was in her thirties, but she also looked fit and in shape. She had long blond hair and dark green eyes. "Oo, a new face." The bartender cooed with a sly grin, "What can I get you cutie?" Janson was a little disturbed by how the women looked at him, as if she was sizing up a meal. He had lost all interest in an alcoholic drink. "Water please." He said simply.
    The bartender looked disappointed. "Fine, " She snapped suddenly and walked off. Janson was getting a bad feeling about this place. He didn't like how the bartender had looked at him, so he kept his wits about him.

    "Hi," A sweet melodic voice whispered in his ear. Janson jumped in surprise and turned to look at the new girl taking to him. She had long black hair and her eyes were a dark blue, but there seemed to be a slight hint of red around the edge of her iris, making the blue look rimmed with a purple color. Then the purple was gone as soon as he noticed it. She smiled up at him. She was a few inches shorter than him and he was only five feet six inches. He found himself staring at her bosom as it rose and fell with her breathing.

    "Hi," He forced himself to look at her face and respond to her hello. "So, watcha doing here?" She asked him keeping up an art of being cute, her smile never faltered and her eyes winkled with a cunning brilliance.

    "Just getting a drink." He told her, speaking of which, where was his drink? It shouldn't take to long to get a glass of water. He looked around for the bartender but couldn't find her. He hoped she wasn't slipping anything into his drink.

    The girl tilted her head curiously, "Watcha drinking?" She asked him as she leaned closer to him. He thought he felt her bosom brush up against his arm. A slight shiver went up his spine and he felt the sadness he had a few minutes ago start to dissipate. He was disgusted with what flowed into him in its place; a lust for this stranger.

    He suddenly found it very hard to talk. "W-water" he stammered quickly. His heart beat was racing and he felt like he should run, but urges he didn't want to appease kept him there. His mid said to run, but his body said to stay. In the end his body won.

    The girl seemed to grin fro a second, but Janson thought it was a trick of the light. She suddenlt pressed herself against him, filling Janson's nose with the scent of orchids and sugar, and pressing her bosom against his arm and side. She looked up at his shocked face and smiled sweetly. "So sweetie, are you taken?" She asked him with a sly smile. Janson didn't know the true reason for her asking it and he didn't know that answering this question would change his life forever. "No, I, I just had a break up." He said shyly. The girl seemed ecstatic at his answer and tugged on his sleeve like a little kid.

    "Come with me then, I'll cheer you up and make you forget about the pain you feel." She whispered seductively into his ear. Her voice seemed to make any will to stand up and get away just melt into nothingness. Janson knew something was wrong here. He didn't remember struggling as the girl took his hand into hers and lead him up a flight of stairs and into a room above the bar. No one noticed as a hooded figure slipped up stairs after the two.

    The women looked over Janson while he laid on the bed she had thrown him onto. She licked her lips and grinned. "I'm sorry baby, but I don't think I can last long enough o please you. So, you will just have to please my hunger first." Janson wasn't sure what was happening, but the pheromones effects were wearing off and he was starting to get his coherency back. He watched her as time seemed to slow down around them. The girl in front of him started to change. Her legs seemed to split into three thin layers and grow longer. Her abdomen seemed to grow with the legs making her abdomen look like the back of a spider. Her skin started to turn grey and her hair grew longer and even darker then it already was. Two large fang like mandibles grew out from each side of her mouth, and the whites of her eyes became a deep purple around her blue eyes. She seemed to smile at him. Her hands had taken the shape of a claw from a claw machine.

    Janson couldn't believe his eyes. Had he been slipped something? Was he dreaming? He shook his head and looked at her. She was coming closer, her six legs clicking against the wooden floor. He crawled backwards on the bed until he hit the wall. His hand stretched out to the bed side table and to his surprise he found a Bible there. Only thinking of wanting to get away from his demonic thing, he grabbed the Bible and shoved it in front of him. "Be gone Daemon!" He shouted, but this fear had made his mouth dry, so it came out only as a hoarse whisper.

    The thing feigned fear and took a step back; her hunger was overpowering her so much that she couldn't play with her prey. She lunged forward and her claw pierced through the Bible. "Your pathetic faith will not harm me human. Now surrender yourself to me so this maybe as painless as possible." The creature hissed and took another step forward. Janson looked around in a panic. He tossed the ruined Bible at the creature and managed to get off of the bed just missing being snatched up by the creature's claw. He saw that the room had a window and he threw himself at it. He would rather die from a fall instead of go through with whatever this thing had planned. As he felt the glass break against his weight, he fell through the window, and onto a fire escape platform. He got up and winced as pain shot through his arm. A shard of glass had embedded itself into his arm and the base was turning a vibrant red. He did his best to ignore the pain and tried to climb off of the fire escape.

    He hoped that the thing couldn't get through the window, but as he reached the ground he heard the crunching of glass under a shoe. "My, my, what a mess you've made." She sniffs the air, "Ah, you're bleeding. You can't escape from me now my little fly." She jumped off of the fire escape and while she was falling she shifted back into the monstrous form. Janson didn't take the time to watch and ran away from the creature, only to find himself stuck at the end of the alleyway. He was filled with panic. He had to get away, he was sure this thing was going to kill him. He had to get away, but it seemed as if the fates where doing their best to stop his retreat. He heard the creature getting closer and in his desperation, he grabbed the shard of glass in his arm, tore it out of himself, spun around and hurled it at the creature. He watched as she bats the glass away from herself and it shatters against the wall. He stood there shaking; his last hope of at least harming it was shattered before his eyes. He just stared at her, too scared to do anything as she lifted one of her mandible like legs and stabbed him in his lower abdomen.

    This caused his body to work on auto-drive. His mind was filled with the primal urge to run, and his legs responded accordingly. He started to run at the creature, he was only thinking of escaping, not how he could escape, and as he got closer to the creature, she extended her claw like hand and grabbed his neck. She easily lifted him up and brought him closer to her face. Her tongue rolled out and licked his cheeks. "Mmm, such a tasty human. Your fear is making you even tastier." She whispered to him, "Now, time to satisfy me, human." She seemed to yawn, and then there was a popping sound, as if something had just unhinged itself and her jaw seemed to stretch even larger now.

    Suddenly, there was a sound of flesh hitting flesh and Janson found himself falling towards the ground. The alleyway was filled with the high pitched scream of the creature and then it was quickly cut off. Janson wasn't sure what just happened, but he had a feeling the blood lose was getting to him because he thought he saw a women in a reddish trench coat, but her arm was flat and pointed at the end, like a sword. He watched as she pulled her arm out of the creature, blotches of red disappearing into her flesh. She sighed and then tsked at the creature, as she turned towards Janson. She had a sweet smile on her face as she kneeled down beside him. She gently ran her hand through his hair as she pulled him closer to her.

    Janson felt a gentle warmth flow through him as this stranger wrapped her arms around him. In the back of his mind he knew, just like the other girl, there was something wrong with this woman. Yet he didn't care. She felt warm, safe, and gentle. He struggled a little bit as he felt himself slowly being pulled into her. She ran her fingers through his hair again, "Shh, you'll be OK. I'm here to save you." She cooed into his ears and as the wound he received sank below the surface of her flesh, Janson blacked out into a calming sleep. The stranger's flesh seemed to ripple around Janson, and pulled him deeper into her. As all but his head were inside her, she gave him a gentle hug and softly pushed on him to quicken his decent. She sighed happily as the last of him disappeared and then she started away from the alley way. As she left the alleyway the only sign of Janson was the blood from his previous wounds.