• Prologue
    The man ran as fast as he could as he crossed the WCSU campus. He sprinted through the library, into the court yard, and into the classroom corridors. He stopped and caught his breath before entering the Archeology class of Dr. Michael Johnson. The teacher stood in front of the class speaking of the Neolithic ages. He was clad in a tweed suit and wore thin-framed British made glasses that surrounded his blue-green eyes. A gust of wind whipped through the room and ruffled the hair of the 29 year old professor teaching his first semester at the Western Connecticut State University. After the man, Thomas, caught his breath her opened the door and entered. The professor read the worried look on Thomas’s face and put the lecture to a pause as one of his female students sighed and started to write on a blank piece of lined paper.
    “Mike- Doctor. I need to see you in the hallway. Now. It’s urgent.” Thomas said abruptly enough to stop Michael from starting his next sentence.
    “Class… start reading and outlining the chapter on Ancient Runes in your text books. I’ll be right back.” He and Thomas stepped out into the hall.
    “Mikey. Sit down this won’t be easy to comprehend. It’s about Amelia.” Thomas said.
    As soon as he said her name Michael could see her long golden blonde hair and deep blue eyes… he could only wish she was here especially after they got married last month.
    He could hear Thomas’s voice in the distance but didn’t care what he was saying.
    “Mikey!” Thomas snapped. “Did you hear me?”
    “Yeah that’s great but what’s the bad news? I could read it on your face when you walked in.” He was getting jittery he could only hope even more that Amelia was there by his side. “Thomas! What’s wrong?!”
    You could see the class crowding around the window in the door but neither one cared.
    “Michael,” There was the full name something was defiantly wrong. “Michael… Amelia she- she’s… she’s dead.”
    The class gasped. Michael stood up and breathed in shattering breaths but nothing could help the shock that had consumed him. It ate away at his insides and he couldn’t think straight. Tears started to well up in his eyes.
    “N-n-no. No! She isn’t! She’ll be alright!” He yelled.
    He bolted around and opened the door to his room and picked up his phone. “She’ll pick up. I know she will.” His phone rang thirteen times and no one picked up. Thomas shook his head.
    He walked to the chair at his desk, sat down, took his glasses off, and cried. In front of the whole class. The bell rang the class put their notes on their teacher’s desk and left. The girl stayed behind.
    “Professor, I’m truly sorry about what happened and I made this instead of doing what I was supposed to. I apologize. Please think of it this way… God gives as much as he takes.” She walked out of the room leaving the paper on his desk. It read ‘Give or take God gives as much as he takes’. The penman ship was amazing but he really didn’t care about that at the moment.
    “What hospital is she at?” He stood up and looked to Thomas for answers.
    “She’s not.” He said.
    “What’d…. why’d. What hospital is she at?!” He yelled.
    “Michael! She’s already gone!” He yelled back.

    Chapter one!
    A new Life!
    The alarm goes off signaling that it was 8:45 am. Am… the most wonderful time of day. The motor of the ’95 Chevy and the foggy, yet still sunny, day light leaking in through the window in the bedroom of 17 year old Morgan Johnson.
    The sound of the sleepy teenager’s hand trying, but not succeeding, to turn the alarm clock off.
    Throwing the comforter off her head and dragging her down the hall to the bathroom, after turning the clock off this time. She took a shower. After that she brushed her teeth, got dressed in the usual cargo pants and red tee shirt with black and red sweater, and threw in the amount of gel needed, in her silver blonde hair, and brushed it in the style she always wore it in. With her bangs combed to the left and the rest of her hair hanging about shoulder length. Not like you ever saw it. She was almost always wearing a hat.
    She grabbed her school bag and books and raced down the stairs.
    “Dad? Have you seen my boots?” She called grabbing a bowl and box of cereal.
    “No but check the hall closet.” The familiar voice called back.
    “Thanks Dad!” She yelled to her dad after she finished making the bowl of cereal.
    She grabbed her boots and pulled them on, after she finished stuffing herself with the cereal.
    After viciously throwing her books in her backpack she asks her dad an awkward question that you normally would never ask your father.
