• Chapter One, Pg. One

    Celesity was in a dark cavern, her back against the wall, sitting. She looked up above her to see the outline of the brown wooden door. In frount of her was a silver ladder leading to the door above. She has been here, in this spot, for weeks, maybe days from the storm above. How much longer can she stay down here? She could die down here or race through the storm back home. That chance was low of her surviving but she must atleast try. She took a deep breath and stood up holding on to the wall for support. She placed her hand on the wall and began to climb upward.
    The wind was banging against the little door above making the little door above crackle, and thump loudly. She kept climbing and climbing, and then her head bumped bumped against the door above her. The cold wind came from the little cracks of the door traveling all around Celesity. She shivered. She went down a step of the ladder and reached up with one arm and pushed the little open with all her might. The wind blew harder making it almost impossible for the door to open. She pushjed harder, but no luck. She didn't know what to do, she was only 15. Then she remebered when she was little shem made up spells, hoping that one day she could be a spellcaster. She never tried out any of those spells, but she could try them now. She closed her eyes.
    "Depastero" Celesity mumbled.
    She opened her eyes and looked up at the door. The door didn't open. She looked down at the ground keeping a tight grip on the ladder.
    Celesity heard a creaking noise and tons of wind blew down on top of her. She almost lost her grip on the ladder. She looked back up with determined eyes and saw the door wide open. She smiled and climbed up the ladder slowly as the wind kept trying to push her down.
    "Almost there..." Celesity mumbled keeping her eyes on the dark sky. Celesity finally made it up to the top. She reached her hands out towards the dark sjy and quickly grabbed onto the grass on each side of the open door. She pulled herself up, then out of the hole.