    “So today should I be expecting to see you or a note on the table Dr. Johnson? I mean will you be around or on a plane with-” Morgan asks but gets cut off.
    “So… I’ll be around after school today but Thomas will most likely be stopping by. And what’s with the Dr. Johnson? You never call me that. I mean Mike and dad sure but never Dr. Johnson. Do you remember when you were twelve and you would hardly call me dad and you would always call me Michael?” Michael babbled on.
    Now about his appearance. He has brown hair, blue green eyes, about 6’2”, with a small scar under his bottom lip. He looked like a wayward cowboy. He was an all around great guy thought the appearance was somewhat frightening at times.
    “Yes sir. How could I forget? Do you remember when you used to call me Morg like the dead person morgue? So Dr. Johnson what’s the plan am I going to be alone this week or not?” Morgan asks curiously as she walked out the door and to the Chevy parked at the end of the driveway.
    “No but remember that on Friday were moving. So don’t get too friendly, Morg.” Michael says to tease Morgan while she gets into the Chevy’s cab.

    “Shut up or she’ll see us! Move you idiot! Move!” I whisper from the other side of the picture window.
    “We have to go now. Robert lets go now or we’ll be late.” A voice says to me.

    That name reared inside her head and the godly figure of Robert Jones. All she could think about. My pale skin, my flaming hot touch, brown hair, amber eyes, swift fluent motions, fit state, and above all un-normal godliness. Something you don’t see every day. Seeing this figure in all of her most recent dreams drove her absolutely crazy! She had never ever seen me before so how’d she gather up the idea of how I looked?
    As I walk to class Morgan passes me. I can feel my eyes flare like they do when I get that weird feeling of pain and the darkness creeping up on me. My teeth get the feeling of sharpening and I feel like I can taste blood and smell the smell of …death. A thin sheen of sweat forms on my fore head as Casey appears behind me.
    The whole day just passed by so quickly that I don’t remember most of it. But what I do remember is 8th period biology, 7th gym, and 6th lunch.
    In lunch I sat between Shamus and Naomi. We talked and all of lunch I didn’t have any appetite. Not like I ever ate lunch any way. I kept noticing that Morgan and another girl and a boy had made friends. Morgan and the boy, who I knew from gym to go by the name of Danny, were constantly looking over at me. I was quite suspicious. They kept casting un-forgiving glances at me. The girl, whose name I was unsure of, that Morgan and Danny sat with, kept looking at Vincenzo and Casey. The thing about us was that although we all shared the same last name we all looked nothing like besides the fact that, according to Morgan, we all look like gods with our perfect hair, stunning eyes, elegant pace, and velvety smooth voices. We all could register under different last names and we would still go home in the same car and or truck.
    In gym all I could hear was her voice and the thoughts I hoped she thought. I got so dizzy that at one point I may as well have gone home and curled up on my couch. This made me nauseous. Just the thought of her made me want to hurry up and bite her, the soft human flesh and sweet taste of blood rushing across my tongue. Just knowing that I could be near her and that sensation could take over and I could kill her made me wants to curl up and die. Her scent… it was like honey and desert flowers but at the same time… it was repulsive. Then the bell rang. THANK GOD! I ran at top speed to the locker room, changed, and ran at top speed, while still at my godly and elegant pace, to 7th period biology.
    It figured. I got assigned to sit next to Morgan. Throughout biology I was trying to devise plans on how to keep away from her and how to stop my heart from skipping a beat, secretly, every time I heard her talk or her name. I hardly heard the teacher and if she called on me I’d turn towards Morgan and stare strait in her beautiful blue-green eyes and answer. Finally at 3:35 the bell rang and I gathered up my books in one swift fluent motion and ran out the door at top speed.
    Vincenzo, Casey, Shamus, Naomi, and I got in the car and drove off faster than ever thought possible. I drove.
    That night I couldn’t stand the way I treated Morgan. The next day I was too embarrassed to go to school so I didn’t go. The rest of the week I couldn’t go. I was very sick and no one at home could figure out why even Godric. That Friday night I went out side with Vincenzo and Godric. We traveled to the woods out back and talked.
    Vincenzo and Godric explained to me that being who we were that we had to hunt so we didn’t go insane and eat our friends. As soon as they were done reminding me we got to go hunting. It was after all the full moon. After about an hour Naomi, Casey, Maria and Shamus joined us in our hunt for blood.
    That night I ran to Morgan’s house and jumped up onto the ledge near her bedroom window. I heard her talking in her sleep.
    “No don’t take Robert away. You can’t take him. Danny don’t harm him. Dad! No don’t touch Robert! AAAAAHHHH!!!” Morgan said yelling herself awake.
    I ran home and curled up on the couch in my room.

    I went to school the next Monday and Morgan was still there. I went to almost all the same classes with her now. I went to English, Trigonometry, Spanish, History, lunch, and Biology with Morgan. The only class I didn’t have with her was gym which I didn’t mind so much. That day at lunch was really different.
    “Can I have a moment? Robert?” Morgan asks me.
    “What do you need with me?” I ask calmly.
    “I know your secret. Why were you at my window last night and how long have you been doing that for? Seriously. And did you hear all of that howling?”
    “So what is my secret?” I ask calmly sitting down at the table next to the one me and my siblings sat at on a daily basis.
    “I have theories.” She says sitting across from me and taking a sip of her soda. She let a sly smile slip.
    “And what would those be?”
    “Well…are you like a super ninja or just a super hero?” She asks getting up and throwing out her lunch tray.
    “No. I’m not a super ninja. I’m not a super hero either.” I say pushing my tray towards her.
    “Are you a werewolf or a vampire?” she asks throwing out my tray for me.
    My eyes flare and my teeth get that sharpening feeling as I let out a low growl.
    “Let’s go. Follow me.” I say getting up and pulling at her hand. It was very cool.
    “I can’t go. Not now. School isn’t out yet.” She says pulling herself out of the room after me.
    “Come on lets go for a ride. It’ll be fun. Don’t worry, Casey will get your truck.” I say strapping her into my Volkswagen Bug on the passenger’s side.
    “Robert what are you doing? Let me go to class.” She said struggling.
    At that time I was already in the driver’s side and pulling out of the school drive. “Okay how’d you know? Who told you?” I ask pulling onto the highway and going the fastest I could.
    “I told you I have my theories. I never specifically said what those theories were though.” Morgan said letting a devious smile go.
    “I will tell you that I didn’t think you’d figure it out… or that quickly at that. Now I shouldn’t be like this. I’m not supposed to get close to people like this. I’m not supposed to fall in love with them either.” I say flatly.
    I pulled the car over in front of her house and the clock read 3:35. The exact time we got out of school. Her truck parked in front and everything.
    “Did I mention that you seem different? I’m not moving by the way.” She says as she gets out.
    I pulled away before I could say anything stupid.

    Chapter two!!
    Such a drag!!
    The weekend seemed to drag on for years. Saturday especially. I did almost nothing. I locked myself in my room and listened to music while thinking about how to keep my distance from my love. How much I loved her… but how wrong it was. I couldn’t help but think she felt the exact same way.

    “Dad? Are you home? Michael?” Morgan called.
    “I’m in the study. Come in if you need to. I’m working though.” Michael calls back flatly.
    “I don’t mind. I’ll help out if you want me to. I love helping you work. It’s fun. Are you going out soon? You know. Exploring?” Morgan asks approaching Michael and placing her hand on his shoulder.
    “You know it’s not exploring. Its archaeology. And I’m going out Thursday with my dad to see people from the government. But if you want to help me this time I can have them excuse you from school.” Michael says looking up from the giant stack of papers on his desk.
    “Dad? Do you know anything about the…Jones? One of the boys… He helped me find my way to class today.” She fibbed.
    “Oh! Great people the Jones. Did you know that Godric is the lawyer in town? Godric adopted all of the children. His wife is very nice too. All of them are. No one really sees much of Maria though. They all just kind of keep to themselves especially the children.” Michael said pushing the pile of papers away and standing up to tower about six or seven inches over the still growing teenager.
    “Okay thank you dad. I think his name is Robert. Are they always quiet and twitchy? I sit next to Robert in almost all of my classes and on Monday it seemed that his seat couldn’t move him far enough away from me.” Morgan asks taking a step back from Michael.
    Morgan walked backwards a few steps and looked down. “That’s exactly how I feel whenever I see him twitchy and like…a thousand tons of boulders are pushing down on me.” Morgan said calmly.

    On Sunday I decided to visit my long time friend Jessica. She too is a werewolf. When I got to her house she was out back reading and listening to music. As usual she greeted me with a series of sharp barks and howls.
    “Hello Jessica. What have you been up to lately? How are things… school, work, and all that jazz?” I ask approaching her.
    “Hello Robert. I haven’t really done anything fun… or exciting. I work at the auto parts store how exciting can that be? How are you? Find any pretty werewolf girls to date yet?” Jessica asks approaching me to shake my hand. “You go hunting on the full moon? You don’t look to good. Are you still upset about the way that you treated that mortal? I can eat her if you promise to go back to normal after.” She offered.
    “No you cannot eat Morgan. I love her.” I choke out after sitting on the ground.
    “Robert you know that you cannot fall in love with a plain and every day mortal! It is against the rules. Unless you think she is the one. Do you need me to keep this a secret?” Jessica asks sitting next to me.
    “No its fine I know that she’s the one. I just think that this could be more dangerous than how it should be. Jessica, I’ve waited centuries for this! I know that it’s only been 3 centuries but it seems so much longer! I got bit at the age of 18. I don’t know how long the time will take to heal her though. She is defiantly not older than that. I think she’s 17.” I say looking back in my mind to see Morgan again.
    Chapter Three!!!
    The next day I woke up really early and didn’t want to drive to school by myself seeing as my siblings thought I was a disgrace to werewolf kind by falling in love with Morgan. So I took my time getting ready and it was 7:30 when I was all set. I was extremely depressed on account of not seeing Morgan over the weekend so I figured that I may as well.
    “Okay dad I’m going out to school now!” I hear Morgan call to her father as I roll down the widow.
    “Do you want a ride?” I call from the rolled down passenger side window of my silver bug.
    “Sure. I thought that you would be out of school today though.” She says hoping into the car and strapping herself in.
    “Nope. I missed you too much. How could I go the week and the week end without you?” I ask while pulling out of the drive
    “So if I said that I missed you too much too would that mean we’re dating?” she asks quietly.
    “Why? You already know more about me than most people do. I’d say we were from the start.” I answer taking one hand off the wheel and clasping it around hers.
    “So is that a yes?” Morgan asks staring down at her hand cautiously.
    I lean over and whisper “If I said yes would you tell anyone? Because I love you too much to say no.” I say going past 100 miles per hour.
    “Robert slow us down! We’re going 100 mph!” She says pulling her hand out from under mine.
    “Yes but look at it this way. We are already there.” I say pulling up next to Casey’s truck.

    The day flew by and by lunch time I’d already admitted a lot more than you could put in a story book.
    By the end of English I had already told Morgan the whole story of how I got bitten.
    “Well it all kind of happened quickly. I was playing baseball out front of my house and I had just hit the winning home run for my team. When Shamus had had enough of our congratulating he was so upset he bit me. It didn’t hurt so much as it did surprise me. And after I had noticed that Shamus was hanging onto my hand for dear life and not ready to let go any time soon I started to yell. The six bleeding wounds didn’t heal as fast as they were supposed to. It took mine two weeks to heal and it only took the others about a week not even maybe three days. Godric took me in as soon as he heard the next day that I’d been bitten and left for dead. He took me in like a son and I have gotten used to our ways now. I’m very surprised that Godric didn’t just leave me.” I admitted. It took a lot off of my chest knowing that not only did I love Morgan with all of my heart but she knew all about me and trusted me.
    “Well I hope you are ready for tomorrow when I get to speak. I’ll be taking my sweet old time too!” She said happily.
    I looked at her that very second and noticed something that would take, a normal person, years to find out.
    “Morgan did you know that one of your eyes is greener than the other one is?” I ask taking her books from her and carrying them to trigonometry for her.
    “Yeah my dad told me that but I never spend much time looking in the mirror so I’ve never noticed. My dad said that I have his eyes but my mom had the same problem with her eyes. He said that one was blue and the other was a completely different blue.”
    “I’ll bet you got a lot of your looks from your mom. Am I correct?” I asked.
    Morgan shook her head. “Nope. Besides the blonde hair and pale skin I look exactly like my dad.” She answers calmly while taking her books from me and sitting down in trig.
    “I’m sorry. Did I upset you? Can I help? I’m so sorry. What can I do?” I ask sitting down next to her and wrapping my arm around her.
    “Nothing I’m fine. I just remembered that I never knew my mom and that I don’t really have anything to show you of her.” Morgan said reassuringly.
    After trig I’d admitted that I was very dangerous and that I’d been at her window every night since she moved in with her dad.
    “I’m telling you that I’m not supposed to love a normal human because the fact that when I shift to the werewolf form I forget some of what’s around me. It can be very scary. It’s not that I don’t love you I just don’t want to hurt you. Before you say anything I’m not just able to shift on the full moon. That’s the only time we’re allowed to hunt. We can shift anytime we want to. Hollywood movies are very off. We only fear the vampire because they are vicious blood suckers parasites, really. They devour anything with the human essence on it. They find your blood amazingly tasty. I do love you don’t get me wrong but I’m dangerous and am terrified to harm you. I have been at your windows almost every night since you’ve moved in with… Michael? I believe it is? You tend to dream about me a lot do you? Just the other night you were talking in your sleep saying-”Morgan cuts me off.
    “No I don’t! Do I? Why would you spy on me anyway? I bet when you sleep you dream about me too!? Why I ought to!” Morgan stopped herself and pushed the compass my way and it pierced a hole in the side of my hand. It healed instantly.
    We left trig and headed for Spanish where we didn’t talk at all. I think she was too upset to listen to any of my talking.
    During history we didn’t talk much except for when the teacher called on one of us and then we’d mouth the answer and thank each other silently. Throughout the rest of the day we mostly explained the process of hanging out without people thinking that we were dating. That conversation didn’t go very well.
    During lunch instead of Morgan and me sitting at a different table than everyone we knew we sat with my family.
    “So you brought you’re girlfriend to lunch with you today, Traitor?” Naomi mumbled under her breath but still loud enough to hear it.
    “Yes. And encase any of you care I will be home late tonight so tell Godric and Maria for me would you? Morgan and I have some catching up to do.” I say stalking up to the lunch line angrily.
    “What are you talking about? Catching up? What’s that supposed to mean? Are we going on a date or something?” Morgan asks walking up beside me. “Are you putting all of that on there for me? I can’t eat all of that!” Morgan says staring blindly into my eyes.
    “No half for you and half for me. Does your father have that piercing stare too?” I ask pulling out of the lunch line and walking to the abandoned table we always sat at. “I’m starving, aren’t you?” I say pulling out a chair for Morgan and sitting across from her. “So… What movie do you want to see tonight? I’ll pay; all you’ve to do is show up. I’ll buy dinner too.” I offer while pushing the tray of food towards Morgan.
    “I honestly am not hungry. Why are you going to take me out to dinner?” Morgan asks curiously.
    “I just am. Don’t argue with it. What movie? You never answered me?” I ask taking a can of soda and pushing it towards Morgan and getting up to throw the tray out afterwards.
    “I’m actually not much of a movie person. I hardly pay attention to English class and that’s enough of a horror movie with my grades dropping and all.” Morgan answers.
    “Okay so that eliminates the movies. I’m not much of a movie person either so I’m glad you said that.” I say honestly. “Well you could introduce me to your father as you’re new boyfriend. I think he would enjoy that.” I say in a teasing matter.
    “Or you could introduce me to your family of ghastly ghostly ghouls.” She says leaning in close to me as if to intimidate me.
    “I could. Or we could do both?” I say leaning in to try to intimidate her back.
    “That works too. Pick me up at 6?” She whispered into my ear with her velvety voice.
    “Okay then but how will you get home? Would you like this big bad puppy dog to give you a ride?” I ask standing up and placing my hand on top of hers.
    “I would like that very much puppy dog.” She says standing up next to me and we walked out as happy as two peas in a pod.

    The whole gym period flew by and before I knew it I was sitting next to Morgan as close as my chair would let me and holding her hand under the table so the teacher wouldn’t see.
    “I was wondering if you were going to the girl’s choice with anyone. I wanted to know if you wanted to go with me or if you already accepted from someone?” Morgan asked during biology.
    “I will be out of town. It’s on the full moon.” I comment solemnly.
    “Oh. Okay. I know how you need to hunt and come back non-blood thirsty so you don’t eat me. I understand completely just don’t accidentally eat one of your loving siblings. Are any of them actually not judgmental?” Morgan asks gently picking up her books from my arms and placing them on the desk in front of where she sits.
    “Well usually none of them are but since the week I skipped out they have been extremely hypocrite like. They usually don’t care about following the rules either.” I comment.
    Up until the teacher said the word blood both Morgan and I were fine. We felt absolutely normal and then it hit us. I felt nauseous and had that horrible feeling of something ripping my insides apart. I raised my hand and offered to take Morgan to the nurse because she looked green. I walked her to the nurse and on the way she collapsed.
    “No I’m fine I just need to sit down and get some fresh air for a minute. I never do this but it just hit me how horrible it smells. Blood reeks like dead stuff and… I don’t know… nasty stuff. I don’t know why I didn’t do this while I was exploring…- I mean following in my father’s footsteps when I was younger. I used to get injured badly and never notice till dad would tell me or ask how I was.” Morgan admitted sitting on the pavement and placing her sweaty forehead on the ground next to her.
    “We should hurry. You are just getting greener and greener by the second.” I say scooping her up in my arms and starting to walk at a brisk pace.
    By the time we got to the nurse Morgan was so green she could have passed off as a frog. I laid her down on the cot in the corner of the small office and kneeled down beside her worried.
    “Don’t worry about… Ms. Johnson she will recover I just minutes. But you on the other hand Mr. Jones look like something is bothering you. Can I help you?” The lady asked.
    “No. I can assure you that I’m fine. A little dizzy myself but fine.” I assure her while placing an ice pack on the sweaty and unconscious Morgan’s forehead.
    “Robert? Is it you? Where am I? What happened? Are you okay?” Morgan asks weakly opening her eyes and trying to sit up, but stopping because I would gently push her back into the laying down position.
    “Yes. I’m fine. You passed out and I carried you here. You are in the nurse’s office. You will be fine.” I promise her.

    Chapter Four!!!!
    Need a Ride Home????

    After about five or ten minutes of Morgan regaining her strength we left school because it was 2:20 and we didn’t feel like finishing the rest of biology. We got passes from the nurse saying that we were ill and were going home. We gathered up our books and stuff and walked to the car.
    When we arrived at the car everyone else was just getting out and the only other person in the lot was Barabus Deidre.
    “I’ll put our stuff in the car just wait here.” I say leaving Morgan two cars away from my Volkswagen.
    “Okay but be careful I tend to be a danger zone. Don’t take long!” Morgan calls from around the cars between us.
    In that time everyone was out of the building now and getting in their cars. And Barabus was backing out of his space and pulling out of the lot. Morgan, not noticing that he pulling around the parking lot stepped out into the lot and Barabus couldn’t control the truck. Ice had coated the bottom of the wheel and the slick pavement wasn’t helping either. He couldn’t stop and Morgan was about to get hit!
    I could tell that, in that split second that she turned around, her knees locked, she got all the wind knocked out of her and, she was starting to see her life flash before her eyes. Wow I guess she was a danger zone even with her boyfriend being a werewolf. What was I to do with this situation?
    In seconds I decided that she was more important than the whole existence of werewolf kind. So having decided that I jumped out in front of Morgan, transformed, pushed the car up and flipped it over with me head and didn’t even try to. Another car behind Barabus had also lost control and was heading straight for us. I pushed her back more and leapt forward slamming my head into the shell of the car. As it spiraled through the air the driver looked down at me with intense curiosity. I didn’t feel much of anything besides the quivering Morgan in my arms after I transformed and scooped her up.
    After the two minutes of danger, and almost dying repeatedly, I got up and carried Morgan to the Volkswagen and placed her in the passenger side seat with swift and fluent motions that you would have thought of as a dance.
    The ride to Morgan’s house was very silent. She only stirred a few times and finally she hit her head hard and woke up.
    “You really are a danger zone you know that right? I just saved you’re life. I guess that means you get to introduce me to your father first.” I say taking one hand off the steering wheel and wrapping it around the now conscious Morgan in the seat next to me.
    “What happened to you? Are you okay you look devastated? What happened?” Morgan asked sitting herself up a little differently than how I had placed her.
    “Nothing happened to me. Just a small cut on the top of my head that’s all. It’s you that I’m worried about. How are we going to do this? You almost died and not even because of me! I feel so guilty that I fell in love with you. But guilt won’t stop me. How are you? Are you hurt? Should I turn around and take you to the hospital too?” I ask as Morgan places her head on my chest gently while soothing my soul at the same time by just surviving the crash. I stroked her shiny silver-blonde hair and for once felt at home. The gel in it gave it a shiny look that could have passed off as a new coin. But it felt good.
    “No but you seem a little stressed out. Can I help? What are you thinking? Tell me it won’t hurt any more than seeing my life flash before my eyes. I promise.” She says as we pull up to her house. “Come in and tell me. You won’t melt if you come in will you?”
    “No I won’t melt but like I agreed to earlier. I’ll drive you home and all you’ve to do is arrive. I suppose if I come in for a little bit that will be fine though.” I say hoping out of my bug and opening the door for Morgan.
    We enter a small and elegant house. The house was chock packed with artifacts and then it hit me.
    “Wait. You’re father… Michael? Like Michael? Or Dr. Johnson?” I ask rambling on uselessly.
    “Maybe. Why? Are you intimidated?” She asks flicking a switch on the wall by the door we walked in.
    “My brother is going to the school you’re father teaches at next year. Kind of weird though. I just happen to be going out with the girl whose father will be teaching my brother next year. That’s ironic.” I say smirking.
    “Well. I have to change out of this so if you don’t mind wait down here I’ll be down in no more than 25 minutes. I’m going to shower and change so it won’t take long.” Morgan says expecting to escape me.
    I appear in the bedroom I now know to be hers. The light turns on and she walks in.
    “Okay I can see that you don’t want to let me out of your sight so I will make it 15 minutes. No more and no less. If you even go anywhere near the bathroom door I will not talk to you next week at all. I’ll see you in 15 minutes.” Morgan says gathering up and outfit of baggy blue-grey jeans, a pale blue button up shirt, and a darker blue sweater vest to go on top of it all.
    After about five minutes of Morgan in the shower, and me sitting in her room uselessly, I got bored. I looked around the semi-childish bed room. It was blue and had a twin sized bed in the corner. It had two windows, two bookshelves covered in books and small artifacts, that at the time I didn’t think were real, posters on the walls of the wonders of the world and outer space, a small bed side table with a flashlight and a picture of four people in it, a digital clock on the wall at the end of the bed, a red bean bag chair under the window near the bookshelves, a closet in the corner with a soccer ball in front of it and a keyboard next to it. I also saw a medium size wooden desk on the opposite side of the closet to where the key board was. On the desk was a blue and silver laptop. The more that you looked at the room the more history you thought was in it. The room looked so childish but in a sense the most adult like. It had a sense of style my room didn’t have.
    The noise of the water stopped signaling that Morgan was done showering. She still had to change and etc. I walked, soundlessly, to the keyboard and turned it on. I mashed keys together and all of a sudden it flashed to me that before I got bitten I loved to play piano. I continuously meshed keys together and it sounded amazing. Then I remembered that I was great at it too. It all came flashing back to me. My real parents died and my mother and father both played piano so when I got upset that they died I stored away with my key board until Shamus and Vincenzo found me and Shamus bit me.
    It seemed to long… then Morgan walked in.